Complete specification Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and Mi Max 3 Pro which will be announced in the near future

 Xiaomi Mi Max 3
Xiaomi is rumored to be announced its newest smartphone, Mi Max 3, this week. The company will launch two series Mi Max 3, i.e. the standard variant and Mi Max 3 Pro. The leaked information about both of these devices also has been many popping up on the internet. The news about the release of this smartphone is already a thing of interest to fans of Xiaomi. How its specifications?

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 specifications on paper quite capable. For the standard variant, Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipsets embed Xiaomi 636 octa-core 1.8 GHz. As for RAM, Xiaomi Mi Max 3 select uses 3 GB, 4 GB, and 6 GB. Each will be paired with an internal memory of 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 it comes with a dual camera on the back. There is also dual-SIM support. Screen-sized Xiaomi Mi Max 3 7 inches with a resolution of Full HD +. This Smartphone also has a battery capacity of 5,500 mAh. The fingerprint sensor is mounted at the rear as usual. Xiaomi Mi Max 3 burners are available in three color variants, i.e. Black, Rose, and Gold.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro it would have higher specifications than the regular series. But for the screen size, Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro alike use screen size 7 inches with the support of Full HD +. In the camera category, both have similarities, i.e. double camera on the back.

Then what is the difference between 3 and Max Mi Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro?

The fundamental difference lies in the processor being used. Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro has a more powerful processor, i.e. the Snapdragon 710. This series also has a larger RAM capacity. Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro comes with one variant only, i.e. the 6 GB RAM paired with 128 GB of internal memory. Specifications are both the same. Large battery included 5,500 mAH, fingerprint sensor, and support LTE.

4 Best Android Smartphone Gaming You Need To Have in 2018

Best Android Smartphone Gaming
4 Best Android Smartphone Gaming You Need To Have - Nowadays, Choosing the right smartphone becomes an important thing. People need to consider their necessary based on their job or hobby. It is because they need to decide on the best smartphone that can accommodate their necessary. For example like the game lover, they need to have the high ram and other good hardware specification like the speed of the chipset and the battery until the screen size.

Smartphone Gaming

For you who interest in smartphone gaming, you need to pay attention to these 5 smartphones because they give the specifications for your necessary, here the brief explanation:

1. Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

Google not only be one of the most accessible platforms on this planet but also launch the smartphone as a part of technology mos developing vibe in this world. Google pixel 2 is one of Google product for smartphone gaming. The great specifications like Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB RAM. 64 GB internal storage, 5.0-inch phone size and 2,700mAh battery will support your long play game mobility.

The 12.2 MP camera with the high technology like OIS and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies. So it will help you to show your game activity in social media through the pictures and videos. So you can share your experiences about gaming easier.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The next smartphone gaming is Samsung galaxy s8 Plus. This phone has the 6.2 supersize that suit your gaming mobility. The 6GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage and 3,500mAh, super AMOLED touchscreen, Exynos 8895 octa-core 2.3GHz also will support your various game apps and long play access. the 12 back and 8MP front camera also will help you to share your game experience with your friend.

3. Motorola Moto Z2 Play

Motorola Moto Z2 Play

Maybe there are many of you who don’t know this brand phone cause it’s not too famous, especially in Indonesia. This smartphone launch this brand after making the collaboration with Lenovo. This brand dedicates for gamers because the Moto GamePad could transform like the game console.

The impressive specifications like the 5.5-inch display with super AMOLED with 1080 x 1920 pixel for capacitive touchscreen will support your thumb running.  The 3000mAh battery and 3GB RAM and 64GB internal storage will help your long gameplay. The Snapdragon 626 octa-core 2.2GHz also will help your phone speedy. You also can get the best capture of your gaming because it has 5 MP front camera and 12 MP back camera.

4. LG G6


This phone is not only suitable for smartphone gaming but also suitable for you're daily necessities like communication needs, capture the moment needs and may others. The 5.7-inch display with IPS LCD with 1440x2880 pixel for capacitive touchscreen and 3,300mAh battery and 821 snapdragon processor will accommodate your gaming and daily necessities.

You also can capture your gaming or daily moment with the great dual 13 MP back camera and 5 MP front camera. The 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal phone will accommodate your various games app and your other daily apps like social media and many others.

Those smartphones will provide your daily activity need while can be the smartphone gaming too. How incredible it is. So you can buy a smartphone only while get multitasking function. So choose the best and most suitable one soon.

Users are disappointed over the announcement of the Apple MacBook Pro 2015 production stop

Apple MacBook Pro 2015
Apple just announced it has stopped production of its line of MacBook Pro laptops. The laptop in question is a MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina version 2015. Companies that also have deleted the Cupertino that product from its online store. Apple news stops the production of MacBook Pro version 2015 turned out to reap the negative reaction from Apple Fanboy.

According to them, the laptop is one of the best laptops Apple's ever produced. In November 2017, founder of Tumblr's Marco Ament also revealed expressions of annoyance toward the fate of the MacBook products.

In his uploads on Tumblr, initiator application Instapaper and Overcast that saying the best Apple MacBook turns out there in production period 2012-2015. While the Macbooks manufactured up to 2015, according to him instead of ' failed ' in the market.

 "Best MacBook that is the production of 2012-2015, a peak that's Yes in 2015. Thereafter no longer exists, "he said.

MacBook Pro Retina is one idea Steve Jobs before her death in 2011. MacBook Pro that was produced in the period 2012-2015 is present with a number of significant updates, such as a sleek design, lightweight, fast performance, and comes with an HDMI port and port Thunderbolt.

As for the latest Macbooks produced start 2016 and beyond, comes with a contrasting design.

There are 26 Xiaomi devices which have already begun to goto the MIUI ROM 10 Developer update, anything?

Xiaomi MIUI 10
Xiaomi has announced its newest software interface presence i.e. MIUI 10 on May 31, 2018. Next, at the beginning of June, Xiaomi rolled the MIUI ROM Developer Edition beta 10 is limited to a number of user devices Xiaomi in China. Those devices now have received the update MIUI 10 public beta in late June 2018.

China smartphone vendor that release the MIUI ROM Developer 10 for devices that have not been previously Xiaomi goto the update.

In the first batch, there are nine devices that could have been updated to the MIUI ROM 10 Developers include Xiaomi Mi 8 Mi 8 Mi SE, 6, Mi MIX 2S, Mi MIX 2, MIX Noodles, noodles Note 2, S2, Redmi and Redmi Note 5.

Since registration for the ROM Developers limited beta ended on Thursday, July 12 in China, the company is presenting updates MIUI 10 for the second batch.

After testing a limited beta version expired, update MIUI 10 public beta is likely to arrive for the second batch, the end of July.

The list will get updates MIUI 10

On the second batch, there is a goto device update 17 MIUI ROM 10 Developers limited version.

17 such devices include Mi Note 3, Mi Mi, Plus the 5S 5S, Mi Mi, 5 x 5 c, 4 c, Mi Mi Mi 4S, Max, Max Prime Mi, Mi Max Redmi 2, Note 5A, Note 5A Prime, 4 x Redmi (Snapdragon), 5 Redmi Plus, Redmi 5, Redmi 5A Redmi, and 4 x. If together, there is a goto device 26 Xiaomi MIUI ROM 10 Developers.

Facebook hires former Google engineers to develop their own chip

Facebook logo
Facebook employs one of the leaders of the project development of a Google chip, Shahriar Rabii, to help them develop their own processor.

Facebook announced their plans to start developing the chip in April. At that time, they made the team that can design a special chip for servers and other consumer hardware.

Rabii on Facebook will become Vice President and Head of Silicon, according to his LinkedIn profile. As mentioned by The Verge, now, many tech companies that choose to develop their own chips rather than rely on a third party such as Intel and Qualcomm.

Apple has made their own processors for iOS devices for almost 10 years. In addition, they have also been designing chips for artificial intelligence (AI) and other duties in recent years.

It was also rumored iPhone maker will start using their own chips to replace Intel processors they use on the Mac began to 2020.

Meanwhile, Amazon is also rumored to launch new projects to develop their own chip. The processor is made to help them develop AI for smart speaker Echo them.

Google makes the Visual Core chip for smartphones. And Rabii was a man who used to lead the development team. When joining Facebook, Rabii likely will not develop a new smartphone-made Facebook. Social media, however, it had some hardware that is using the processor.

Oculus launches own VR headset VR called Oculus Go a few months ago. However, the headset still relies on artificial Qualcomm processor.

The likelihood that the device will use artificial Facebook chips of its own. In addition, Facebook is also rumored to develop smart speakers such as the Echo Show.

The special chip can also use Facebook to train the AI algorithm Facebook use to track the speech of hatred, false accounts, and other harmful content.

United States will deprive the ZTE prohibition against business

United States Department of Commerce removed the ban on business mobile phone brand of origin against China, ZTE. The decision to make the ZTE has to back up the funds of US $400 million in an escrow account, and instead the ZTE will receive notice of revocation of a prohibition from the U.S. Government.

ZTE had forbidden to trade with the U.S. component manufacturer for violating the trade embargo between the U.S. and Iran.

The second-largest telecommunications company in China was importing a high-frequency antenna with U.S. chip in it.  The U.S. found that ZTE has deliberately ignored the embargo continuing and an agreement with Iran.

Responding to this, a senator from the party Republic Marco Rubio, contending the criticism loud enough.

 "ZTE shouldn't have been given waivers. There is no tolerance for the Government of China for things like this because they could steal and spy on the American movement,  "says Marco, known from Reuters.

ZTE's business in the US had almost crippled the Government enacted the ban after the United States purchased the United States technology components for seven years.

New security features in Google Chrome is rumored to eat more memory

New security features in Google Chrome is rumored to eat more memory. As reported in The Verge, use more memory occurs on the Site Isolation in Chrome version 67.

In the official blog, written by Charlie Reis, the designer features, writing that the Site Isolation is used to protect from side-channel attacks using the Spectre of speculative execution of most of the processors to access section memory should be limited.

Spectre itself is flawed design in modern processors that allows hackers to gain access to data stored in memory. This data is considered off limits, but the method used the processor to predict the outcome of their current duty to make this data open.

The manufacturers of the hardware and software have been scrambling to fix this shortcoming since exposure to Spectre in January. Feature Site Isolation now Chrome is enabled by default. Unfortunately, it also has increased the use of RAM Chrome as a result.

 "Site Isolation caused the rendering process to make Chrome more, impacting on the performance of a performance, " wrote Reis.

At least, the memory usage will increase to approximately 10-13 percent. This increase can be significant, especially on systems with 4 GB of RAM it down.

To deal with this, Google claimed to be looking for a way out. "Our team continues to work hard to optimize this so that Chrome still fast and safe," explained Reis.

Huawei Honor 10 are sold out 3 million units globally within 2 months course

Honor 10
Since its release in April 2018 then, sales of smartphones Honor 10 have reached more than three million units worldwide. These sales figures are announced via a tweet and Huawei images uploaded on the official Twitter page of Honor.

 "Three million Honor 10, three million thanks! Big whoop to all fans of our Honor to support # Honor10! This milestone is not unattainable without your help. #BeautyInAI,  "wrote a Twitter account @HonorGlobal on July 11, 2018.

From the report, this is not an Achievement GSMArena first to Honor 10. Previously, this smartphone has sold over a million units in China in less than a month.

Honor 10 powered with 4 GB of RAM with a storage capacity of 128 GB. Huawei also installs SoC in-house with NPU for better memory optimization. The Smartphone also supported battery power 3,400 mAh with Super Charge, USB-C, and 3.5 millimeter Jack on board, as well as audio technology Histen.

The device has an LCD IPS panel 5.84 inches Full HD + resolution and aspect ratio 19:9. On the camera front, with a 24 Megapixel sensor, Honor 10 can support selfie features with aperture F/2.0.

Meanwhile, the back is equipped with a dual-camera sensor is 24 and 16 Megapixel camera equipped with AI technology, which makes it has 22 modes for taking pictures.

Microsoft is calling the U.S. Government discussed face recognition that can threaten privacy and human rights

face recognition
Technological developments have also had a positive impact at the same time the negative. It is also felt by Microsoft on the scanner technology face.

Face recognition is currently the more sophisticated, not only able to recognize faces and adjust with data about someone accurately but also can assess a person's characteristics, color, tribe, as well as the expression of the look on the face.

This may sound sophisticated but also vulnerable misused, particularly by the authorities. In an official Microsoft blog upload that was made a few hours ago, they filed the request in order for the Government to meet with technology companies to discuss this.

This request was written by Microsoft's President Brad Smith. He clearly mentions that the facial scanner technology threatens the protection of human rights and freedom of speech. Everyone without realizing his personal life on the monitor by the technology.

 "Imagine the Government being able to monitor wherever you go without your permission. Imagine, too, the Government can find out how often you come to a political movement to uphold freedom of speech,  "says Smith.

Smith also mentioned some examples of profiles with face recognition technology that threatens the community's private life of a country such as Minority Report " ", Enemy of the State, and " " 1984 's "who's been more negative impact example the technology.

 "The question is, what role do we want from these technologies in daily life? The scanner technology because the face is the same as the AI technology could have made a mistake,  "says Smith.

According to Smith, it is not impossible if face scanner technology is then used with the purpose of related personal interest Governments or authorities that threaten the privacy of others. So far we are still finding the more positive impact of this technology.

There are a number of points raised by Smith in the United States Congress Party is willing to discuss this. The first of the party that controls the facial scanner technology, regulations, it is used when the State uses it as a national security system, the type of legal or utilization does not violate privacy.

As well as several other important points of the individual or the community, Smith said that the public should know that they are monitored with this technology and their right to protest in a face scanner technology made a mistake.

Apple invest $ 300 million to finance renewable energy sources in China over the next four years

Apple launches new clean energy fund in China
Apple launches new clean energy fund in China - Apple issued the funds for the sake of realizing the use of renewable energy in China. The Fund issued $300 million US.

Apple is not alone, they join 10 other companies that also the component suppliers to Apple, and raise funds for the US $300 million to finance renewable energy source in China for four years into the future.

China Clean Energy Fund, so the name of the funds collected by Apple, and in the future, will be managed by DWS Group.

With the funds from the China Clean Energy Fund, it will be more and more renewable energy power plants in China. This will make the component suppliers to Apple's partners in China can also use renewable sources of energy for its plant.

Apple's component suppliers with many originating from China, then the amount of power needed would be very much.

Although the Fund is USD 300 million of it comes from Apple and dropped 10 of its components, Apple was reluctant to describe exactly how the funds that come from Apple's own company.

Apple is known to be committed against the use of green energy, April Apple mentions if all facilities and buildings they are powered by renewable energy, including its headquarters which has 17 megawatts of solar panel installations on its roof.  Then Apple ever wants all clients using 100% renewable energy at its facilities.

Samsung prepares Galaxy J6 + with Snapdragon 450 and with dual rear cameras

Samsung  Galaxy J6 +
Samsung just released the Galaxy may J6 yesterday. However, South Korea origin companies are rumored to have prepared a Galaxy J6 +.

Galaxy J6 himself created for targeted to the middle class down and released in several emerging markets. J6 + Galaxy will be targeted for some of the European markets with countries called CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), including in it there is Serbia, through the statement of Phone Arena.

J6 + Galaxy has improved from the version of Galaxy J6. The main difference is the use of Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset 450, but Galaxy J6 using chipset Exynos 7870.

This phone is supported as well with the dual camera and a large-capacity battery i.e. 4,000 mAh. Unfortunately, it is unknown how quantities of RAM and ROM as well. for the screen, it's still the same size, that is, 5.6 inch Super AMOLED with a resolution of HD +.  Although it was initially released for Europe, alleged this phone will go also to the other countries.

iOS 12 ways to add photos on iMessage into separate buttons make the user annoyed

iOS 12
Apple changed the way to send a photo feature on Message in iOS 12 so as to make its users irritated. What is the reason?

This time, with iOS 11, camera icon on the application iMessage can be found easily on the App store icon and column iMessage lets users retrieve or select a photo from your Camera Roll.

In iOS 12, the camera icon only lets users take pictures. To send pictures through the Camera Roll, they have to open it from the icon App store first, and then select the icon Photos to choose images from your Camera Roll.

iOS 12 Camera Roll

This update was judged impractical. Multiple users can already access these features on the beta version of iOS 12 say their disappointment via Twitter.

 "The only thing that is the most annoying on iOS 12 so far is: how to add photos in separate keys into iMessage smaller at the bottom line, not at the main camera button like on iOS before, " says one of the users through the Twitter account @bjorn.

Other users, via a Twitter account @julipuli also complained about the same problem.  "That is not fixed in iOS 12 beta 3: pressing the camera icon on the features of the iMessage, just open up the camera without access to take photographs in the galleries. The most annoying changes in iOS 12,  "said. 

The only reasonable possibility on updates in iOS 12 is to push its users into visiting the Apple App Store that is in the Message feature, where users can buy and download other features for applications as iMessage stickers, emoji, and special effects.

This is done because of the many Apple users who use images derived from Camera Roll. Therefore, it is felt appropriate by Apple for herding users into the App Store on iMessage. 

However, with many expressions of the disappointment of taking action against iOS 12, hopefully, this can fix the iPhone maker back existing deficiencies in the system operations, in order to facilitate the users of Apple.

Truthify app uses AI to detect users' emotions while sending messages

Truthify app
Send messages via instant messaging can sometimes be misinterpreted by the recipient of the message. To that end, Truthify tries to use machine learning to detect the user's emotions while sending a message.

CEO and founder of Truthify Kevin Knull himself got inspiration for developing this application because his message is often misinterpreted by his wife.

 "I send SMS to my wife who misunderstood, " said in an interview with VentureBeat Knull.
 "The reason is that we have simplified the communication into just a few words. It can cause significant problems,  "she continued.

Truthify works by leveraging machine learning to interpret the emotions of users based on their facial reactions.

By using the front camera smartphones, this application analyzes 43 facial muscles 14 times per second and evaluate the results of the seven emotional condition: fear, anger, disgust, delight, humiliated, sad, and surprised.

Truthify users can take a picture, post a video or send a text message to another user. When users see the content that is received, the Truthify will identify the user's emotions and share it to the sender and the recipient as well as demonstrating the strength of his emotions, such as 70% 90% happy or sad.

An application that can read a face and this message is feared would violate users ' privacy. Truthify tried to convince the user to state his dedication will user privacy.

"We're not going to know who you are, just what you feel. We think in the end, it's valuable data,  "clearly Knull.

Microsoft's Whiteboard application has now been released in Windows 10 and will soon be available on iOS devices

Microsoft Whiteboard app
Microsoft Works Whiteboards applications have now been released on Windows 10 and immediately available in iOS devices and sites. These applications are referred to as the appropriate tool for your creative team in a project.

The tool is claimed to allow them to keep ideas with more presentable. The application of digital Whiteboard function similar to the canvas is blank, it supports the ability to write with ink, keyboard, and handwriting, so users can take notes or draw on the Board.

This application allows the user to add and process images, as well as supporting the ability to recognize shapes and so on. Whiteboard also allows team members to add canvas to each individual from a distance.

It is claimed to be able to offer maximum mobility to any Member involved in this project. In addition after the project completed, the application will allow users to save and share it via the Microsoft cloud.

It has been available for 10 Windows devices, Microsoft also announced that users of iOS devices will soon be able to enjoy this application. Collaboration features on a Whiteboard application are also accessible through Office 365 consumer and commercial property owners of Microsoft personal account.

Alphabet has just two projects breaks Google X Loon and the Wing became a standalone company

Project Loon
Parent company Google, Alphabet, has just announced the completion of two projects of the magnitude being separate companies. Thus, two projects officially became independent under the companies belonging to the Alphabet.

The two projects in question is a Loon and Wing. Both are following the Waymo, Chronicle, and Verily previously is also part of the project X Google, through The Verge.

In other words, Loon and Wing are now officially a new brother Google, because both are below the Alphabet. Even though it has its own stand, two companies that still run the same project as of now.

However, there is a change of management. Alphabet has appointed Alastair Westgarth CEO Loon and James Ryan Burgess as CEO of Wing.

Loon, as is known to have a project to provide internet network into rural use balloons, while Wing builds drones to logistics needs.

Although there has been no new project, two new corporate track record is certainly proved promising, so that the Alphabet has finally decided to break it down into a standalone company.

Therefore with the present as an independent company, parent company Google it certainly hopes project being developed by two companies can be serious business, it's no longer just a regular project.