Xiaomi is reported to be preparing to launch the Android 9 Pie OS for Pocophone F1

Pocophone F1
Xiaomi reportedly will prepare the launch of Android OS 9 Pie for Pocophone F1. This report following the emergence of the smartphone platform benchmarks, Geekbench. Reported by GSM Arena, F1 Pocophone called appears on Geekbench by running the Android OS 9 Pie. As a result, reports that Xiaomi and sub-brand Revitalization, the latest operating system will bring it to Pocophone F1.

Previously, the Poco already make sure that Pocophone F1 will get an update to the Android operating system 9 Pie. This sliding Smartphone with Android 8.1 Oreo.

It is revealed by the Head of Global Poco, Alvin Tse, some time ago. According to him, the update will glide on quarter IV in 2018. Pocophone F1 is the first smartphone from Poco. Excellence comes with its flagship specification, but are sold at affordable prices.

At the same time, such a strategy could produce a good selling price by not using things that are not required of the user. In addition, making a profit from the sale of most products is not the main ambition of Poco. Instead, the company wants to bring good products with new innovations and the best, which is really needed by many people. Poco, said Alvin, will not bring the technologies assessed are not used because only wanted to offer that truly needed by users, including deciding not to use expensive materials to make the price remains affordable.

Pocophone F1 reported utilizing the device construction made of plastic and also does not include coating oleophobic, so that part is easy to tow a trace when held. Xiaomi party India some time ago says the reason choosing the hardware design because consumers don't feel really need overall glass body, which essentially remains fragile and need to be protected by casing.

 "So we can get a good price (with a focus on performance), and this at a time in accordance with the philosophy of Xiaomi i.e. limit the net profit margin hardware no more than 5 percent, so Poco as sub-brand following the same philosophy, " said Alvin.


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