Twitter again provides timeline options based on the time of the tweet

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Two years later, Twitter timeline tweaking users with the purpose of improving user interaction. However, now, Twitter back to the early days of the line displaying the Tweets based on creation time.  On Monday, Twitter announced that shortly, they will offer the user the option to use a timeline showing the Tweets in reverse chronological or time-based tweets made. So, the most recent tweet will appear.

With this, Twitter changed their decision to use algorithms to show tweets that are deemed most relevant to you. Twitter is doing this in 2016, according to the CNET report.

"We are developing new ways to provide more control over Your timeline on you, " said Twitter.

They add they are looking for ways that users can choose to display the timeline based on the most relevant tweets or tweet is made based on time.  By displaying the lines of time-based on the time the tweet was made, then Twitter will only show tweets from people you follow.

Twitter had to fight hard to ensure users remain interested in using it. To attract new users and increase their activity, Twitter has attempted to overhaul the design and add a variety of new functions.  Twitter did not mention when this new timeline option will be launched. They only mention, this feature will be released "in the next few weeks."


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