AT & T announced it wants to get the AppNexus advertising company with an acquisition price of about $ 1.6 billion

AT&T logo
AT & T Inc. said on Monday that it has agreed to acquire AppNexus advertising technology company, which competes in the advertising market with the likes of Google and Facebook and declares that as the world's largest independent digital advertising exchanges.

According to a statement from WSJ AT & T is expected to pay about $ 1.6 billion. AppNexus offers technologies that help advertisers buy ads, use automated software, across various websites and apps.

"Ad technology brings together analytics and real-time technology with our premium TV and video content," said Brian Lesser, CEO of AT & T's advertising and analysis group. "So we went out and found the strongest player in space."

AppNexus says that about 34,000 publishers and 177,000 brands use the market today to link ads with ad placements and viewers to view them. AppNexus also has an exchange, which gives AT & T the ability to sell inventory on behalf of multiple publishers.

Quoted from Business Insider, Lesser told that he hopes all broadcast networks will connect to AT & T, and AppNexus will be a technological tool for that to happen.

Meanwhile, AppNexus is expanding its advertising and analytics globally, evolving to Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe and Latin America, AT & T said. As is well known that this market will continue to exist, giving AT & T access to AppNexus's global client and publisher clients and will expand its presence outside the US.

That way AT & T will continue to build the basic technology AppNexus integrates it with AT & T data, video content, and distribution.

The team of researchers from the University of Michigan made the smallest computer in the world smaller than a grain of rice

worlds smallest computer
Not to be outdone by IBM showing off the world's "smallest computer" in March, a team from the University of Michigan set up a smaller computer. With a size of 0.33 x 0.33 millimeters, this computer is much smaller than a grain of rice.

The research team initially made the smallest computer named Michigan Micro Mote with a size of 2 x 2 x 4 millimeters. IBM then showcased a computer with a smaller size, which is 1 x 1 millimeter.

Unlike ordinary computers, the computer "made by this research team uses photovoltaics, a method to convert light into electricity.

This computer consists of a processor, memory, as well as a wireless transmitter and receiver that sends and receives data via light. The computer is also equipped with a base station in charge of supplying light and the program also accepts all data transmissions.

Currently, this super little computer is used as a temperature sensor. It uses an electronic tap to turn the temperature into intermittent intervals. That way, the computer will be able to display the temperature of a bunch of tumor cells with an error rate of 0.1 degrees Celsius.

"Given this small and biocompatible temperature sensor, we can plant it into a mouse, letting the cancer cells grow around it," says Gary Luker, Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering.

"We use these temperature sensors to investigate temperature variations in tumors compared to temperature variations in normal cells and we can make changes in temperature to determine the success of the therapy."

In addition to being used in the medical industry, this computer can also be used for other purposes, such as audio and video surveillance, monitoring of oil tanks, cancer studies and so on.

Epson controls the Southeast Asian projector market

Futuresource Consulting research firm released the results of market observations of projector products in the world. Epson for 17 consecutive years managed to dominate the projector market on a global scale.

Futuresource Consulting has found that Epson's worldwide market share for projectors continues to increase consistently.

In Southeast Asia, Epson continues to maintain market leadership with market share numbers rising to 36 percent in 2017 that was previously only 34 percent in 2016. While Epson's global market share increased to 36.4 percent in 2017 from 35.5 percent in 2016.

For the home projector segment, Epson also has the largest market share in the world with 42.2 percent for 2017 from 39.1 percent in 2016. In other segments of the projector with a brightness level of 500 lumens and more Epson pocketed 32 percent market share in 2017 from a year earlier that only amounted to 25 percent.

The Epson side recognizes that its dominance in the Southeast Asian market itself is strengthened by the launch of new EB-S / X / W / U series EB-S / X / W / U projectors, the EB-900, and EB-2000 series, as well as the launch of its first 15,000 laser projector lumens high brightness, EB-L1755U and home cinema projector EB-TW5650.

"Last year, we continue to deepen our strength in the corporate and educational sector with projectors that can compete with flat panel displays, as well as with high-brightness projectors," explains Epson Indonesia Director Shimizu Tomoya.

He also said that the core of the Epson projector is its proprietary 3LCD technology, allowing the Epson projector to present the most vivid and tangible images with color brightness up to 3 times higher than the 1-chip DLP projector on the market.

Channel Twitch Riot Games becomes the first League of Legends creator to reach 1 billion views

Twitch logo
Channel Twitch Riot Games, creator of the League of Legends, became the first channel to reach 1 billion views. Twitch is a streaming video platform for games used to broadcast e-sports competitions as well as casual gamers.

Riot Games Channel reaches 1 billion views in a match broadcast between OpTic Gaming and FlyQuest on Sunday, June 24th. The match was held on the second day of the second week of the 2018 North American LCS Summer Split competition.

Channel Riot Games only broadcast games from North America and Europe as well as competitions in international competitions such as Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship.

Prior to this, the Twitch Riot Games channel also aired the LCK match, South Korean e-sport team.

It is possible that the LCK match will be re-broadcast on the Twitch Riot Games channel, as Riot Korea has decided to broadcast the LCK game, which is now broadcast on the OnGameNet TV network.

The very first video on the Riot Games channel was uploaded on September 8, 2012. While the most popular video is the second part of the game between Taipei Assassins and Azubu Frost in Season Two World Championship Finals. The video was watched over 650 thousand times.

This achievement is a triumph for Riot Games, which has gained a lot of criticism in recent years.

Uploads in the League of Legends forum and Reddit internet forums question whether LOL games can last a long time. However, this achievement shows that LOL is still quite popular among gamers.

SpaceX is getting a contract to send military satellites from the US Air Force

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket
SpaceX won a contract worth the US $ 130 million to send a secret satellite of the United States Air Force into space using the Falcon Heavy rocket. The satellite, known as AFSPC-52, is scheduled to be launched in 2020.

SpaceX defeated the United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, who offered to use their Delta 4 rocket to send the military satellites into space.

One reason companies are pitted to compete for contracts from the US government is to keep costs down.

Missile System Center Commander, Lieutenant General Air Force Space, John Thompson said that SpaceX won the contract because they can ensure the government has access to space at an affordable price.

According to SpaceNews, the average shipping cost for Delta 4 reached the US $ 350 million. While heavy loader rockets from NASA have not been made.

By awarding this contract to SpaceX, the US Air Force showed their confidence in the newly launched SpaceX rocket once. Falcon Heavy was first launched in February. Although one of the booster's rockets failed to land, the launch process went smoothly.

"SpaceX is proud of the Air Force's decision to use Falcon Heavy to launch AFSPC-52," SpaceX president and COO Gwynne Shotwell said in an official statement.

"I want to thank the Air Force for its faith in Falcon Heavy, giving this important mission to us and for their trust in our company."

Qualcomm reportedly is preparing Snapdragon 1000 is made specifically for the PC

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
Qualcomm tries to break into the PC processor market. Qualcomm released Snapdragon 850 for use on laptops.

However, the chip is actually a Snapdragon 845 with a higher speed. Given Snapdragon 845 is a processor for smartphones, that means, Snapdragon 850 still will not be able to compete with Intel processors.

Now, news emerged that Qualcomm will make a special processor for PCs, which is supposed to be named Snapdragon 1000.

WinFuture successfully found information related to the processor SDM1000 which is supposedly a Snapdragon 1000 made for PC. Snapdragon 1000 will have a performance that is not less than Intel's Core processor.

Compared to a CPU with an ARM architecture that only measures 20 millimeters x 15 millimeters, Snapdragon 1000 will have a much larger size. In addition, it is rumored, this CPU will use 12 watts of power, much higher than the power required by the smartphone processor.

The information circulated, Snapdragon 1000 mentioned will use the next architecture of ARM, Cortex-A76, with a speed of 35 percent higher and supports up to 16GB of RAM and storage up to 128GB.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown when Qualcomm will announce the SDM1000. While Intel is busy to make the 10nm processor and the growing popularity of PCs that use ARM-based processors.

How to remove a WhatsApp message that has been sent to someone else

WhatsApp logo
Have you ever sent any messages through the WhatsApp app? Maybe sending wrong or wrong typing message? Surely the first feeling that perch is panic not because you do not know how to delete the message WhatsApp already sent?

Problems like this usually happen because of the number of conversations that are being run in one application. So many times we sometimes send messages to the wrong room.

How to remove messages WhatsApp already sent to others This is a new feature that is similar to the feature on the BlackBerry Messenger called Retract Chat only different names if in WhatsApp.

But before you can enjoy this feature, you should update WhatsApp app on your smartphone to the latest version.

The latest features can be run on various platforms such as Android, iPhone, desktop, and windows phone. So do not worry if you use WhatsApp on another platform.

How to remove a WhatsApp message that has been sent to someone else

Deleting WhatsApp messages that have already been sent are valid for both private and group messages. For the step,s, you can follow the instructions below.

Personal Text Messages

1. First, open WhatsApp chat you want to delete.  
2. Next press long enough chats you mean to mark it. Then press the existing trash can icon at the top.
How to delete messages on WhatsApp

3. Then the dialog will appear as shown below, select Delete for everyone.
select Delete for everyone
4. And the result will be like this.
whatsapp message delete

How to Delete a Text Message Group WhatsApp

For the group, messages are not much different from the step of deleting messages on personal chat.

1. First, open the first chat you want to delete in the WhatsApp group. Then long press until the chats is selected. The next step is to select the trash can icon on the top.
2. After the drawing dialog appears select Delete for everyone
3. If the message has been deleted, there will be a post that the message has been deleted.
I hope an article on How to Delete a Message WhatsApp has been sent to someone else can be useful. Make sure your WhatsApp app is updated to the latest version to enjoy this feature.

Don't forget to share and good luck.

How to add RAM on Android with Smart Booster app

Android Smartphone as the OS platform most widely used by smartphone users. Because in addition to many applications that support this Android device allows users to maximize his Android device with optimal.

As we know smartphone has a hardware or hardware structure should a PC / Laptop equipped Processor, Storage, and RAM as an important tool to run various applications in addition to its capacity are also equivalent to a computer device.

Then what about phones that have a small RAM capacity such as 1GB? Of course, you must be smart to utilize a limited capacity to open a large application such as playing games so that the phone does not experience restart itself.

Then is there any way to increase RAM capacity on Android? If it's a small capacity of RAM to be your problem, then this post is made specifically for you who have a smartphone with limited-sized RAM, see the explanation below:

How to add RAM on Android with Smart Booster app

Smart Booster

One of the easiest and proven ways to increase the performance of RAM on a phone is to use additional applications that are able to optimize RAM performance so that applications run can run smoothly.

To use this application in accordance with our goal that is to add RAM performance following how.

1. The first thing you should do is download and install the Smart Booster app on your smartphone.

2. At this stage the application is already installed on your android device, now open the application Smart Booster and click Start now.untuk start processing memory dumb removal and release capacity you can directly click the Rocket logo button.

3. If the process on the second way above is still considered not enough to provide the desired performance then you can go to the settings menu and click RAM Boost menu then you setting Boost level at Aggressive level.

4. Not finished with Level boost setting you can click check on Boost When Screen Off option then change also option Delay to Boost when Screen Off become Immediately

5. After that, you have to set up the time lag of its RAM release so that the application does not do the release process any time that can just close the application you are playing, how to Click Boost automatically and change the Threshold into 100MB then setting Boost Interval to 5 minutes or can also more just adjust it with a suitable setting according to you.

You need to know, if your Android phone is in a state of Root then you can maximize it in the following way that is by going into the menu Experimental By checking Root RAM Booster option so the release of RAM will increase.

Thus, how to add RAM on Android phones with ease just by utilizing a small additional application that Smart Booster that can make the performance of mobile phones become increasingly light and fast. The results of your multitasking performance will not be interrupted even if the capacity of the default RAM HP is not so great.

Microsoft released an update for the Android version of Outlook to prevent downloading images automatically

Microsoft Outlook Logo
Microsoft released the latest update for its Android version of Outlook app. The update does not feature many new features but adds a new feature that works to prevent users from automatically storing images received in Outlook email accounts.

This is not a big deal, but Outlook users on Android devices will now be able to manage the way and time they want to save the received images in their email inbox.

There is a new feature in the Settings menu that now lets users block external images, if not desired.

The list of application changes also mentions that a number of performance improvements and bug fixes are also intended to improve the overall experience. However, improvements and improvements are generally included in Microsoft weekly updates.

Previously, it was rumored that Microsoft plans to stop support for VR features in the Xbox One game console.

Chief Marketing Officer of Gaming Xbox Mike Nichols stated that Xbox development in the future will focus on improving the experience of playing on television, while for VR will be submitted to the PC platform. 

SpaceX has just won a $ 130 million contract from the US government

SpaceX company
SpaceX has just won a contract of US $ 130 million from the United States Air Force or US Air Force. The contract is to launch Air Force's Space Command-52 satellite into orbit.

In addition to satellite launches, the contract also includes launch vehicle production as well as integration, as well as launch operations and related feasibility activities.

"SpaceX is honored that Air Force chose Falcon Heavy to launch the AFSPC-52 mission given in a competitive way," said SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell.

"SpaceX will gladly continue to offer American taxpayers the most cost-effective and reliable launch service for space missions crucial to national security," he continued.

SpaceX is reportedly beating bids from other companies, but US Air Force does not elaborate on the competing companies or offers.

The project will run at SpaceX headquarters at Kennedy Space Center, Florida and in McGregor, Texas. The project is expected to be completed by 2020. As for the launch it is planned to take place at Kennedy Space Center.

The USAF's satellite will be launched using SpaceX's Falcon Heavy which has also been awarded USAF. This certification was obtained after the new Falcon Heavy completed a launch.

Tinder is testing a new feature that will feature candidates as per the user's wishes named Picks

Tinder tests new Picks feature
Currently, Tinder is reportedly testing the new features that claimed to save time, titled Picks. This feature will present users of the most suitably rated candidates, and explain why candidates are included in the list.

For example, if a user is detected more like a partner with a job as a doctor, Picks will help save time by exploring other users in the Tinder app and curating the list of candidate recommendations with the profession.

In addition, this list of candidates is also curated appropriately for users based on work, interests, hobbies, and other personal characteristics.

Different versions of this feature are being tested on iOS operating system devices in UK, Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Russia and the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, this Picks feature will reportedly be distributed to other users within 24 hours.

To see the options, the user can tap the diamond icon at the top of the Discovery menu. If you want to view the profile, the user can wipe the candidate's photo or send "Super Like".

But to do this, users need to upgrade to Tinder Gold account. With Passport feature, users are also reported to be able to display a list of candidates on Picks features from different countries around the world.

Central tested in the country, currently, Tinder still has not provided information regarding the availability of this feature in other countries, whether for testing or for actual use as a permanent feature in its application. 

Microsoft Visual Search can be a competitor Google Lens

Development of AI technology (artificial intelligence) in the smartphone is increasing, for example, is done through Google Google Lens feature. AI capabilities connected to the smartphone's camera can recognize and provide information related to objects caught on camera.

Unfortunately, the feature is specifically present in the smartphone made by Google. The good news, now Microsoft has just released a similar application that will be a competitor Google Lens named Microsoft Visual Search.

The Microsoft Visual Search feature is present in the Bing search app. Information from Microsoft mentions that technology is also presented in their other applications, such as Microsoft Launcher Android, Microsoft Edge Android, and many more including for iOS.

How to use it is still similar to Google Lens. You simply take or upload an image of an object and then decide which part of the object the photo will be searching for. With AI technology support will be presented information related to the object.
Based on the demo video, the presented search information appears complete in the form of photos, in contrast to the results from Google Lens which are presented only in text form according to any object that AI technology recognizes.

Comparing with how to use the feature in Google Lens may be more practical. If Microsoft Visual Search in Bing requires you first pick up or upload photos, Google Lens just needs to point the camera to its object so this mode can be used in conjunction with augmented reality technology. 

Adobe is now developing AI for fake photo detection

Adobe logo
Artificial intelligence (AI) makes the process of editing photos and videos become very easy, but AI was also used to know the photo has been edited.

The development of AI which makes it easier to edit photos to make many parties anxious, because it will be more easily fake photographs spread in cyberspace. Fortunately now Adobe is developing solutions to handle it.

Adobe is now developing machine learning that can be used to find photos that have been edited. This technology is exhibited in the CVPR computer vision conference, which shows that the digital forensic process that is usually done by humans can now be done by the machine and the process time is much faster.

This technology is still in the development stage, and even still in the form of research paper. Although not yet available in the form of commercial products, it's still interesting to see Adobe's interest - a big name in photo editor software - on this technology.

Adobe itself does recognize the research of this technology is still in the very early stages. But in the future, Adobe wants to have a major role in developing technologies that can monitor and verify the authenticity of a digital content.

Amazon employees are opposed for companies to stop selling facial recognition software to government agencies

Amazon logo
A group of workers in the Amazon as opposed to the company to stop selling sophisticated facial recognition software to government agencies and law enforcement. It is feared, the technology is misused by certain parties.

They also sent an open letter marked busy, then sent to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. At least there are more than 100 employees, including senior engineers also rejected the steps taken by Amazon.

The contents of the letter posted to the Amazon boss, such as dismissing provide technological infrastructure to Palantir, a company that has a lot of government contracts and is involved in the detention and deportation operation of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program.

Known, the ICE program implements a policy of separating systematic asylum seekers and immigrants who do not have documents from their parents, thus placing them in the city. To that end, these Amazon employees refuse if their homemade technology is used to violate human rights.

Amazon workers also called for companies to implement transparency and accountability measures. The goal is to detail how Amazon's services are used by law enforcement agencies.

Xiaomi is rumored to be giving an extra big bonus to Lei Jun for $ 1.5 billion

Lei Jun
Xiaomi is rumored to be giving an extra big bonus to Lei Jun, his CEO, reaching the US $ 1.5 billion. If so, this is one of the biggest bonuses in history ever given to corporate executives.

This rumor emerged from the securities registration documents received by the Wall Street Journal, which called Lei Jun a $ 1.5 billion bonus in stock for his contribution to Xiaomi. Unfortunately, the Xiaomi party has yet to comment on this matter.

Bonus shares earned Lei Jun's value could jump up to the US $ 1.79 billion when Xiaomi start offering its shares to the public. Certainly assuming the value of Xiaomi's shares when released to the public later in accordance with the initial estimates.

But clearly, the bonus shaped shares received Jun did not have any conditions, such as the performance of Xiaomi in the future, or the success of its IPO that will occur in July.
Bonus earned Lei Jun is passed a number of the biggest bonus in the history of technology companies. For example, CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel received a bonus of US $ 638 million in February, which was then the biggest stock bonus since 2011.

The unique thing about this bonus is the absence of any performance appendages that follow. In fact, it is a common thing. An example is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who can get a $ 2.6 billion in stock bonus over the next decade, but only he can get if Tesla reaches a certain target.