Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be supported with a 5G connection

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
After the appearance of leakage Mi Mix 3 revealed by one of the officers of Xiaomi, now new rumors about the smartphone is starting to spread. If the photos from previous known if Mi Mix 3 will be supported with the sliding camera technology as belonging to the Oppo Find X, now President again Xiaomi Lin Bin uploading new images Mi Mix 3.

Mi Mix 3 photographed in front of the testing station 5G, known from Ubergizmo. In the screen seem that smartphones are connected with a network of 5G.

The current 5G is indeed expected will be the new standard in the world of fast internet connectivity. In addition, many mobile operators who are starting to test against 5G, 5G services presents even planned in one or two years. Even so, still not really there a smartphone vendor released their 5G device on the market. With the latest photo leaked smartphone Xiaomi, chances are the company Tiongkok is indeed preparing the birth of smartphone 5G.

Previously reported that Central Xiaomi preparing the birth of its newest smartphone without a bezel, Mi Mix 3. If during this Xiaomi always put the camera selfie at the bottom right of the screen to Mix series, this time Mi Mix 3 will present with camera technology similar to the Oppo Find X, i.e. the camera sliding.

The use of camera technology slide on Mi Mix 3 course intended to make growing thin bezel on a smartphone. In fact, one of the President's Xiaomi, Lin Bin, the recently uploading rendering camera smartphone with sliding unexpectedly is Mi Mix 3. It is increasingly convincing public Mi Mix 3 might just be using similar designs belong to the Oppo Find X in the upload was not mentioned various things about the device in question. However, Lin Bin try to inform Xiaomi smartphone will launch in late October.


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