This is a condition of the United States to pull ZTE heavy penalties

ZTE logo
ZTE can breathe a little relieved that the punishment imposed on him can be revoked by the United States, but there are several conditions to make it happen.

The governments of the United States and China have come close to agreeing to abolish the sentences imposed for ZTE. The sanctions are a prohibition for US-based companies to sell their technological equipment to the Chinese corporation.

Although ZTE deserves to be relieved that the punishment imposed on it is potentially abolished, it does not mean they have no homework to complete. Later, one of these smartphone vendors will make a major overhaul in the ranks of management, directors, and payment of a fine in exchange for the revocation of sanctions.

Currently, the US government is reportedly taking care of all the necessary documents in completing its dealings with China. The agreement stems from a meeting between two politicians from both countries.

The two politicians are Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury Secretary, with Liu He, China's Deputy Prime Minister in industry, transportation, banking, human resources and social security. The meeting itself took place in Washington last week.

A source said the agreement would be finalized before the visit of US Trade Minister Wilbur Ross, to Beijing next week. This is expected to be done as it will facilitate the settlement of trade agreements between the two as an effort to prevent the occurrence of a trade war.

Google sued grab millions of sensitive data iPhone users

Google logo
Google reportedly collected millions of iPhone users' sensitive data in the UK illegally. Reportedly, there are about 4.4 million iPhone user data taken. Millions of iPhone user data are taken to be shared with advertisers.

As a result, the technology giant based in Mountain View, United States (US) issued on the basis of security intervention iPhone device, from August 2011 to February 2012.

The litigation was taken directly by the campaign group "Google You Owe Us" who wanted to unload the data collection efforts. The group plaintiff's mouthpiece is in the director, Richard Lloyd.

In a first court hearing in London on Monday, Lloyd's lawyers revealed the information Google collected from iPhone users divided into classes, ranging from race and ethnicity, physical and mental health, political opinion, sexual orientation, to social class.

In fact, the data is also divided into several personal conditions, ranging from financial conditions, online shopping habits, and the most sensitive is the geographic location where the user accesses Google services.

Hugh Tomlinson, a spokeswoman for Lloyd, said the information accessible to users turned out to be the data Google took to find out their habits.

Later, the data captured will be processed and sent to the advertiser so that they can target the ads according to the user.

EA releases Battlefield V teaser ahead of its release

Battlefield V
Battlefield fans are just waiting for the day to immediately find out the appearance of Battlefield V, which will be released to the public on May 23, 2018, later.

EA knows how great a curious gamer is, so a few hours ago they released a Battlefield V teaser via their official Twitter account. Unfortunately, the video footage is a few seconds' duration.

In a teaser video devoted to Microsoft Xbox and a duration of just 19 seconds, it shows a figure wearing goggles, in his head and sending a figure from a first-person perspective to silence by pressing his finger toward his lips.

From the audio presented sounded like there was a silent figure and trying to scream. Most likely the figure of the first person was actually silenced by the male characters who use goggles. The background audio sounded clearly like the sound of a battlefield with a cannon boom.

Quoted from a variety of sources two flags logo that became indicator scores in the game listed on the video to be a definite answer that Battlefield V took the background of World War II because it uses the flag of the country flag of the faction or pivot who participated in one of the most historic moments in the world .

The video lasted only a few seconds, then spliced a poster public reveal Battlefield V which will be done on May 23, 2018, later, and can be watched by streaming via YouTube and Twitch.

HMD Global announced it has raised $ 100 million in funding to boost Nokia smartphone growth

hmd logo
The HMD Global deal with Nokia regarding smartphone brand permissions is a success. It is characterized by the use of the flash sale method to launch the Nokia X6, closed with device units sold out in 10 seconds.

The Nokia brand is also reportedly beginning to find its revelation with the lives and desires of the people. This is marked by sales of 4.4 million smartphone units during the fourth quarter of 2017, ahead of HTC, OnePlus, Google, Sony, and Lenovo in the same period.

Nokia is considered not to sell its brand to other companies if in 2011, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop prefers to bring new Nokia devices with the Android operating system and not Windows Phone. But Elop claimed never regretted his decision.

In 2013, Nokia announced the sale of its device business to Microsoft for the US $ 7.2 billion. The agreement between the two technology companies includes a non-competition clause, preventing Nokia's name from being used on smartphones until the end of 2016.

In May 2016, HMD Global obtained permission using the Nokia name, which spawned a new era. Today, HMD Global announces it has raised the US $ 100 million to increase the growth of the Nokia brand awakening.

Last year, HMD Global sold 70 million Nokia-branded devices, with sales worth the US $ 2.1 billion. In 2017, Nokia became the feature phone brand with the highest sales and ranked 11th on the list of smartphones with the best sales according to Counterpoint Research.

This year, HMD Global said it plans to double channel sales in a number of areas while expanding its Nokia smartphone line. HMD Global also mentioned the plan requires a lot of funds.

Among a number of new investors who support HMD Global's plans include Foxconn's subsidiary FIH Mobile, a company that assembles Nokia phones. HMD Global's new investor is DMJ Asia Investment Opportunity.

GeForce GTX 1050 3GB for gamers shown with a limited budget

3GB GeForce GTX 1050 for PC
Surprisingly the new GeForce GTX 1050 from 3 GB has arrived, a model that no one expects but that can be very important.

They may make some of the best GPUs on the market, but there's something that Nvidia still has to much improve on in the name of their products.

The 3GB GTX 1050 release today is the latest of these confusing names. You might think it's the same 2GB GTX 1050 that was released in October 2016, but with one more GB of memory, is not it?

GeForce GTX 1050 3GB, Released from the latest Nvidia

Actually, the 3 GB GTX 1050 looks much more like the GTX 1050 Ti, it shares many of its features and the strength should not be too far from that model. We did not face the upgraded GTX 1050, but before 1050 Ti decreased in some aspects and improved on the others.

The original 2 GB 1050 is not a bad image, but it is only recommended if low cost is very important. If you want to play the current top, it's preferable to choose 1050 Ti.

The Pascal GP107 chip of 1050 3 GB is very similar to 1050 Ti. It has exactly the same number of CUDA cores, for example, what is striking is that it is higher than 1050 Ti in the frequency part of the 1392 MHz base, and can reach up to 1518 MHz. That is an advantage of 102 MHz and 126 MHz each compared to 1050 Ti.

But that does not mean that 3 GB 1050 is better than 1050 Ti. The memory interface is only 96 bits (128 bits at 1050 of 2 GB and 1050Ti) and fixed memory bandwidth at 84 GB / s. Therefore, it has more memory than 1050 of 2 GB but is slower. In addition, 1050 Ti has 1 GB more memory.

Who is 3GB GTX 1050 for?

By not seeing the first result, is imagine that 1050 of 3 GB will remain slightly below 1050 Ti, though it will depend heavily on game games that stream lots of information (like textures), will see more memory speed decreases. Likewise, prices are also expected to be lower than the 1050 Ti price.

However, this launch means that it is unlikely that a new generation of low-grade Nvidia graphics will arrive this year. In the high range we expect things to be interesting, so maybe 3 GB 1050 will be the only launch in this range for 2018.

4 best portable speakers integrated with Alexa

Amazon Alexa
It is undoubtedly a remarkable development that intelligent speaker concepts have been presented in recent times, and in equal measure it has increased in popularity. It is a very convenient gadget that includes portability, good sound, the practicality of personal assistants and a set of functions that are only designed to meet the requirements of the owner.

If in between your items one of these devices has not appeared and you are considering the idea of acquiring it, you will surely feel overwhelmed by the number of options available. Here we provide some of the best portable smart speakers with Alexa, Amazon's personal assistant.

1. Ultimate Ears Blast
Ultimate Ears Megablast
A few years ago, Ultimate Ears entered the Bluetooth speaker market and made its presence felt. Now the company has stepped up its game with Blast and Megablast proposals, which in addition to offering exceptional sound quality, also incorporates Alexa. Both speakers are completely waterproof and amazingly achieve reproductions that reach between 12 and 16 hours with Bluetooth. It is worth mentioning that to use Alexa requires a Wi-Fi connection.

2. Amazon Tap
Amazon Tap
Of course when talking about portable speakers integrated with Alexa, we have to mention the manufacturer, and this time we will refer to Amazon Tap, which some people refer to as a portable version of Echo or a wider Dot presentation.

It is a portable speaker with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that gives you a quality and complete sound. Just tap the microphone button or activate hands-free mode and ask Alexa for music, news, information, pizza messages, and more.

Amazon Tap features dual stereo speakers with Dolby processing for clear sound and longer bass response. In addition, it provides omnidirectional 360 degree audio. It's a small and easy-to-move gadget, so you can enjoy great music and Alexa wherever you are.

3. Fabriq Portable Speaker with Alexa
If you're looking for something a bit more portable and a bit cheaper, you should consider the Fabriq portable intelligent speakers with integrated Alexa. Its size and built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 5 hours of playback time, making wireless speakers ideal for home and for strolling. The striking feature of this alternative is that you can connect up to 10 speakers, manage to compose a complete home audio system.

4. MOKCAO Power + for Echo Dot
MOKCAO Power + for Echo Dot
If you already have Echo Dot, of course you want to offer a more loud and portable sound. An excellent alternative to accomplish this is with the initial proposal of MOKCAO with a charging base and speakers specially designed for Dot.

When the Dot is mounted on the base of the MOKCAO it can get a configuration that offers 20 watts of voice and 5000 mAh battery. The 52 mm dual controller and passive radiator provide solid volume and bass.

Although this tool is designed for use with Echo Dot, if you wish, you can use it as a portable sound system that can connect to other mobile players with 3.5 mm AUX cable.

China has blocked the popular meme site of Baozou

Meme Baozou
China bans Baozou, a popular meme site for ridiculing their heroes. Since the enactment of the Heroes and Martyr Protection Act by the Chinese National People's Congress on May 1, it is currently illegal for the Chinese people to make communist heroes and martyrs a joke.

The blocking of this site is based on a video that was first uploaded on Baozou in 2014 and recently circulated again on Jinri Toutiao news gathering site.

The video shows someone using a "rage face" mask mocking Dong Cunrui, a communist soldier who blew himself up to destroy the Nationalist Party bunker during the Chinese Civil War.

The Cyberspace Administration of China, which is the main Internet regulator in China, stated that they have called on several Internet platform executives to apply strict cyberspace regulations.

This statement was followed by Weibo, China's largest social media, by closing 16 accounts, including Baozou, for being deemed disrespectful to communist heroes. Blocking Baozou follows several previous incidents involving animation.

Apple is rumored to be prepared Beats smart speakers at cheap prices

The launch of Apple HomePod can be said to be less brilliant for one reason or another. Apple also tried to generate its smart speaker product line with the release of a cheap version of smart speakers.

Called insufficient because based on Strategy Analytics reports, of the total shipment of smart speakers in the first quarter of 2018 which amounted to 9.2 million units, Apple has only a small contribution. According to reports, Apple shipped only 600,000 HomePod units.

The shipping rate gives Apple a percentage of the market for only 6% from January to March. Compared with Amazon which has a market share of 43.6% and Google at 26.5%.

So what makes Apple so far behind with competitors? There are several deciding factors, such as one of them is the delay of Apple to plunge into the smart speaker market.

In addition, the $ 349 price for a smart speaker device is considered overpriced. Therefore, according to the latest rumors from suppliers in Taiwan, Apple plans to offer a much cheaper smart speaker, which will be priced at $ 199.

Rumors also mention that these smart Apple speakers will be released under the name Beats. Apple will indeed distinguish these cheap speakers from the HomePod name. So, there will likely be a feature in HomePod that is not available. 

Meghan Markle banned selfie and played social media after marriage

Meghan Markle
After officially married to Prince Harry and becoming a member of the Royal Family of England, Meghan Markle had to live a new life under rigorous royal regulations.

Given the title of Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle must abstain from doing a number of things. In fact, these things he often does every day.

One of the things Meghan Markle cannot do is play social media and take pictures of the selfie. As a member of the Royal Family of England, it is unlawful to play social media and does selfies.

In fact, Meghan Markle had previously had the Instagram account. However, after marrying Prince Harry, he immediately deletes his personal Instagram account.

Meghan Markle himself had pocketed three million followers on Instagram. He also diligently upload photos every day.

Meghan Markle also has a personal website, The Tig. However, the site closed in April 2017. Since then Meghan has not uploaded anything in Instagram.

Instead, both Meghan, Harry, Kate, and William, can interact with citizens in the UK-managed Instagram account in Kensington Royal (@ kensingtonroyal).

In an account that already has 4.9 million followers, Kensington Royal uploads the activity information of members of the British Royal family every day.

North Korea uses Google Play to monitor defectors

North Korea
North Korea is suspected of using Google Play to spy on survivors who fled the country to other countries.

This is based on research conducted by security company McAfee. According to McAfee, a North Korean hacker group known as Sun Team has recently uploaded three apps to Google Play.

These applications are used to spy on those who defect from North Korea to other countries. Hackers contact people through Facebook in an effort to lure them to install food-related apps and security that have not been released yet.

Unfortunately, when installed, the malicious app actually sends contacts, photos, and user SMS to the hacker. The data and orders are sent using Russian Dropbox and Yandex services.

The campaign called RedDawn is not the first time run by Sun Team. McAfee discovered similar things in January 2018. The effort requires a download process from outside Google Play.

iPhone X became the best-selling smartphone in March 2018

iPhone X
Sales of smartphones in the world is still dominated by Apple-made devices, at least this information based on a recent report from Counterpoint Research. The analyst firm has just released the best-selling smartphone report for March 2018.

iPhone X is in the first position with a percentage of 3.5 percent of the overall market. Following in second place, there is the iPhone 8 Plus with 2.3 percent sales of the entire market.

Being third, Xiaomi scored history. Because, the latest smartphone, Redmi 5A, able to reap 1.8 percent of sales. After that, Oppo A83 followed in fourth with the same percentage.

While the two flagship smartphone Samsung, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, is in fifth and sixth with the same percentage, which is 1.6 percent. In the seventh place, there is iPhone 7 followed by iPhone 8.

Being in ninth place there is Galaxy J7 Pro with the market reaching 1.7 percent. While the latest sequence there is the iPhone 6 with a record sales of 1.2 percent of the overall global market in March 2018.

Based on Counterpoint, iPhone X is still a leader in the premium segment class. Samsung with Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus also become one of the big players in this segment.

The South Korean company also managed to double the sales increase in the premium market. While Chinese companies, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Huawei are winners in the mid-end and low-end segments.

Especially for the low-end smartphone market, reports mention sales in this line is quite up. The majority of sales held by Samsung, Honor, and Xiaomi, which managed to control half the sales in the global market.

ASUS plans to release Android 8.0 Oreo for ZenFone 3 Zoom at the end of June

Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom
ASUS plans to update ZenFone 3 Zoom and ZenFone 3 Laser to Android 8.0 Oreo at the end of March. However, this is delayed by several months.

In early April, ASUS announced an official statement, calling the Oreo update for ZenFone 3 Zoom delayed due to a number of issues that need to be fixed. ASUS also mentioned that the company plans to release an update at the end of June.

ASUS managed to fix the problem that prevented it from releasing updates as quickly as promised. ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom owners have the chance to receive Android 8.0 Oreo in the end.

ASUS confirmed via the forum that ZenFone 3 Zoom is now compatible with Android 8.0 Oreo. The official change list states that after the upgrade, the phone's internal storage space will decline slightly.

In addition, ASUS also eliminates a number of apps that are the default application of ZenFone 3 Zoom before, including Minimove, PhotoChange, and Do It Later. Meanwhile, the gestures displaying the All Apps Menu have been converted into gestures sweep up.

However, because it is updated regularly, this update will take several days to be accepted by all ZenFone 3 Zoom users via Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) notification. Users are advised to check the System Update menu to find out the availability of this new firmware.

A video show Xiaomi Mi 8 wear fingerprint scanner on screen

Xiaomi Mi 8
A video was found on Weibo by the tipster Slashleaks, called displaying a fingerprint scanner on the screen used by Xiaomi Mi 8. Xiaomi reportedly directly presenting the Mi 8 from Mi 6 and passing Mi 7.

This device is called supported facial recognition features similar to Apple Face ID on iPhone X, and is expected to be supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

Xiaomi Mi 8 is expected to be supported with 8GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage space, as well as wireless charging technology and 4,000 mAh battery. In addition, Mi 8 is reportedly going to use Xiaomi's latest interface technology, MIUI 9.

Unfortunately, the video is only a very long duration of three seconds. It is considered less able to prove that the video properly displays biometric reader technology on Xiaomi Mi 8.

Xiaomi is expected to announce the Mi 8 at the end of this month, alongside the third generation Mi Band device. Meanwhile, in the last week, the image that claims to feature the front panel of the Mi 8 and retail packaging box is circulating on the internet.

China asks Apple to remove the active CallKit application

App Store
Last July, Apple obeyed the Chinese government and removed the VPN app from the App Store in the country. Now, the Beijing government asked Apple to remove an application using its CallKit framework. CallKit allows developers to use Apple's call interface on their applications.

Other similar interfaces are also available, but CallKit provides a more natural impression for third-party applications. This triggered the Chinese government's objections regarding the use of VoIP by developers using CallKit.

Last year, Apple had to remove the Skype app from the App Store in China for the same reason. At that time, a number of US legal entities expressed their concerns due to Apple's decision to meet China's demand that they value too quickly.

Apple recently sent a memo to developers who have apps on the App Store that could be affected by Chinese government requests.

The memo noted that the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Technology requested that CallKit be disabled in all applications available in its country's App Store.

Because the application is not permitted by the Chinese government to use CallKit in active conditions, Apple advises developers to make changes and re-register their applications for approval.

Unfortunately, Apple is called to follow the Chinese government to operate in the country.

The relationship between the United States and China is in poor shape right now, thanks to competition in the realm of commerce, and China's actions to Apple are called the effects of this condition.

Instagram sets up a social media addiction detection feature

Instagram mobile
The duration of social media access too long began to be a serious concern for some manufacturers. Instagram so one that is known to be developing features to detect the level of user addiction to its application. The feature called 'Usage Insight' will show you how long users have spent accessing Instagram.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom co
nfirmed if the feature is currently on trial and requires minor repairs before it is officially launched.

"We are developing a feature that can help Instagram users to find out how much time is spent accessing this app," Kevin wrote through his tweet.

In addition to monitoring how long it took to access Instagram, Kevin expressed his hope that users can limit themselves to using social media and spend more time to interact with the outside world.

The appearance of this feature was first revealed by a computer expert, Jane Manchun Wong. He reveals the programming language about the appearance of time restrictions feature access Instagram.

Not only Instagram, access restrictions feature has been introduced by Google for Android users. Through the dashboard on the phone, users can monitor how much time they spend to access each application.