Facebook still gets a profit despite being hit by the issue of data theft

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The abuse of data scandal involving 87 million users involving British political firm Cambridge Analytica did not affect Facebook's business performance. In the latest financial statements, Facebook profits are known to be higher than the previous quarter.

On Wednesday, Facebook released a 63 percent increase in corporate profits. Facebook shares on Wednesday traded up 7.1 percent after hitting $ 171.

This performance at once dismissed estimates that predict analysts in the first three months in 2018, Facebook is only able to record profits of US $ 11.4 billion, up 40 percent from the same period a year ago.
Over the last two years, Facebook shares are known to rise 7 percent.

In addition to rising in terms of profit, the number of Facebook users also recorded an addition. Monthly active users in the first quarter rose 13 percent to 2.2 billion from a year earlier.

Daniel Morgan, senior portfolio manager at the Synovus Trust Company quoted Reuters as saying that the numbers indicate that Facebook will stay okay despite problems.

"Everyone keeps talking about how bad Facebook is, but this financial report to me is very positive and reaffirms that Facebook is fine and they will be able to go through this," Morgan said.

Chief Financial Officer of Facebook, David Wehner revealed the company's plan to drain the investment in order to restore the confidence of users. Operating costs up this year increased 50 to 60 percent from the previous in the range of 45 percent.

Most of these costs will be used to improve user safety and security issues. Facebook will also invest to root out fake accounts, remove hate speech, and videos of violence.

Snapchat released games that can be played using Lenses

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Snap wants its users to play games on Snapchat with their friends. The company has just launched Snappables, Lenses that allow users to play games utilizing touch, gestures and facial expressions.

This game seems similar to a Cuphead lens that allows you to see friends as enemies that you have to beat. Through Snappables, there are many users can do, ranging from inviting friends to play music together, challenging them in emoji dance or playing basketball.

In the video at the end of the article looks how a user plays a similar game Space Invaders while one other user lifts weights using their eyebrows. Snap says, new games will be released every week, while favorites will survive.

Lenses tech Augmented Reality Snapchat launched at the beginning of this month is indeed interesting. However, Lenses do not seem to be widely used. According to Engadget, by providing various games that can be played through Lenses, this can encourage users to more often use these features.

Not only that, through these games, Snap looks trying to make his platform look different from other social media. So far, Instagram, Snapchat's biggest competitor, has yet to introduce AR games or filters like Snapchat.

New games from this Snap does look quite fun to fill the spare time. However, chances are, this game will not bring in new users, as it is more suitable for people who have become users in Snapchat. 

Netflix plans to add its $ 1.5 billion debt to expand its original video content

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Netflix said it plans to increase its US $ 1.5 billion debt to be used to enrich its original video content. If true this is the second time Netflix owes in the last year. Earlier in October, they owed the US $ 1.6 billion to enrich its original content. From this original content, they hope to increase their customer growth worldwide.

While this Netflix plan was a success because it managed to pass Wall Street estimates of the growing number of customers. The growth is quite strong, among others thanks to a number of their original series such as Altered Carbon and Jessica Jones.

During 2018 itself Netflix expects to spend the US $ 8 billion for content creation. Based on the latest financial statements, Netflix currently has fresh funds of US $ 2.6 billion.

The US Department of Law is investigating Huawei for allegedly violating the US embargo against Iran

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The same thing has once done the US against ZTE, which later proved to violate the embargo. ZTE was later punished with a ban on receiving export products from the US and fined the US $ 1.19 billion.

Previously, the US has also warned its citizens not to buy devices made by Huawei because it allegedly can be used to spy on consumers and companies in the US. Then, an electronics retailer in the US Best Buy, calling will stop the sale of mobile phones made by Huawei.

If Huawei proved to violate the embargo against Iran, it is quite possible that the world's third-largest mobile phone maker would have the same fate as ZTE. For information, ZTE is now prohibited from using Qualcomm's made chips and uses the Android OS.

Huawei has also often defended itself, one of them when calling them not a threat to national security because it uses the same component suppliers with other Android manufacturers, except Kirin own homemade chip, and also EMUI, which is a modified Android used on Huawei phones.

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WhatsApp change the minimum age limit of users to 16 years

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WhatsApp will raise the minimum age limit of its users from 13 years to 16 years. This minimum age limit will be applied in Europe.

Age limit changes are made to comply with the new data privacy rules that come into effect next month.

WhatsApp will ask European users to confirm that they are at least 16 years old when agreeing to the new terms of service and the privacy policies provided by the new entity WhatsApp Ireland Ltd in the next few weeks.

It is not clear how the age limit will be checked, given the limited data that is requested and held by the service.

Meanwhile, Facebook, which has a separate data policy, takes a different approach for adolescents aged between 13 and 15 to comply with the European Data Protection (GDPR) law.

They are required to include a parent or guardian to grant them permission to share information on the platform.

WhatsApp currently has about 1.5 billion users disclose no new rights to collect personal information in agreements made to the EU.

"Our goal only explains how we use and protect the limited information we have about you," he said.

WhatsApp, founded in 2009, has been under pressure from several European governments in recent years. Because, the end-to-end encrypted message system and their plan will share more data with its parent, Facebook.

Facebook itself is under the supervision of regulators and lawmakers around the world since the case of Cambridge Analytica.

Currently, the minimum usage age of WhatsApp will remain 13 years old around the world, in line with its parents.

YouTube removes 8 million videos from its platform throughout Q4 2017

YouTube mobile
YouTube cleans up video content that is considered to contain pornographic content, violent incitement, harassment, and hate speech.

The online video sharing service announced it has removed 8.3 million videos from October to December 2017 from its platform.

To remove such content, YouTube uses two types of filtering. Ie using machine learning algorithm and based on user reports. Approximately 6.7 million videos are called deleted after being tagged by machines with 76 percent of which have been reported by users.

In the company's official blog, YouTube calls the use of machine learning to speed up content deletion and the number has dropped dramatically since June last year.

Even so, user interference was recorded also remained significant. Approximately 9.3 million videos in that period are known to have been previously reported by users for follow-up.

Most of the deleted content is known to contain pornographic, spam, violence, and hate speech content.

Users also report nearly 95 percent of videos deleted in piracy or re-uploaded without the permission of the copyright holder.

To facilitate irrelevant video content, YouTube also introduces the reporting dashboard so users can view the status of the videos that have been flagged and reported. So far the feature can only be used to report a video requesting YouTube to review and have age audience restrictions.

US consumers are more interested in buying iPhone 8 and 8 Plus than iPhone X

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
People's interest in iPhone X may start to decline. More people are buying iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus than iPhone X by early 2018, according to a recent report from the research group Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

CIRP conducted a survey of 500 people in the United States who bought iPhone, iPad or Mac this year in the period between January and March.

The survey shows that 23 percent of iPhone purchased is iPhone 8 and 21 percent purchased is iPhone 8 Plus. Meanwhile, the contribution of iPhone X declined from 20 percent in the last quarter to 16 percent.

The CIRP survey shows that sales of the iPhone X have declined since last quarter, while the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have gone up.

Considering the respondents of this survey only 500 people, the findings can not fully describe the state of the market.

Since the iPhone 6 was launched in 2014, Apple has not changed much of the iPhone's design except the iPhone X, which has a completely different design. However, the phone also has a more expensive price than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Indeed, the iPhone X has some special features, such as Face ID, thin bezel design, OLED display, wireless battery charging and also Animoji.

The declining sales of iPhone X indicate that consumers are not interested in the premium features of the phone or the price of the iPhone X is considered too expensive.

On February 1st, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that iPhone X was sold at most every week since it was launched in November. However, he discusses global sales, while the CIRP survey only takes into account US sales.

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Latest features make free Spotify users benefit

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Spotify is launching its new app that is undergoing major changes, including the experience of its users. Now free Spotify users are more benefited.

Why benefit? Now unlimited Spotify users can freely replace songs indefinitely. Only, the ability is limited to 15 playlists provided by Spotify.

Fortunately, these 15 playlists are made specifically for each user based on the songs they often listen to. The full playlist of 750 songs is updated daily.

Spotify claims its users in total have made more than 2 billion playlists. And now, this new app will help users in creating playlists by giving song suggestions according to the songs that have been added to the Playlist.

In this new app, Spotify is also now asking its unpaid users to select their favorite singer when they first open the app. It also makes Spotify able to provide special playlist according to the user's musical taste.

Financial advisors from the UK demand Facebook

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Martin Lewis, a financial journalist and founder of the financial site MoneySavingExpert.com, sued Facebook through the High Court of England, accusing Facebook of defamation.

Lewis claims, Facebook installed more than 50 cryptocurrency ads that use the name and face to advertise fraudulent sale of cryptocurrency.

In a statement, Lewis mentioned that ads that use his name usually promote the scheme to get rich quickly even though the way has a very small chance of success.

The ad uses the name Martin and has a link to an article similar to an original article from a major media such as BBC News.

"For more than a year, I have asked Facebook to stop letting the fraudsters use my name and face to deceive people whose risk is deceived but the deception continues," Lewis said.

"I feel sick whenever I hear of a victim being deceived because they believe my name is being used wrongly."

Given the popularity of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, some people have been fooled by deceptions promising a quick way to get rich by buying and selling Bitcoin.

The ads like Lewis mentioned target people who really believe in the fraud. The thing is, everyone can advertise on Facebook as long as they have a credit card.

Although Lewis has reported this fraudulent ad on Facebook, he said, Facebook still allows new ads that use their name and face, even though the old ad has been removed.

Surprisingly, Lewis can still see Cryptocurrency-related ads on Facebook, given the social media says they have banned all cryptocurrency-related ads in January.

Amazon develops robots that can be implanted in Alexa

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Amazon is rumored to be developing robots for home use. The project, codenamed Vesta, was developed in Lab126, an Amazon R & D hardware center that has developed Kindle, Fire Phone and Echo.

Currently, there is still no definite information like what the look of this Amazon robot or what the function of the robot. However, Bloomberg said the robot could be a "mobile Alexa" and would follow users at home so users would be able to use Alexa anywhere.

The prototype robot built by Amazon is rumored to be equipped with computer vision software and a camera for navigation.

Amazon is rumored to be delivering the robot to the employee's home by the end of this year. While the prototype robot will be able to be tested by the general public at the earliest in early 2019.

Given that there is not much information about the robots built by Amazon, it is difficult to determine their reasons for building the robot.

One thing is for sure, this robot is not a helper robot who can perform various household tasks. Currently, the technology to develop such robots does not yet exist. Now, the home robot refers to a virtual assistant embedded in a moveable casing.

Even so, Alexa mobile can be very useful, good for Amazon or user. If Alexa has a moving body, allowing it to retrieve space information, Alexa can work better.

Xiaomi has not stopped making Android One phone

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After releasing one Android phone One Mi A1, Xiaomi apparently plans to produce more phones running Android OS plain.

This is confirmed CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun, who calls Xiaomi will launch more Android One phones in the future, including from the line of popular Redmi phones.

As an Android One device, of course, these phones will run a plain Android operating system without customization, not the mainstay of Xiaomi MIUI.

Unfortunately, not much other information revealed by Jun, such as the phone will go into which class, or when the phone will be launched. But given Xiaomi is usually fast in launching new phones, it's possible that the new Android One Xiaomi will be released in the coming months.

Android One is actually a cheap Android platform created by Google. But in its development, this platform can be used by mobile phone manufacturers who want to make phones with plain Android OS like Nexus and Pixel. Then Google also released Android Go, which is devoted to devices that have low specifications.

LINE has just released 200 Emoji LINE which contains a bunch of famous characters

LINE has just released Emoji LINE, which contains a bunch of well-known characters. They released 200 emoji this time.

Some of the characters displayed LINE are Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Usamaru and LINE characters like Brown. Going forward, LINE wants to add new characters like Snoopy, Doraemon, Rascal the Raccoon and so forth.


LINE first launched emoji in October 2011. At that time, they launched 117 emoji showing pictures of faces, symbols, buildings and various other things. They just added emoji from LINE characters like Moon and Brown in March 2013. At that time, there were 20 new emoji LINE add.

Three months later, in July, LINE added 46 new emoji depicting Cony and other characters. In addition, there are 74 updated emoji designs.

The Japanese company just made a massive emoji overhaul in April 2014. At that time, users can finally use more than 1,000 emoji.

As mentioned by LINE, along with the growing popularity of smartphones and social media, the way people exchange messages also evolves. The word "emoji" is now used not only in Japan but worldwide.