Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Instagram is testing new features that allow users to re-upload photos on the homepage

Instagram logo
Through a small number of users, Instagram is currently reportedly testing new features that allow users to upload photos on this social networking homepage, and comment on Instagram Story personal.

In addition, customers can promote Instagram uploads by placing a "see post" button on Story. Currently, the new way Instagram users can do is to take a picture of the screen, upload it in Stories and add comments.

Another way is to take advantage of third party apps from the Google Play Store. A number of such applications include Regram, Media Repost for Instagram and Repost for Instagram.

Adding this capability as a built-in tool within the app, Instagram rated will bring convenience to the user.

The presence of this capability as a built-in capability also allows advertisers to promote Instagram-based advertising campaigns across cross platforms, thereby providing an opportunity to help Facebook earn additional revenue.

To perform an upload regram, select a public and permanent upload from the homepage. Then tap the button to embed it on Story.

Users can choose to highlight author names, resize original uploads, add personal comments, and use other Instagram tools in images.

Tapping uploaded uploads after upload on Story will show a 'see post' button. Other users who click on the button will be redirected to the original upload.

However, users who do not want their help appearing in Instagram Story other users can disable this feature.

WhatsApp now allows you to create group descriptions of 500 characters

WhatsApp logo
WhatsApp brings back new features to Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS versions of the app. A few weeks ago, WhatsApp was seen testing the group's description feature in its beta app, which is now being launched to a stable platform.

The group description feature allows users to add 500 explanation characters to the group in WhatsApp. Until now, any user can add or edit group descriptions, his ability is not limited to admins.

As WhatsApp does with other features, whenever the group description is changed, all participants will receive a notification.

The usefulness of this feature lies in groups of multiple members or anonymous groups. Whenever a user gets an invite link to a group, the group description will give them a quick overview of what the group wants to achieve or enable, so they can determine if they want to confirm their membership.

If the user is already part of any group, the group description is available at the touch of a button. The Group Info screen that displays all members and group images will have this descriptor as well.

In addition to adding a group description, WhatsApp also activates a new video icon button that lets users switch between voice and video calls without having to disconnect between the two.

The WhatsApp update previously extended the time limit on WhatsApp features 'delete for everyone' to more than an hour.  

Uber's autonomous car killed pedestrians in Arizona

Uber Autonomous Car
A woman reportedly died after being hit by Uber's autonomous car in Arizona, USA. The accident occurred in the area of Mill Avenue and Curry Road on Monday morning, where the victim was hit when walking outside the crossing area. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital, but unfortunately his life was not helped and died in the hospital.

"We are very sorry for the families of the victims, we will cooperate fully with the authorities in their investigation of this incident," Uber spokesman said in a statement.

Uber himself now withdrew his autonomous car from all public streets in Arizona, following in other cities such as San Francisco, Toronto and Pittsburgh.

Uber confirmed that the car belonged to him when the accident was running in autonomous mode and there was a driver who oversaw the way the car. This is the first time an autonomous car has been involved in an accident resulting in a loss of life.

CEO of Uber Dara Khosrowshahi also revealed his condolence statement to the victim's family through his Twitter account. He thinks the events in Arizona are very sad news.

Nokia mobile phone exploded killing an 18 year old Indian girl

Nokia mobile phones
The phone exploded again, this time befalling an 18 year old girl from India. He reportedly died from his cell phone exploded while making a call.

Uma Oram thus the name of the victim. Told by the family, at that time he was making phone calls in a condition of charging the battery.

Right then, suddenly Uma's cell phone exploded causing her hands, chest, and legs to be seriously injured. He was immediately unconscious and rushed to the hospital. However, he has been declared dead.

"When his cell phone battery runs out, he plugs in the charger cable to charge while continuing to talk to our relatives," explained his brother Durga Prasad Oram.

He also explained the younger sister using the Nokia 3110 phone. However, from the evidence photographs taken while the events of some media to identify that the phone is actually Nokia 5233 which has been released in 2010.

Hearing this incident the Nokia also spoke up. They share their deepest condolences for the families that have been abandoned.

"We are very sad to hear the unfortunate incident involving an 18-year-old girl who has been reported." said a Nokia spokesman.

Upon this incident, local police are still gathering evidence and investigating what is the cause of this tragic incident.
Monday, March 19, 2018

Cambridge Analytica is said to steal data on 50 million Facebook users

Facebook logo
A total of 50 million personal data Facebook users stolen and stored data analysis firm, Cambridge Analytica. The firm works for Donald Trump's winning campaign in the 2016 presidential election.

Not just Cambridge Analytica, Facebook user data is also in the archives of Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL). Both are affiliated companies.

Cambridge Analytica and SCL allegedly obtained Facebook user data from a third party researcher named Aleksandr Kogan. He works at Global Science Research and often presents a survey of personality spread that is massive on Facebook.

Kogan has been collecting user responses on Facebook surveys and quizzes since 2015, via a homemade app called "thisisyourdigitallife". The application was just downloaded 270,000 Facebook users. However, the effect hit the 50 million users, because the application is able to access the data of friends from the downloader.

Anyone who downloads the app unconsciously and voluntarily submits their personal data, what they like, where they live, and who their friends are.

Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica, SCL, Kogan, and Christopher Wylie. Wylie is a whistleblower whisper that reveals the leak and abuse of data 50 million Facebook users to the mass media.

"We continue to investigate to see the level of accuracy of these claims. If true, this is an unforgivable crime, "said Vice President and General Counsel of Facebook, Paul Grewal.

Meanwhile, a SCL spokesman denied the allegations addressed to his side and Cambridge Analytica. However, there is no more detailed explanation of the denial.

"Cambridge Analytica and SCL do not hold Facebook data," he said.

Sources in saying, personal data Facebook users can still be accessed in Cambridge Analytica internal database in 2017 ago. In fact, SCL has promised to Facebook and Cambridge employees that all the data was deleted in 2015 ago.

Of the 50 million data users Facebook scattered in the hands of third parties, 30 of which are complete for profiling someone. If so, user privacy is no longer privacy.

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Apple is rumored to be developing its own next-generation screen

Apple logo
Apple is designing and producing its own screens for the first time, said people who knew about the Cupertino company's plans.

The screen design and production process will be performed at Apple's secret factory, close to its headquarters in California. Apple will make a little screen to test first.

Currently, Apple is busy investing for next-generation screen development, MicroLED, said the source, who asked not to be named. MicroLED screens use different compounds than OLED screens to expose light now.

By using MicroLED screen, gadget will be brighter, more power efficient and also thinner. Unfortunately, making the MicroLED screen much more difficult than the OLED screen. Apple almost canceled the project about a year ago, said the source.

Since then, the technicians have begun to successfully develop the technology, which is now in its final stages. Even so, although consumers have to wait a few more years before they can see the results of this MicroLED screen development.

Apple's effort to develop the MicroLED display is part of their plan to make key components in smartphones. Apple has been designing the chips they used on mobile devices since a few years ago.

Apple's decision to make its own screen could damage the business of suppliers like Samsung, Japan Display, Sharp or LG Display.

It can also disrupt a company's business like Synaptics that creates a chip-screen interface or Universal Display, which is a leader in the development of OLED screens.

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Twitter plans to ban crypto money ads

Twitter logo
Twitter will follow Facebook and Google's steps to prohibit advertisements related to crypto money investment offers circulating in its services.
This news circulated the first time from Sky News that claims to have contacted Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter.

Although not yet disclose details of the policy to be taken, Sky News said Dorsey will take decisive action on its homemade platform. The reason is not much different from that disclosed by Facebook and Google.

Twitter will remove and prohibit all forms of advertising services and crypto money businesses to suppress online fraud figures that take advantage of crypto money trends. Of course they are not to blame in case of such a case.

How will it affect? Twitter's ranking will decrease just like any other digital platform. However, the greatest impact would be the impact on the crypto money business itself.

The value of crypto money is predicted to decrease with the circulation of this news. The same thing happened in January when Facebook announced its policy of blocking crypto money ads. The value of crypto money in the market fell to its lowest point in February as Google last week announced a similar policy.

Crypto money ads are also considered dangerous, after in January cybersecurity company Trend Micro mentions crypto money ads embedded crypto crystalline money that can infiltrate the victim's device accessing the ad.

Even so this condition will also have a good side. The government and the business of crypto money will discuss working together to formulate regulations to legalize and create security for the business so that investors are increasingly interested.

Uber wants to sell autonomous car technology to Toyota

Autonomous Uber
The provider of ridesharing services that develops autonomous car technology is not just Lyft and Waymo. Uber was also developing similar things. Reportedly Uber was trying to sell the technology.

According to news circulating, the company offered automotive car technology by Uber it is Toyota. Cars made by companies from Japan are targeted to be embedded technology that is minivan.

This is the first time Uber mentioned trying to sell his home-made technology to other companies. CEO Uber Dara Khosrowshahi recently met with a number of Toyota officials, including his AI development boss named Gill Pratt.
The meeting was conducted at Uber's research center located in Pittsburgh, United States. It is unclear how far the process of selling the technology, or even what topics are discussed in the meeting.

In Toyota's official statement, the meeting was a routine meeting to share information about autonomous car technology. Toyota also mentions not yet is the decision-making process.
Toyota is certainly not a foreign company for Uber, because in 2016, they injected some money into Uber. Then, in January 2018, they both worked together to create an autonomous car system.
Sunday, March 18, 2018

Google updates Gesture Swipe to Unlock on Android Auto smartphones

Android Auto
One of the main complaints of Android Auto users is the absence of the ability to unlock the smartphone when it has been connected with the vehicle via Google's work operating system. The only way to use the phone is to unlock it via a voice command.

Aware of this, Google released an update to eliminate limits on the lockscreen phone, so Android Auto smartphone can be used either by the driver or passenger vehicle while on the go.

Android Auto now supports the new Swipe to Unlock gesture, enabling users to unlock the smartphone connected to the car in mobile. This information has received confirmation from Google.

Google mentions this new feature has been enabled and is permanently available to users up to an undetermined time limit. This change also allows passengers to use the connected phone without disturbing the driver's attention.

In addition, the presence of this gesture also facilitates the search for music, rather than using voice commands, or even provide drivers of important information that may be needed when the vehicle is in a state of motion.

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5 important steps to secure WhatsApp after the smartphone is gone

Smartphones lost to fall or stolen people are unlucky fate. Users can lose contacts in WhatsApp, a popular messaging app now in use.

Missing smartphone means losing control over WhatsApp users. Luckily if the user has backed up the conversation history using Google Drive, iCloud and other services before the smartphone goes away. At least users can be relieved of their data is safe.

Yet another case, if not do backups before the smartphone is lost. To secure your WhatsApp account on a lost smartphone, it can be done in various ways. One of the important things, when the smartphone is lost, it may soon contact the WhatsApp team. Another step is to make sure your SIM card is disabled.

Here are some steps to take to secure your WhatsApp data when the smartphone is gone.

1. SIM card lock

The first thing you need to do is lock the SIM card on your lost smartphone. The trick is to contact your SIM card provider.

By contacting the provider, it closes the steps of the irresponsible person to sign into WhatsApp account on your stolen or lost smartphone. Once the SIM card is off, then the person controlling your smartphone can not go around using your account.

2. Turn on WhatsApp again

Once you have disabled the SIM card on your lost smartphone, immediately activate WhatsApp on another mobile device.

How to use SIM card with same cell number on smartphone lost. This is indeed the succinct way. But in case the new SIM card for the old number takes some time to make it, then patiently waiting for it because there is no other choice. Remember, WhatsApp can only be enabled on one device with a single number.

3. WhatsApp team's immediate contact

Another important step is to immediately contact WhatsApp team via email. If so, make sure to include a confirmation sentence in the body of the form: 'Lost / stolen: Deactivate my account'. This sentence to attract the attention of the team WhatsApp and act immediately.

Do not forget, in the report to email, include your existing mobile number on the lost smartphone, along with the country code.

4. WhatsApp can be active with WiFi

Remember, WhatsApp can be active without a SIM card in it. Because by using WiFi then the person who controls your device can control the account on the lost smartphone.

For that reason contact the team WhatsApp to disable WhatsApp you. This step needs to be done, because disabling WhatsApp can not be done from other devices.

5. Take advantage of the 30 days

Users have 30 days to reactivate WhatsApp account, in case the smartphone is lost. Over the course of a month, the WhatsApp account will be completely erased.

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5 Best Android apps you should try to save battery life

Battery life
The apps in the Google Play Store nowadays are a lot of choices, and one that can be your choice of useful applications is android Application to help save battery. This one application comes with exciting performance where you can save battery power which of course can help to increase performance and performance of smartphone that you have, so that more durable. Here are 5 best Android battery saver apps.

1. Avast Battery Saver

This one application is one of the best options to help save your Android smartphone battery, with a unique performance, which automatically turns off the wifi feature if no wifi is found around you, so the battery can be minimized properly. Emergency mode for the battery condition that will run out can also be found by using applications that have this unique user interface.

2. Battery Save Booster

The app with this minimalist look promises battery life with exciting features where you can find the battery 5 times more secure, with attractive features. Widget, battery temperature display, up to voltage size until battery condition, can be displayed with this application. Data connection up to wifi can be improved its durability with this one application.

3. Du Battery Saver

The next battery saver application that fits into your attractive options is Du Battery Saver, which becomes an app with additional exciting widgets, as well as user-friendly design. You will see information on battery recharging as well as an informative charging process, by maximizing your battery performance, making it more cost-efficient.

4. Booster For Android

The next battery saver app that is suitable for your choice is Booster For Android, which is the choice of applications with the memory removal performance of unused RAM, and of course in addition to saving your battery, can also help the performance of android phones owned become faster, with looks simple, and the design is easy to operate.

5. Battery Doctor

This application comes with interesting features, which can be a reference of your application. Battery Doctor, is one of the power saver applications, with a compact appearance, and also a locker on this interesting application. How it works can help set the brightness level, data processing to RAM management that can certainly help save your battery capacity.    

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3 hidden features on iPhone that are not owned by other smartphones

iPhone X
iPhone users may not be too familiar with some features that apparently exist in this Apple-made device. Starting from the screen recording, vibrating customization for special contacts, to take photos of the document so that the results are focused and evenly distributed.

Indeed quite a lot of features that can be used on the iPhone. Here we choose 3 things that are considered quite important and not owned by other smartphones:

1. Custom vibrations

This feature is useful to let you know who is contacting you. By customizing a custom vibration for a particular contact, you can respond immediately to the friend who contacted you.

To enable this feature, go to Contacts, then tap the Edit section in the top right corner, and select Ringtones to select a vibration for a particular contact.

Then select Vibration and Create Vibration. To create this vibration, users can at will create it. Vibration can be a tap of a finger on the screen or at the same time as the user.

During this vibration-making process, it takes a while. There will be a marker of the vibration making process completed.

2. Screen Recording

This feature can record the screen, but the result is not in the form of photos (screen capture), but the video. So, all the things done to our iPhone, can be recorded with the duration as desired.

The way is easy enough. Go to Settings, then open Control Center and Customize Controls. Select the Screen Recording feature by pressing the Plus sign on the left side of the feature.

Restore the screen position to Home, slide at the bottom of the screen so that Control Center appears. The Screen Recording icon has moved to Control Center so it can be directly used to record the activity on the screen.

3. Photo flattening and focus

Taking photos for documentation is important. But many of the challenges in taking photos, namely how to ensure the targeted photo focus and evenly distributed.

The condition is sometimes rather difficult to obtain. So on iOS 11 there is a feature with the + icon, will help users get a uniform focus.

When the + sign indicates a completely yellow color, it means the user has the exact angle of shooting. Immediately only photos. If the + sign still has a white color, meaning the user has not gained focus and evenly over the object to be targeted.