Xiaomi officially launched the Mi Pad 4 Plus tablet at an affordable price

Mi Pad 4 Plus
Xiaomi introduces tablet Pad affordable 4 Mi on last June. Now, his new tablet presents Xiaomi back with a 10.1-inch screen is marketed for USD300.

Xioami Mi Pad 4 Plus is a tablet version of bigger and better than Mi Pad regular 4, with bidding prices higher. This tablet comes with a 10.1-inch sized screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and aspect ratio 16:10.

And Mi Pad 4 Plus comes with the support of Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor 660 2, 2 GHz similar Mi Pad regular 4, 4 GB RAM and accompanied options internal storage capacity of 64 GB and 128 GB.

In addition to a larger screen, supported Mi Pad 4 Plus comes with the battery capacity is also greater i.e. 8,620 mAh.

However, this tablet camera configuration remains the same i.e. 13-megapixel camera on the back and a 5-megapixel camera on the front.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus comes in two variants i.e. connectivity WiFi and 4 g LTE, as well as two versions of the internal storage capacity i.e. 64 GB and 128 GB. The 64GB Mi Pad 4 model is offered for USD 275, while the 128GB model costs USD305.

Nvidia introduced the latest graphics chips that use the Turing architecture

NVIDIA finally introduced its latest graphics chip that uses the architecture of Turing. What are the new features in the graphics chip?

Chip architecture Turing comes with RT Core that serves to do ray tracing, a complex technique that claimed could produce very realistic lighting effects.

The effects of the ray tracing were previously used because it is not spending a lot of resources on the chip to render in real time. And Nvidia Quadro refers RTX-based Turing became the world's first GPU can do ray tracing.

This achievement also claimed as their biggest improvement in graphics chips after core CUDA which was introduced in 2006, a report from The Verge.

RTX Quadro products are indeed not intended for regular users who wear class GPUS for gaming, but for the professional user. This is apparent from prices that reached 8000 RTX Quadro USD 10 thousand.

With prices as high as it is, the purchasers will get a graphics card with 48 GB GDDR6 memory, 4,608 core CUDA, and 576 core Tensor. The speed of ray tracing the GPU reaches 10 GigaRay per second, with the performance of computing to reach a total of 16 teraflops.

This graphics card can also be paired with other cards using Nvidia's NVLink interface-made, which also supports standard VirtuaLink can be associated with a virtual reality headset uses a USB cable-C.

After launching the graphics card, Nvidia Quadro class in the near future will launch its consumer graphics card that uses the architecture of Turing. That launch will be made in the title of the Gamescom that will be held the next few days.

Facebook officially becomes the holder of free Spanish league broadcast rights without advertisements

Facebook live (La Liga)
Facebook officially became the holder of broadcasting rights Spain League season started to display 2018/2019. Later, the entire action is contested designate 380 broadcast by social networking. Interestingly, Facebook will not charge fees to its users to watch this program. Every game that aired also ad-free, according to a statement from Reuters.

Unfortunately, Indonesia does not become a country of destination for Facebook in the broadcast of one of the best competitions in mainland Europe. India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan became a State lucky to get impressions of La Liga, the term for the top football competition in the realm of Spain that, in social media.

 "One of our goals during the past two years is that it offers the content possible, so working with a free platform like Facebook which has 270 million users in India is the key for us, " said Alfredo Bermejo, Head of Digital Strategy La Liga.

Got to thinking to set up a VPN? It turns out it's been anticipated by social media hosts Mark Zuckerberg. Surveillance system owned by Facebook claimed can prevent leaks thus ensuring only people in those countries who could watch.

Although there is no mention of how the value of this deal, but social networks will be airing the entire match of La Liga in three seasons into the future. As shadow, Sony, previously broadcasting rights holders in the area, reportedly paying USD 32 million to serve the League of Spain from 2014 to 2018.

Previously, the social networks have also been getting Premier League broadcasting rights for three seasons starting next year. Facebook will display the matches in Thailand, Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Tencent has lost market value of up to $ 150 billion

Tencent logo
Original technology giant China, Tencent forced regulators to pull the latest mobile games. As a result, the value of shares Tencent dropped 3.4% and its market value down to USD 15 billion.

Even in total, Tencent has lost a market value of up to USD 150 billion so the USD 420 billion in one semester. Tencent market value peaked in January 2018, reaching USD 579 billion. The decline in valuations is so great it due to the threat of a trade war with the United States and China slowing revenue growth in the field of gaming.

Content regulation agency China Tencent forced to pull his latest Monster Hunter game: World just days after it was released on August 8. In a statement released, Tencent said that regulators received many complaints about the game.

Monster Hunter: the World itself is a game released by Capcom, but Tencent has obtained a license to sell it in the platform games, WeGame. This game has sold over eight million copies globally. 

An employee of Tencent declared his amazement because this game is not considered excessive violence have elements compared to other games. He also said that Tencent has received a license to sell such games since March 2018. 

"Instead of not maybe you guys could still be blocked even if you already passed the sensor, the same way a film can be withdrawn after public screenings, " said Tencent employees who did not want to be called his name told Reuters.

Chinese industry officials said many companies are hard-pressed to get the license sale games since March 2018 due to bureaucratic issues. 

Tencent said that customers who have purchased Monster Hunter: the World can file a refund until 20 August. Users who have already downloaded can also still play the game, but Tencent does not warrant will continue related services.

The latest iPhone is rumored to have a 512 GB internal storage option

iPhone 2018
Not to be outdone by Galaxy Note 9, Apple would increase new phone's internal storage. the latest iPhone is rumored to be 512 GB of internal storage options. The information is indeed not from Apple directly, but rather from the TrendFroce Research Institute. They made the prediction problem of the three latest phone technology giant artificial origin of the Cupertino, California, USA that.

Like the previous leakage, TrendForce estimates that the latest iPhone comes in three variants. There is a 6.1-inch version with LCD screen, 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches with AMOLED screen.

The third variant of this takes support Face ID previously present in the iPhone X. Special iPhone that has an AMOLED screen will support Apple Pencil.

trendforce iphone rumor

Other information reserved RAM third mobile phone. 6.1 inch iPhone has 3 GB RAM with the 64 GB of internal memory and 256 GB.

iPhone 5.8 inch and 6.5 inches have 4 GB of RAM. Internal storage space selections that will be available include 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB.

TrendFroce presents to predict the price of the latest iPhones third. According to them, the iPhone will be sold a 6.1-inch range of USD 699-749. iPhone 5.8 inch sold for USD 899-949. While iPhone 6.5 inch will be sold for USD 999.

A study says that: a blue light on a smartphone can cause blindness

blue light on a smartphone
Blue light is indeed often touted the bad effect on the conditions of the user's eyes. There are some bad impacts, ranging from sleeplessness to effect on hormones.

However, the findings of the latest research it turns out Blue Ray turned out to increase the risk of blindness. Previously, Blue Ray is indeed called has harmful effects, but not to injure the human eye conditions.

Researchers from the University of Toledo found the blue light of smart devices, such as Smartphones, can change the molecules vital cell become killer cells and resulting in him can't regenerate, reports from Business Insider.

According to Assistant Professor Ajith Karunarathne, experiments his team is to find out how Blue Ray leads to eye damage which is quite fatal.

 "We've been exposed to a continuous blue light, while the cornea and lens of the eye cannot reflect, " he said.

Therefore, it is not a secret that Blue Ray harm human vision by damaging the retina. According to the explanation of this study, the blue light can change the retinal cells and kills Fotoreseptor by dissolving some of its membranes. In fact, the retinal molecule is needed Tues Fotoreseptor to catch the light.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will not release for Nintendo Switch

Shadow of the Tomb Raider
The latest Tomb Raider series, the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, known to Manchester sliding into PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 14, 2018.

Nevertheless, the presence of a third sequel Tomb Raider reboot this plundering of the highly anticipated Nintendo gamers switches. Many say the story of Lara Croft can be played on the console screen of the portable hybrid game.

Thus, whether there is a possibility of Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nintendo release to Switch? In his interview with Game Spot, Tuesday (14), Eidos Montreal as the developer of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, express will not be released the game to the Nintendo Switch.

Lead Game Designer of Eidos Montréal, Heath Smith, said it would only focus on his blockbuster games on consoles such as the Xbox, PS4 One and PC.

According to Smith, Nintendo Switch is not being a proper console for the Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

"If you guys (Tomb Raider fans) want to play new games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, should play in the console that's been ' good ' rather than waiting for him never releases on other platforms (Switch)," said Smith.

However, it does not cover the possibility if later Eidos Montreal will launch the Shadow of the Tomb Raider playable via the cloud.

Developer Capcom Japan also did not launch the game Resident Evil 7, to Nintendo switches. However, this game can be played via the cloud connect to version Nintendo Switch.

Erdogan: economic terrorists on social media want to break Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
The fall of the lira currency and the threat of economic crisis made President Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to point the existence of ' terrorists ' economic plan to damage the country by spreading the fabricated news in social media. Erdogan pledged that they would ever deal with expressly by law.

The weakening of the lira currency has reached 66% since the beginning of the year 2018. Lira reached a record low of 6.24 per dollar on Friday last week. This condition is aggravated by a worsening of Turkey's relations with the United States.

"There is a terrorist economy in social media, " said Erdogan at the Presidential Palace in Ankara while adding that financial and legal authorities have conducted actions on them.

"They're really a betrayal. We will not give them time at all. We will make them pay the price speculation spread,  "demolished Erdogan.

Various rumors on social media called lowering State and made the economic situation worse. For example, the existence of a restriction of the withdrawal problem news money from the banks that turned out to be not true. It is this kind of rumor called can cause panic among the citizens of Turkey.

Turkey Ministry of the Interior has so far identified a social media account 346 votes give a negative perception of Turkey's economy. Legal measures are being applied to hundreds of such accounts.

Erdogan, spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, ever tried to pacify the citizens of Turkey that the economy is still strong and the news or news that smells of speculation is not noteworthy. In his posting on Twitter, Kalin stated that the entire related authorities in Turkey have taken steps necessary to achieve financial stability.

Fortnite is no longer exclusive to Samsung phones

Fortnite now available on Android
Epic Games released the game his artificial namely Fortnite, Android-based devices. It was announced in the Unpacked Galaxy Note 9 in New York, the United States, a few days ago.

At first, this game will only be played on a number of devices such as Samsung, Note 9, tabs, S9-S9, S4 Plus, Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Tab Edge and S3. This beta version of the game can be downloaded and installed from the Application Launcher Game courtesy of Samsung.

Now, games with genres of the Battle Royale is no longer exclusive to the output device by the Samsung company. Through the official site, Epic Games has a list of a number of Android phones that can play the game. A number of artificial cell phone Asus, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Google, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Razer, and ZTE sign in the list.

In fact, one of the Twitter users seemed to flaunt himself playing Fortnite. An account named @ow that seem to use Google Pixel 2 XL while playing.

To date, there has been no certainty regarding release dates for each of the smartphone that will get a Fortnite. It caused the user's Android Samsung devices on the outside to have to be patient to get an invitation from the Epic Games in order to play the beta version of the game.

Xiaomi Pocophone will be equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor

xiaomi pocophone f1
The latest news suggests the presence of Pocophone F1 is getting closer. After briefly appearing in the Agency's telecommunication device certification regulation the United States, now Pocophone starting preparation expose F1 presence in continental Europe and India.

Parties Managing Director of Xiaomi India Manu Kumar Jain encourages figure named Jai Mani through a Twitter account. known Jai Mani is Head of Global Product Pocophone, based on the description in his Twitter account.

According to a tweet from a Twitter account @GlobalPocophone account, as an official partner of towed Qualcomm to provide a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 on this smartphone.

Still in the same Twitter account, provided the explanation of Mani about brand Revitalization. He explained that Poco had the vision to provide a smartphone with the fastest and best performance but at an affordable price.

He quipped the now flagship smartphone price reached USD 1,000 as the iPhone X but the lack of innovation in the smartphone industry. Pocophone F1 itself is currently selling prices have not provided when it was released.

So far, the information circulated to mention that Pocophone F1 in India comes with a variant of the model and RAM capacity internal memory is great, but still with the processor Snapdragon 845.

Pocophone F1 in India reportedly comes with a choice of internal memory RAM and 6 GB/64 GB, 128 GB, and 6 GB/8 GB/256 GB. As far as this tweet Pocophone Twitter account just a promising performance thanks to the support of Snapdragon 845.

Microsoft Store offers HP Elite X3 with bundling package equipped with a desk dock

HP Elite X3 Bundle dock
In December 2016 and then, HP Elite x 3 is present as a high-end device and using Windows Mobile 10 and is designed for enterprise users. Less than two years later, this platform is not sound, and specifications that are created behind the new version of the device.

Now, to attract the attention of consumers, the Microsoft Store is offering the HP Elite x 3 with the package. HP Elite x 3 without bundling it with mobile operators offered with dock table. This dock allows users to connect the device with the mouse.

In addition, the dock is also connecting the device with a QWERTY keyboard and computer screen, utilizing the features of Continuum. HP Elite x 3 this only works by utilizing the GSM mobile network operator.

As a reminder, the HP Elite x 3 is offered for $ USD299, and supported with the screen sized 5.96 inches 2560 x 1440 resolution AMOLED QHD. And powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and Adreno GPU 530.

This unit also supported the 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB internal storage space, as well as 16MP camera equipped and front camera 8MP. For the battery, the HP Elite x 3 battery powered with capacity of 4,150 mAh, and supported technologies that utilize the iris scanners or fingerprint to unlock the device.

Meanwhile, the Pack offered USD799, but with the end of support for Windows 10 Mobile, consumers can get a device with this package at a price of USD500.

In addition, the Microsoft Stores also sell Lap Dock for Elite x 3. This accessory using cell phones to supplement a laptop computer with a 12.5-inch screen, QWERTY keyboard and trackpad. Earlier, the wipe the Dock was marketed for USD599 and is now marketed for USD199.

Google Pixel XL has problems with the fast charging feature since the device updates to the Android 9 Pie operating system

Google Pixel 2 XL
A number of users have complained of problems Pixel XL charging fast since updating the device to Android operating system 9 Pie. A number of units also reportedly experienced a similar problem after a beta version of the operating system is installed.

Units with this beta version are also called still having problems even when the final version of Android 9 Pie paired on their device. On the website of the Google Issue Tracker, users complain of fast charging technology no longer work in Pixel XL Android-powered 9.0 DP4.

The report concludes with a final status of Google's "Won't Fix (Infeasible) ", meaning that the changes are needed to fix the problem it is not possible, or that the AOSP is not a precise location to report Affairs.

Because this issue involves devices assessed had been adjusted or external applications. Another complaint discloses new problems uploaded with a tracking number, and this time the reporting Google asking to send information, including Android bug reports.

Pixel devices should support fast charging technology with a certified cab for USB-PD. When the cable is used, the cell phone is charged with a 5V / 3A current level and the "Charging rapidly" message appears on the device. The message no longer appears, even when charging using a USB-PD cable.

One owner XL Pixel screen displays a message that mentions   "Charging" or " " slowly Charging when charging the device Pixel XL using the charger for the technology. However, the problem was not found in the initial generation Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. If Google is investigated, the issue is not expected to be great for users of Pixel XL.

Tencent has PUBG Mobile Lite for mobile phones with a small RAM capacity

PUBG Mobile Lite
PUBG Mobile is recognized to be one of the current popular mobile games that suck up a lot of attention to smartphone users. The problem is, not all smartphones are quite qualified to play it, let alone cheap smartphones.

To overcome this, Tencent released games Mobile Lite PUBG from similar games. PUBG Mobile Lite was released in the Philippines, according to a report from Android Police.

Graphic technology-based Unreal Engine 4, this game is optimized for smartphones with Android smartphone 2 GB RAM or low-end segment.

The most likely game, this indeed is locked only for Android users in the area of the Philippines. In the description on Google applications Play Store, Tencent mentions that PUBG Mobile Lite still serves the same quality as PUBG Mobile.

However, it is mentioned that the total number of players in one arena only as much of the game, not 40 100 people. In addition, it is also mentioned that the size of the arena into a smaller, i.e. 2x2km instead of 8 x 8 km so it takes a duration long enough to complete one round.

Android Police party is rumored to have already tried to download the game via download APK but cannot enter the server to play the game PUBG Mobile Lite. Allegedly because of the region lock or this application only to the area of the Philippines.

Bethesda claimed to have no plans to not use Steam for all their games

Bethesda logo
Some time ago Bethesda firmly declares Fallout 76 exclusive will present on their own sites and does not rely on Steam.

Bethesda Party says that the bold steps taken are part of a way to reach fans directly, based on recognition of the Senior VP of Global Marketing Pete Hines, Bto Bethesda report from IGN.

 "We affirm that this game will be available only in Bethesda.net. We do not claim that our games in the future will not be present in the Steam,  "says Hines.

For example, the latest game franchise that is Eternal Doom Doom already share a bit of gameplay. Hines stated do not yet know whether the game will be exclusive in Bethesda.net or is present also in the Steam.

Hines added that by launching its own 76, Bethesda Fallout could provide better service or experience to fans directly rather than through intermediaries to the other party.

 "There are different things as we can cooperate directly with fans or players of our games, we become easier to communicate with their players. In the event of a problem in our game, we can more easily figure out the layout of our error,  "explains Hines.

Hines admitted on the basis of the experience of working with other platforms, often occur many communication problems between the publisher and gamers. Bethesda claims to have tried a direct communication link directly with her fans and response better.

Hines is optimistic that this time they will have a positive impact. He exemplifies how Blizzard also took the same step with the Battle.net remains successful today.

This 70-year-old grandfather is playing Pokemon Go using 9 smartphones

This 70 Years Old Pokemon Hunting Grandpa Is Taking The Game To Another Level
Even though he has entered his old age, this grandfather is still fond of playing Pokemon Go mobile games. In fact, with nine smartphones at once. What for?

He is Chen San-Yuan. The grandfather origin in Taiwan is viral because of avid gaming artificial Niantic. Chen who is the expert on feng shui began to love the concept of augmented reality games after being taught the children.

Not just playing, but the games keep him active walking also utilized Chen to prevent Alzheimer's disease and also helped him connect with people of different ages.

Chen began his famous after also playing Pokemon Go to post a photo of himself on internet forums that the Middle driving the bike with six smartphones tied up in the basket of his bike.

The photos caught the attention of the citizen to make him popular and he was nicknamed ' Uncle Pokemon '.

In addition to six smartphones, he also still holds three other smartphones that don't tie it in the basket. In total, there are nine smartphones he brought every cycling.  Chen has a playing time depending on the schedule the next day, quoted from Nextshark.

"If I can get some rest tomorrow, I'll play a little longer. If I have a customer, I will be back early,  "said.

He also chose a favorite place to find pokemon. He could visit for five or six weeks to his favorite place in the garden. A monthly basis he has spent money USD 1500 to buy items in Pokemon Go.

In addition to buying the items in the application, he also bought equipment for cycling that can take nine smartphones are supported by large powerless power bank so that everything can continue to light up.

While talking with Taiwan gaming web site, Chen said that he has several mobile phones left to tied up also on his bike, but due to the account on the phone is still at a low level would not involve in.

"I have three other phone yet I bind on the bike. I want to wait until they're at level 30 and then I'll tie it,  "said while laughing.