Oppo Find X is reported to be launched in France first and marketed for EUR 999

Oppo Find X
Oppo is preparing to launch a flagship device with a thin bezel design and sliding mechanism of his work. The futuristic device, titled Oppo Find X, comes with no body-sized screen bezel reported for 93 percent and does not carry the screen design bangs. This device also called will be supported by Qualcomm's platform chipset, the Snapdragon 845.

In addition, Oppo also supports Find X with smart cameras and better facial recognition features, which it believes is capable of delivering a good security-related usage experience that does not require the fingerprint scanner feature.

Meanwhile, the latest information says that Oppo has decided to launch Find X at the event to be held in Paris.

In addition, the China-based company will market Find X for EUR999 or the US $ 1,155 and will be available in the European market in August.

Oppo also revealed that Find X will be marketed first in France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. However, the latest Oppo device is also indicated to have a chance to attend with little difference in the price in each country.

Unfortunately, Oppo still has not revealed information related to the availability of Find X in other markets, including in the United States. But Oppo Find X is rumored to be available in a special version, the Lamborghini luxury edition which will be marketed for EUR1,699 or around the US $ 1,965.

4 ways to strengthen GPS signal on Android phone

GPS signal
GPS features installed on the smartphone today is easier for you in performing various activities, especially those who like to travel. By using GPS, then you can easily find the way you want to go. You also certainly will not be lost again in the city or in other countries while traveling or vacation.

However, one of the problems that are often encountered in GPS is a weak signal, thus making GPS inaccurate. To overcome the inaccurate GPS signal problem, then you can try 4 ways below.

1. Install the Active GPS application

The first way you can use here is by utilizing a third party application, called Active GPS. This application itself has a very small size, which is only 277KB and you can download directly from the Google Play Store page. This app provides 3 excellent features for your GPS sensor, which is 3-speed modes, starting from slow, normal, and fast. In this way, you will not lose your way and way when using GPS on your Android smartphone.

2. Refresh GPS data

The second way you can get your GPS signal back and stable is to refresh the GPS data. With this data refresh process, then your GPS signal will return as before, which will easily search and collect more data that you have specified. 

How to refresh GPS data is easy. You simply turn off the GPS feature on your Android handphone, then switch it back on after a while. After that, consider the location and your GPS signal, would have been in accordance with your current location and destination.

3. Using high accuracy mode on GPS

Inside the GPS feature on the Android smartphone, there are features that can make it easier for you to set the accuracy mode. Setting this accuracy mode will make the GPS signal on your Android phone works optimally. To be able to make mode settings on GPS on Android phone, then please tap and hold on your GPS menu, then select the option "Mode". 

If you are already in the Mode menu, please select the "High Accuracy" option. This mode will force your GPS signal sensor to work more leverage to determine location.

4. Try to restart your smartphone

In addition, to strengthen the GPS signal, this way can also help to refresh and normalize the performance of applications and hardware from your Android phone is, in order to work more optimal again later.

5 signs that need to be known for Android phones infected with the virus

virus alert
Nowadays, all activities can be controlled by using a smartphone only. The process of purchasing goods, money transfers, and others can already be done on a smartphone with an internet connection. This, of course, invites the perpetrators of cybercrime to try to steal the financial data, for its sake.

The way that is usually done by this cyber criminals is by sending a virus or malware into your Android phone. If the virus or malware you execute and work, then all your data will be taken over. For that, you need to know the characteristics of Android phones that have been infected with the following viruses.

1. The ad appears even though the smartphone is not opened

The clearest sign if your Android phone has been infected by a virus or malware is the appearance of ads that are not clear. Where these ads can even appear, even though your Android phone is not open. If it's like this, then the hackers who make the malware can easily access your smartphone, if you click on the ad.

2. Always get and send SMS yourself

Mobile Android that has been infected with a virus or malware is going to get and send SMS by itself. Even worse if your Android phone can make their own calls. When it comes to this stage, the hacker virus maker means it has managed to infiltrate your Android smartphone.

3. The battery quickly runs out

At the next sign for Android hp already infected with the virus, it makes the battery power fast once run out. In fact, just a few minutes ago the battery is 100% but it is up again. The virus or malware can masquerade as a program on your smartphone. Where the malware will continue to work, thus draining the performance of your smartphone, including the battery.

4. Feels very slow

Malware that works to drain your smartphone performance, of course not only will make the battery run out quickly but also will make other hardware focus work for malware purposes. So, when you open another app, it will be very slow.

How to change Facebook theme lite on Android phone

Facebook logo
Facebook for default Android phone does not include a special view or theme. However, you can still change the look or color of the Facebook app with a few steps below.

How to change the Facebook theme on Android phone with Fella app

  • The first step you should do here is to download and install an application called "Fella - Facebook Application". This app itself is available from the Google Play Store page directly by simply entering the name of the app in the search field.
  • Once the application is installed on your Android phone, please you directly open the application and do Login with your Facebook account as usual.
  • To be able to change the look or theme of the FB Lite app on your Android phone then please tap directly on the "Settings" option with the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Android phone screen. After that, please select the "Color" option and choose the color you like to be installed as a view of FB lite on your Android. If the color you've found, just tap on the "Save" button and the color was already applied to your Facebook Lite Android app.

Usefulness of the Fella app for Facebook's

This Fella app is a kind of app to open the look of Facebook Lite itself. It's just that there are enough additional features in this application, one of which is changing the theme or color display of your Facebook Lite. Some other advantages of this Fella application are as follows:

Lightweight is used for smartphones

Facebook Lite application is an alternative in using the actual Facebook application. It's just that Facebook Lite is much lighter to use on all Android phones, and also the quota can be more efficient. Well, this Fella application also has the same ability with Facebook Lite, which is lightweight, can save quota, and also can change the theme.

More features

Facebook Lite and Fella is indeed both light and quota saving, but Fella itself has some additional features that are not there on the Facebook Lite. One of these features I have described above, namely, change the color or appearance.

Safe for your personal data

Although it is not an official application from Facebook, Fella is claimed to be quite safe in reddating your personal data. So, you do not have to fear if your account was stolen.

How to hide files on Android phone is easy and safe

Protect your smartphone
How to hide files and apps on all Android phones is easy. Storing data or a file in the form of photos, videos, songs, documents and SMS on the smartphone can indeed sometimes we do to maintain privacy, the action is very commonly done by the user because to prevent things we do not want.

Surely by doing a hidden file or application makes our feelings as the owner of the gadget is not restless when it is possible that our phones may be borrowed or lend it to others.

Problem files, documents, videos or photos that are personal, very obliged us to keep it from others, because if the data is taken someone then we will experience a serious problem.

There are some easy and safe ways to do it, first by setting the settings on your Android phone, this trick is quite easy to do I'm sure even if you are a beginner can definitely do it.

As for the second to use free additional applications that you can get in  Play Store app on each of your smartphones. Here are tips to hide files and apps in android without root.

How to hide files on Android

1. How to Hide Files (photos, videos, documents) Without Applications

The first trick you can do hiding files in the form of photos, videos and documents without application is very simple. You just go directly to the menu and select "File Manager" after that select the file you want hidden. Next select "Rename" the file name by adding (.) In front of the file name, you will hide.

So essentially the file can only be opened through the file manager only and if you want to restore it again, just rename the file name again as before.
The second trick we will give is also no less easy with the first trick. The step you also go to "File Manager" then create a new "Folder" with a free name, in front of the name of the folder is added the prefix point, for example, SECRETS, after that you just move (cut) the file you will hide to the new folder. All files that you move to a folder that starts with that point will not be accessible through the gallery, can only be seen in File Manager only.

2. How to Hide Files (photos, videos, documents) With Applications

To hide second photo files, videos, and documents on Android by using an additional app called "Hide It Pro". Hide It Pro application is an app that allows users to be able to perform hidden in some file types on android. You live directly can download it for free at the official Android app store that is Play Store, with hiding It Pro hiding data files will be quite easy and of course, your privacy is maintained from people who are not responsible. 

How to restore deleted or lost files on laptop

Recover Files
Many people start to panic as soon as they accidentally hit the delete button and lose important files like photos, videos, folders or other important documents on their laptops or computers. Things become more complicated if you accidentally delete important files from the recycle bin. Missing files or data may occur due to one of the following possibilities:

  • The file was mistakenly deleted.
  • Files that are corrupt and deleted by scandisk.
  • Another program deletes the file.
However, you should be aware of the various ways in which lost data can be back into your computer's hard drive. Before reviewing the recommendations and suggestions below, make sure that the file has actually been deleted, in some cases the file may have been moved. You can search the hard drive for files that you believe to be missing by running find or searching on the computer.

Restoring Files from Backup

If a file has been backed up to a floppy disk or other media such as a flash it is recommended that the file is restored the backup if the file can not be found.

Restoring Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

If you are running Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows and newly deleted files it is possible that the file is still possible in Trash or Recycle Bin.

If it still exists, then the file can still be restored. By default when a file is deleted in Microsoft Windows, it is automatically sent to the Windows Recycle Bin. In that case, it should be returned if the file is erroneously deleted. Here are simple steps that can be followed to recover files if they are mistakenly deleted.

1. Go to Desktop where you can see Recycle Bin icon.

2. Double-click on the Recycle Bin icon to open a window that displays all the files in the Recycle Bin. If no file is visible skip to the paragraph below.

3. To restore any of the deleted items you can follow the steps below.

  • Highlight the file you want to restore, right-click the file and select Restore option. This will restore the files from the original location it was deleted.
  • Highlight the file you want to restore, right-click the file and select Cut. Next, switch to the location you want to move the deleted items and click Paste.
  • Drag-and-drop from Recycle Bin to the folder you want to save.

If the Recycle Bin is empty you may have activated Windows to not send the file to the Recycle Bin or it is more likely that the Recycle Bin has been emptied by you or someone else who uses the computer. If the file is visible in the Recycle Bin but not the old file you are looking at the possibility that the older file has been deleted to make room for other deleted files.

When a file is deleted even when deleted from Recycle Bin the files are marked as deleted, but not deleted from the hard drive. Assuming no other files have overwritten deleted files on the hard drive recovery program can be used to restore deleted files. Below are some freeware file recovery programs that can be used for free to restore lost data:

1. Recuva
2. Restoration
3. Undelete Plus

I hope the way I have been able to be useful to you and can help you all.

Good luck.

How to find out WhatsApp messages have been deleted

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages
For those of you who suspect partner cheating with chat on WhatsApp, then now there is a solution even though the chat has been deleted. Of course how to restore this deleted WhatsApp chat without having to tap into WhatsApp, so this way is safe and certainly will not be known to our girlfriend if we are suspecting it.

WhatsApp Aplikais itself is a chat application in which many advanced features,
where we know just a chat,, but can also to make the phone, and also send each other unique stickers. It can even be said WhatsApp this became the most popular chat app on Android 2018.

And we will provide a way to anticipate that is by knowing WhatsApp message has been deleted. So that can be used as evidence when your girlfriend dodge it, for who wants to know how to see WhatsApp chat is erased in android? then here's the full review.

In doing the trick how to find out WhatsApp this boyfriend's message we will also utilize an Android app called Recent Notification, for how to use the application Recent Notification we will review also complete with download link Recent Notification.

But when you install it then you have to set where we can check the source text is not known, because this application is not in the PlayStore. Immediately, you follow the steps from us, below.

How to find out WhatsApp messages have been deleted

1. First of all, you must download the application of Recent Notification first, and you can get it via Playstore or also you can open here.
2. If your downloaded source is not from play store, then click allow this app to be accessed.
3. Next, make sure also WhatsApp app the latest version.
4. Then you just open the application Recent Notification that has been installed before.
5. So when you open the application automatically message WhatsApp deleted will be easy we see.

Hopefully, our review on How to Know WhatsApp Deleted Messages can help you all.

Good luck.

Do not let it break, know the cause of frequent xiaomi camera problems

Camera Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
Not unexpectedly, it has been 2 years Xiaomi triumphed in the global smartphone market. Although much in demand of the community, can not be denied that the problem often hit this smartphone, one of which is a problem Xiaomi camera.

Xiaomi mobile phone has a feature that the present day sought young people. For example, Xiaomi camera that carries dual cameras on the latest output is Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. Unfortunately, still who complained about Xiaomi camera problem. You must know the cause of the damage in order to handle it quickly and accurately.

Some of the Xiaomi camera problems that often happen like, it says "Can not Connect to Camera", can not be opened Xiaomi camera, suddenly the camera becomes black on its appearance, and the camera suddenly came out alone when wanting to take pictures. Here are some of the causes of the Xiaomi camera problem you need to know:

1. Substitution of Xiaomi Fileware or ROM

The cause of the next Xiaomi camera problem is the change of ROM in order to update the latest features. The inappropriate turn of ROM becomes an unusable camera constraint.

To fix this, you can reboot Xiaomi with built-in ROM or ROM Global Stable in order to open the camera again with good shots.

2. Memory capacity is full

The cause of the second Xiaomi camera problem is that the data memory is overloaded due to the huge amount of storage and unnecessary files in it. This will automatically become a constraint on your camera because the existing capacity has exceeded the limit.

To fix this, you can reduce or remove unnecessary files. How to reduce and dispose of data is to go to Settings menu, then click the installed application, then click camera application to enter application info, then you can choose clear data after restart Xiaomi phone.

3. Hardware on camera

The cause of the third Xiaomi camera problem is a problematic camera device. You have to unload the Xiaomi smartphone to find out the damage to the device. If the device has been uncovered, you can press the camera slowly in the state of the mobile phone off.

4. Use another app

If the camera contained in the Xiaomi phone feature cannot open try using another camera application. This has become one of the other alternative ways to overcome the problem of Xiaomi camera cannot be used. Try by downloading other camera applications after that try to take pictures, maybe this way the camera on Xiaomi feature can return clear.

5. If the Xiaomi camera is not connected app

If the camera can not access the phone you can go to the Security App menu and then select Permission then Manage App Permission, then select Permission Tab, then select Use Camera then search and select the camera application that cannot open and select Allow.

These are some of the things that can cause Xiaomi camera problems. In order to avoid damage, you can treat the camera by:

  • Move old files contained in Xiaomi's mobile memory to update the latest moment in camera shots.
  • Install internal memory to save photos or videos safely.
  • Do not clean the camera with your fingers, try to clean your camera with a microfiber or cotton cloth.
  • Use the soft case to avoid scratches or impact on the camera.
  • Clean the dust from the camera by wiping the camera with the microfiber cloth or cotton slowly.
  • Do not put Xiaomi's handphone on a sharp object in the state of the camera touching the angle or sharp object.
  • Use a protector such as Camera Screen Protector to avoid the occurrence of collisions or scratches that can physically damage the camera directly.

How to use navigation gesture that can be done on Android easily

As many people know, a technology developed by Apple is always a trend for smartphone users, not least for users and even Android smartphone developers.

Some trends from Apple that is currently crowded among other notch technology, dual camera technology to gesture system technology that is all contained in the iPhone X device.

If you are an Android user who is also curious about the technology trends that brought this Apple, you can get it easily on Android smartphones.

If the current display notch and dual camera technology have begun to be applied by many Android-based smartphone developers, now navigate the system can also be done easily.

How to use Navigation Gesture on Android

To be able to navigate gesture like iPhone X, we need an application called Navigation Gesture, directly made from XDA.

Then just open the Gesture Navigation app and give access to Accessibility Service and enable Write Secure Setting.

For users who have rooted on their smartphone, simply grant access, but for users who have not done root, then they must enable Write Secure Settings via adb.

After that, immediately open the app and enable the Gesture option. So the navigation system will automatically change.

Navigation Gesture on Android
You should know because this app is still the initial version that just released, so this application cannot run well in some smartphone. However, along with the improvements provided, in the future, all the navigation systems, of course, can run well.

In addition, if you want to uninstall this app, then you should first disable gesture from the existing settings. If not, the navigation system on your Android smartphone will be completely lost.

WhatsApp add new feature Request Account Info, how to use it?

WhatsApp logo
Additional information: You may not like if your WhatsApp account is lost because your smartphone is stolen but in the following article we have provided 5 important steps to secure WhatsApp after the smartphone is lost. Also, do you want to use WhatsApp but with iPad? You should know about this service you need to use to use WhatsApp on iPad.

To help users get detailed information about the accounts that users use, on the update in 2.18.61 WhatsApp has just added a new feature called "Request Account Info"

Request Account Features This feature can help users get a variety of account information, such as information about profile photos, group names followed up to the settings used in a user's account.

Just by making a request related to the information, then the WhatsApp will provide various information in the form of archive files sent in the form of ZIP with the details of HTML documents and also JSON.
To be able to use this feature, the way is quite easy. Here are the steps:

1. Open the WhatsApp app
2. Select the Settings option - Account - Request Account Info.
3. Press Request Report.
Request Account Info feature
4. The iPhone device screen will display a message that your request has been sent. WhatsApp will then process the request within 3 days of the request.

5. If the request has been received and data related user information has been sent, then you can directly download it easily.
This "Request Account Info" feature seems to be present in order to align the privacy rules of new user data on the European mainland ie GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The regulation states that the user of the application service or social media must provide the feature to download the data easily and completely.

Sony revealed that it is developing a new launcher replacement Xperia Home launcher

After revealing will no longer bring new features in the Xperia Weather app, Sony also announced putting Xperia Home Launcher in maintenance mode. This led to the assumption that the next Sony smartphone will use the Android built-in launcher.

However, Sony denied the assumption by confirming that the company is developing a replacement for Xperia Home. Until now, there is still no detailed information regarding changes planned by Sony.

Nevertheless, given his decision to stop the whole previous launcher circulation and start developing a new version, the Japanese brand is believed to be developing a big thing, predicted as a new user interface.

This new user interface is expected to come with better gesture control over the new gestures and will be presented with the release of Google's Android P operating system.

Sony has not disclosed detailed information related to the launch time of the launcher or its development period.

If it supports control via gesture, the Japanese brand is expected to also present a replacement for Xperia Home at the release of Android P beta in the future.

The presence in the beta is considered to be a step that allows Sony to test its new launcher on a number of Xperia XZ2 device users before officially launched to all other Xperia smartphone users. 

Here's how to enable Messages on iCloud on iOS 11.4

Recently Apple has just released iOS 11.4 update by adding Messages on iCloud feature as well as AirPlay 2 feature to its HomePod feature.

Speaking of the Messages on iCloud feature, this feature has the functionality as a storage medium for messages and documents that users send and receive via iMeesages, in order to perform in real time across all synced iOS devices in a single account.

In addition, the use of iCloud can also be used to store messages, photos and various other documents without having to reduce the storage capacity in the device.

For those of you who are curious how to enable Messages on iCloud feature, this time we will give your step for you to help you quickly.

How to enable Messages on iCloud feature in iOS 11.4

Before doing this step, make sure that you have already updated to iOS 11.4 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch first.

1. Open the Settings - Profile option
Manage iCloud Storage on iPhone with iOS 11.4
2. Continue by accessing the iCloud - Messages section.

Manage iCloud Storage on iPhone with iOS 11.4

3. Enable the Messages option. Perform these same settings on all iOS devices under the same Apple ID account.
Hopefully the way we've delivered can help you.

Good luck.

How to use Google Maps without an internet network (Offline)

Google Maps
Google maps can be used in an offline state, for that we will provide information on how to use google maps without using the internet network.

This method can usually be used when walking in the countryside because in the countryside there is often no signal, most people will feel annoyed because it is useless to use Google maps if it does not work.

And when you are exploring to an island or into the forest spontaneously the signal will look empty or no signal. That is the function if you follow the way we will give below.

How to Use Google Maps Without the Internet Network

1. First, we have to download Google maps in Google Play store.

2. Find the place you will visit correctly with the correct address.

3. Next Give the Tab on the Name of the intended location.

4. After that press the tick-point, look in the right corner there are 3 dots to open the settings.

5. Then select save/save offline maps

6. Then we will be asked to enlarge the place in the select earlier. If the area you downloaded is too large then the Google Maps app will give you a warning.

To Access Google Maps you have downloaded, you can open the Google Maps app and scroll down until you see downloaded maps and press View.

Until here we can convey our articles hopefully can be useful for the needy.

Good luck.

3 ways to open a locked app on Android by forgetting your password

Locked Phone
For important applications such as BBM, SMS, Photos, Video, Android smartphone users usually use additional applications in the form of locking applications in order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of data from people who are less responsible.

But what happens if you forget your password, pin or pattern of app locking. Do not worry because the following reviews will give you tips on How to Open a Locked App on Android

The purpose of this article's discussion is to help you in the trouble of unlocking applications due to forgetting keywords, pins, and patterns instead of trying to help certain people to see and know the confidentiality of your smartphone. Therefore be careful when lending your smartphone to others.

An easy way to unlock apps that are locked on Android

1. The first step, select and open the app you want to access but locked. But make sure that the app is locked using an additional lock (not a factory default lock app) for example from Google Play Store.

2. Then go to the Settings menu, then open the list of applications already installed on the phone. After that, find the locking app used to lock the app. To make it easy for you to know usually locking applications have the name Lock, Locker and others.

3. Next, choose the application of the lock, open the application settings and select Clear Data or Clear Cache. Then will pop up that will mention all data will be erased then select OK.

After removing the application's lock apps automatically the applications previously locked by the application are now accessible and can be run without any locks unless there is still a locking setting from the default app locker or the phone manufacturer.

Hopefully, an article on how to open an application that is locked in Android due to forgot password can help you.

FIFA 19 finally announced EA Sports in the event E3 2018

What has always been the advantages of this Pro Evolution Soccer football game is a stunning visual display and a more sophisticated playing style.
FIFA 19 became the answer that PES is getting left behind from the FIFA series, for one reason that is quite surprising. EA Sports has ensured that FIFA 19 brings UEFA Champions League licenses, Europe's most prestigious club competition.

The license is currently held by Pro Evolution Soccer, so its presence in FIFA 19 makes it possible to further leave far Konami's rival products.

In the event E3 2018, not many exhibited EA Sports related new features FIFA 19. So far, they show Christiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. as the main model.

In addition to continuing to use Frostbite Engine, FIFA 19 seems to be getting some changes from some game modes.
Alex Hunter will still appear, as a continuation of his story to compete in the UEFA Champions League. You who previously played FIFA 18, Alex Hunter is a special character who is present in The Journey mode, which brings himself started his career in the world of football until becoming a world star player.

FIFA 19 does look promising, but if you see the previous news, EA Sports promises that they will be more focused in the addition of content rather than the latest series for FIFA games.

They have indeed launched additional World Cup content for FIFA 18, but the presence of this latest series seem contradictory. Perhaps, the new plan is really realized in FIFA 19.
FIFA 19 is slated for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on September 28th.