Sensor Shaped Fruit First Fruit Still Keeping It Fresh

A new sensor-shaped fruit can help keep the freight company more fresh fruit on the way, say the researchers from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa). Sensor devices that mimic the size, shape, and composition of the original fruit is packed together with real fruit and monitor the temperature closely.

The sensors are still in the testing phase was present in varieties of oranges, apples, bananas and mangoes. The sensor will notify the company if there is a cooling problem in the way, allowing them to take action. The temperature monitoring enable fresher up in the hands of consumers.

According to a spokesman Empa Cornelia Zogg, mango, banana and oranges usually travel long distances before arriving in stores. However, not all the cargo safely to their destination. "Although the fruit is checked regularly, some of which may be damaged or even lost while traveling. This is because the monitoring still has significant scope for improvement," he said.

Exporters have a way to measure the freshness of the fruit, but the artificial sensors Empa claimed more accurate because it simulates the characteristics of the types of fruit. To make the sensor, the research team at the X-rays of native fruits and make a model of the shape and size.

Then they determine the exact composition of meat every fruit and perform simulations in the laboratory using a mixture of water, carbohydrates and synthetic rubber. The mixture is poured into molds shaped sensor, made on a 3D printer. "We hope this will help the exporters of fruit to control their sanitation protocols as well as cut the costs and time spent on logistics," says Empa project leader, Thijs defraeye. 

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Facebook Messenger Insert Reaction Features and Mentions

Facebook Messenger adds new features, reaction and mention, that previously were tested, in the coming days.

GSM Arena page mentions a user can react to an upload with seven emoticons reaction: love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes, and no.

Facebook Messenger
Two of the last reaction is like and dislike, or thumbs up and down.

When someone reacts to upload, the owner will receive animated messages, as well as notification when the recipient does not open Messenger.

Features of this reaction is applicable to all types of messages: text, stickers, videos, images, GIF, and emoji.

This button also applies to private and group conversations.

Meanwhile, mention features, such as social media, simply add the symbol "@" in front of the user name so that she noticed immediately that created the message.

People who are at-mention will receive a notification that you send him a message.

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Megaquarium, Business Game for PC

Twice circled, studio games from Bristol, England, which makes the game Big Pharma themed hospital, on March 21 and has announced the title of the next game. "Roller Coaster Tycoon with fish" is a new business game for personal computers or PCs.

Megaquarium is all about taking care of fish, meet their care needs, and help them grow. You have to prevent the fish eat each other by choosing tank mates carefully.

You should also think about how best to put a giant aquarium aquarium and staff so that visitors can see what is happening there. Synergy of fish and decorations of your choice to maximize revenues.

Hire staff and direct them efficiently to maximize certain skills. You should also pay attention to the personality of the employee and be careful not to upset them.

Use your resources to unlock new equipment and species of fish, crustaceans and invertebrates life. After exploring all the fish available from merchants, time to start breeding the best specimens together to create new species.

Glance according to Gizmodo's website, "Roller Coaster Tycoon with fish" is a mix of Pokémon video games Theme Park and Big Mouth Billy Bass often become the object of gifts.

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Twitter Immediate Service Offer Premium Paid

Twitter Inc consider creating a premium version of Tweetdeck to see her. They are targeting professional users with the possibility to be free of charge, as reported by Reuters page.

Like the other social media company, since its inception 11 years ago, Twitter will focus on building a free service with advertising support.

Last month, there were 319 million Twitter users worldwide.

Subscription rates may be applied for TweetDeck version, the interface that helps users navigate Twitter.

Twitter is holding a survey to "see interest in the latest version of Tweetdeck", said a spokesman for Brielle Villablanca, through an official statement.

"We regularly conduct user research to gather feedback about the experience of people using Twitter and to the needs of our investment decisions. We are exploring several ways to make Tweetdeck more useful for professionals," he said.

There is no explanation that says Twitter will attract a fee of all users.

Leaks about the survey came as a journalist associated with the New York Times to upload screenshots to see what version of Tweetdeck.

Versions that may include "more useful tools to help the marketing department, journalists, and other professionals to find out what in the world is faster," according to one of the screenshots uploaded @andrewtavani.

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Google Launches Android OS O, this 4's New Features

Google has just released a preview of the latest operating system (OS) them, Android O, which is a continuation of Nougat, for the developers some time ago. OS was considered would make the device easier to use by the consumer Android.

Quoted from the Guardian on Friday, Google made a new approach to applications running in the background so it will affect the battery life of mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Android O will automatically limit the applications running in the background on three areas: service background, location updates and broadcasts implicit (implicit broadcast).

Three areas were often spent battery because it requires great power. In the future, developers will be restricted to use the background. For example, the location, only to be updated several times within a few hours while the service background - an ongoing program such as checking the mailbox when the user is wearing other applications - automatically shut down after a short time.

Starting from O, Android developers can categorize their notification in the "Channels", allowing applications to give more control over how users receive notifications.

For example, a news app offers notifications for breaking news and reply comments. Users can scoop sound, vibration and notifications when the screen is locked via the notifications menu.

Android O will also introduce the snooze button notification and also some of these updates:

1. Autofill API
Users can store personal data in certain applications, such as using a password manager, and then automatically fill in the other platforms.

2. Display picture-in-picture
Users can watch video while using other apps on tablets and mobile phones.

3. Bluetooth audio codecs
The audio quality is better when using headphones like MDR-1000X from Sony.

4. Pairing
Android users who pair with the keyboard, it will become easier navigation using arrow buttons and tabs.

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iPhone 7 Red Not Promoted in China, There is a Political Intervention?

iPhone 7 made Apple Red special edition to celebrate the long partnership with Red Foundation. A portion of the proceeds will be used for a number of social assistance in Africa. If dozens of countries welcomed enthusiastically iPhone 7 Red, why Chinese vice versa?

Said Red taboo in China. Red is a charitable foundation established U2 lead singer Bono and activist Bobby Shriver. Money earned from the donation Red Apple Foundation given to the Global Fund as a grant to fight HIV / Aids, tuberculosis and malaria.

iPhone 7 Red
These grants include providing testing and treatment for patients with intent to destroy HIV transmission. Apple is the world's largest companies accounted for the Global Fund.

Largest Chinese-language Apple did not mention the red iPhone. This has led to some confusion. Internet users are the first to discover that there are different branding on the Apple site relies on Chinese territory.

When translated from Mandarin, Chinese Apple retail sites for iPhone red only be read as "now in red", while the Taiwan Apple website using the words "product" red that was also on the Apple website the US and other countries.

Some analysts read this as another example of Chinese politics intervenes Western brands that do business in the world's most populous country. Apple did not comment on this issue.

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Digital Compact Camera of the Advanced Practical and Canon

Providing innovation and flexibility for the actors are fond of photography and capture precious moments, Datascrip, Canon digital camera distributor in Indonesia, introduced the two latest series of digital compact cameras. Canon IXUS camera series with 190 and IXUS 185 has the form of concise and practical operating system with the quality of the picture is better.
"The presence of the Canon IXUS 190 and IXUS 185 is equipped with the latest technology in it, such as Easy Auto mode, can provide users the ease of photographing a wide range of torque at an affordable price," said Marketing Manager of Canon Image Communication Products Division Datascrip Angelie Ivone. Canon IXUS 190 and Canon IXUS 185 has Easy Auto mode that will disable the Function Set button, menu, and info, so we can focus on taking pictures without worrying about settings menu, and so on.
Canon IXUS
In the body of the second compact digital compact cameras embedded image processor DIGIC 4+ and 20 megapixel CCD image sensor. This combination gives photo quality output that is sharp and bright. In addition, the technology ZoomPlus in Canon IXUS 190 and IXUS 185 can provide optimal range of magnification without sacrificing image quality.

Canon IXUS 190 and IXUS 185 each have optical zoom up to 10x and 8x magnification. With ZoomPlus technology, the range can be maximized up to 20x to 16x Canon IXUS 190 and Canon IXUS 185. In order to maintain the sharpness of the images when capturing moments from a distance, both cameras are also equipped with the latest Image Stabilizer (IS).
"Although both cameras are classified as compact cameras, picture quality can be relied upon to photograph various moments. Canon IXUS 190 users can instantly share the picture to social networks or send to friends, friends and family quickly and easily, "said Merry Harun, Canon Division Director Datascrip.

It expressed Merry is possible because the Canon IXUS 190 is equipped with a wireless device Wi-Fi and NFC. Users can connect the camera with a smartphone, printer, and computer. In addition, facilitating the delivery of photos and videos, or upload to social networks, such as Facebook and Flickr. With NFC, users can connect this camera to other devices using NFC and send the picture with ease.
Practicality of use Canon IXUS 190 and IXUS 185 more obvious with the user interface simple and intuitive. Both of these cameras can display the time stamp (Date Stamp), both the date and hour when shooting. It makes it easy to remember when taking photos without having to look at the photo's EXIF data. The presence of signs of time also makes it easier to perform the preparation of photo albums. (*)

Apple Wins Appeal in Patent Dispute in China

Apple got good news related to patent dispute with a Chinese company. Last Friday, a Beijing court overturned the verdict of the Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau in May 2016 stating that Apple had infringed a patent the design of a small company in China-and bankrupt-named Shenzhen Baili.

Dispute originated when the design model of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus claimed duplicate smart phones 100C-owned Shenzhen Baili which also has a curved corner. When sued, the company is just getting up and smart phones 100C when it's hard to find.

Initially, Apple asked to stop selling the iPhone 6 in Beijing, China. However deftly Apple appealed and was allowed to sell the product until further review by the courts.

Reporting from TechCrunch, Apple's losses incurred when it was small. The lawsuit is currently being reviewed by the court, Apple re-released their latest product the iPhone 7.

In a press conference after the decision last Friday, attorney Shenzhen Baili said it plans to appeal. While it until the news was revealed, the Apple can not be questioned.

Since the last year until now, Apple has been losing market share in China as more and more new competitors such as Xiaomi and brand BBK Electronics output the Oppo and Vivo. However, turnover obtained Apple still leads in the market.

Quoted from the report Montley Fool, "In 2016, Apple made a profit of remarkable, amounting to 79% of total industry profits worldwide smart phone market share of only 14.5%."

The latest development of decision-making Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau prove that regulations in China are not always in favor of the companies from this country. This decision also raises concerns about the protection policy towards local products.

Last spring, the court allowed manufacturers of leather products Xintong Tiandi use you to make bags with the brand "iphone" and "IPHONE" as a trademark in China. Xintong Tiandi has registered the trademark since 2007, while Apple sold in China until 2009. In addition, specifically, Apple did not register its brand in skin products.

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Concorde Supersonic jet's Become Next

The potential return of supersonic flight got closer after Boom Technology, startups (start-up) flights receive funding of 33 million dollars to develop the jet 'Baby Boom'. The trip ended when commercial supersonic Concorde retire in 2003. At that time the Concorde could reach a maximum speed of 2,179 km per hour.

Boom Technology confidence plane crossing the Atlantic Ocean beyond the speed of sound, can become a reality again. Boom believe can design a jet that could fly at a speed of 2,335 km per hour so cut travel time New York to London are typically seven hours to 3 hours 30 minutes. Likewise, a trip from LA to Sydney are usually reached within 15 hours, shortened to 6 hours and 45 minutes.

Funds amounting to 33 million dollars collected from the Series A financing, including Y Combinator investment to complete the development and flight test a prototype XB-1 Baby Boom. The prototype aircraft only has room for the pilot, while the commercial version with a capacity of 44 passengers. Boom hopes homemade supersonic aircraft is ready to transport passengers in 2020.

"Imagine traveling across the Atlantic, completing business, and you can sneak into bed with the children. This saves time a two-day round trip to the Asian region, "said Blake Scholl, CEO and founder of Boom, in a release.

Scholl added to build a supersonic aircraft is "not easy - but it is important". "Looking back backwards, why someone set up a company to build aircraft komersial.Ini is a space that is technologically challenging, strict regulations, and capital intensive," he said. 

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Super Mario Run was Launched for Android, iOS Updated Version

Game Super Mario Run formally launched for Android-based mobile devices starting this weekend. Along with this launch also provided an update to the iOS version. This application will now be updated to version 2.0 and includes a variety of new features such as damage repair (bug fixes), and report-reports 9to5Mac.

One of the important updates Nintendo-made game is the addition of new playable characters and a different color Yoshi. Playing with Yoshi who have a particular color on Toad Rally will also open additional frogs of the same color with Yoshi.

Super Mario Run
In addition to new characters, this update makes one to four teaching (course) is available free of charge. Teaching can be unlocked by completing a number of challenges Bowser. Further completing one to four courses provide additional teaching to Toad Rally.

These are just some of the items included in the update that will be enjoyed both iOS and Android devices. The Android version was launched in version 2.0. Similar to iOS, Android version can be downloaded for free. App purchase for 10 dollars will unlock all levels of the game.

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