Three variants of the Galaxy S10 will reportedly not have a fingerprint sensor on the screen

Galaxy S10
Samsung is reportedly currently working on device flagship, Galaxy S10, to be released at the beginning of 2019. New information about the smartphone back to appear. Reported by Softpedia, Galaxy S10 will come in three variants. However, all three will not have a fingerprint sensor in the display.

The presence of three variants of this smartphone is judged to make Samsung looks to follow Apple. As is known, the Apple for a few years later released three versions of the iPhone, with two as a premium device, while another sold for a cheaper price.

According to reports, the two variants are equipped with a dual-lens camera wide-angle 12MP and 16MP super wide-angle. A variant of the more premium, Galaxy S10 Plus, will have three rear cameras with two lenses of the same, with an additional 13 MP for telephoto.

In addition, the fingerprint sensor will still be there at the back of the body. The size of a mobile phone will be the same as the iPhone series 2018, i.e. affordable version with the screen size 6.1 inches, while the other two 5.8 and 6.4 inches. The Galaxy series S10 will likely be announced in late January or early February 2019.


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