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Android Creator Presents 360 Degrees Camera in Mobile Phone

Android Creator Presents 360 Degrees Camera in Mobile Phone
Some time ago, Android creator Andy Rubin showcased his brand-new mobile phone. This time, Rubin re-showcased his company's mobile phone creation, Essential Products, for the second time.

Quoted from Business Insider, Rubin shows his homemade phone through his Twitter account. Unfortunately, in the photo is only a phone silhouette and an accessory attached to the top of the phone.

The possibility of a small dot-shaped accessory on the top of a Rubin-made smartphone is a 360-degree camera.

In addition to leaked images through nudge, Rubin also showcased another nudge. He has also uploaded a photos of one of his colleagues developing software for a 360-degree camera.

According to news, Rubin will introduce the phone made Essentials Products is in Code event on May 30, 2017.

Just to note, this is not the first time made by Essentials mobile phone on display. A few months ago, Rubin nudge images of his creation that is almost without a bezel.

Lenovo Brand Will Not Be Lost From The Smartphone Market

Lenovo Brand Will Not Be Lost From The Smartphone Market
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing, confirmed the brand "Lenovo" will remain in the smartphone market.

This statement also indicates the company will continue to pitch in the smartphone market with two brands of Lenovo and Motorola.

"We will not eliminate Lenovo," Yuanqing said, commenting on rumors about the use of the brand.

Reported by GSM Arena, Yuanqing Confirmation at once shows the strategies taken by Lenovo.

Despite the loss of the mobile division, the company from the Bamboo Curtain country will continue to move with the two brand strategy as before, which is selling handsets with brands Lenovo and Motorola, simultaneously.

Both brands of handsets will be equally sold to various countries. But there are a number of markets that only target one brand, and there are both.

The rumors about the removal of the "Lenovo" brand from the smartphone market, appeared in November 2016. 

At that time, reports said Lenovo would only sell devices with Moto brand, in the future. The move was mentioned to adjust the reorganization of Lenovo's activities in China.

About the reorganization, Yuanqing said it would not affect Lenovo's mobile business in his homeland.

Lenovo Will Still Use Two Brands for Smartphone Line

Lenovo Will Still Use Two Brands for Smartphone Line
Lenovo has two brands for the smartphone line. This is following the acquisition of Moto (Motorola) since 2014 ago.

Some time ago rumors that Lenovo will use a single brand for the smartphone line. But this is denied by the Chinese company's top brass.

"We will not remove (brand) Lenovo," said chairman and chief executive of Lenovo Group, Yang Yuanqing, as quoted by Reuters.

Internal restructuring, Yang said, will not affect mobile business. In fact, the use of Lenovo and Motorola brand strategy is maintained, although the company swallowed losses.

For information, in Indonesia Lenovo has brought several series of smarphone ranging from entry-level segment to flagship. Namely Moto Z, Moto Z Play, Moto M, and Moto E3 Power.

Last March, the company said it would bring more series of smartphones under the Motorola brand. This is expressed by the Lead Country of MBG Lenovo Indonesia Adrie R Suhadi.

"I can not say after Moto M has a smartphone what, but we will indeed bring a new smartphone from Moto, at least two smartphones every quarter until the end of 2017," said Adrie.

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Focus on Flagship Mobile Phone, Sony Stop Xperia X and X Compact?

Focus on Flagship Mobile Phone, Sony Stop Xperia X and X Compact?
Sony Mobile has confirmed its plans to stop production of the Xperia X and X Compact series smartphones. Both the Xperia X and X Compact are the middle-class Sony phones.

Quoting The Verge, it was announced Sony in its investor conference, Investor Day 2017.

The reason Sony took the step is because the company wants to change its focus, ie gush the flagship device. Even so, before actually stop the line Xperia X and Xperia X Compact at the end of this year, Sony will release two devices.

Given the trend of smartphones and Sony design, the two devices are still not disclosed to the public this must be a smartphone that can attract attention. Unfortunately, the software in it is still a secret at this time.

Sony usually announces its flagship device in the IFA event in September. If true, both Xperia devices are just waiting for the launch time in a few months.

Meanwhile, based on reports from Xperia Blog, Xperia X and X Compact middle class products reported only managed to achieve 85 percent of sales targeted in Japan. While outside Japan, Xperia X model only reached 31 percent of the target to be achieved.

The lack of consumer enthusiasm outside of Japan makes Sony only reach 43 percent of its target in the middle class mobile segment globally.

Sony is also trying to improve its market share in 2017. The company is also expected to differentiate products with technology that can only be made by Sony to restore consumer enthusiasm for Sony brand.

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LeEco Will Spend 300 Staff in the US

LeEco Will Spend 300 Staff in the US
China's television and smartphone vendor LeEco said it would reduce more than three hundred workers in business units in the United States. That number reaches almost three-quarters of the local workers there.

LeEco is currently experiencing financial difficulties.

The reduction is aimed at increasing focus on core markets and the digital content business after founder Jia Yueting last year said the company's expansion into China is too fast and expensive.

LeEco's business line extends from digital content to TV sets, smartphones, sports devices, and even electric vehicles. All that took place in less than a decade.

The Beijing-based company employed some 14,000 people worldwide late last year.

"Our broad business model requires a lot of capital," LeEco said in a statement. "It's been difficult in recent months to support all of our business models".

"As a result, our capital must be highly focused, resulting in significant restructuring and downsizing of our business, operations and manpower," the company said.

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4 Easy Tips to Get Millions of Follower on Instagram

4 Easy Tips to Get Millions of Follower on Instagram
You social media fans? It is certain if you know and also know about Instagram, if you do not know or do not have Instagram maybe from now on can instantly create your Instagram.

Instagram is one of the effective social networks to channel the hobby to make money. Social media is also popular this is benefited by the elements of photography that allows users to digest visual information.

In Indonesia itself also has many who use Instagram account as a means to sell any product. But the key to success is if your Intagram account followed by many people.

How can be like that? It can, if only you show something then certainly will need the audience. With more follower Instagram account you guys will be the greater the opportunity to sell prosuk if you use Instagram to sell.

For that here I will give a trick that can get millions of followers in Instagram.

1. Use the Fence

The fence sign or better known as the hashtag is one of the important points in Instagram, because by pinning the hedge then your photos will be more easily searched.

Fence sign serves to unite a theme that is more specific social media. Themes are grouped with a sign so it will be easier to find later.

Do not forget if you upload the photo pinned with a fence that matches the theme of your photo. For example when uploading photo about the cat then embed it #cat in the title of the photo.

2. Characteristic

This characteristic will be an important point also in Instagram, you must have your own characteristics so that each will look more different from others. So that way other people will be more interested to see your photos are unique and different.

Find your different side of things you like and also unique and can also affect the surroundings, set the characteristic by consistently fill your Instagram account with the photos so Instagram you will be more unique look.

3. Upload Quality Photos

Upload the best quality photos, not necessarily upload photos but provide quality photos. So with the best photo quality will make the follower look forward to the next photo from you. That way you will have many follower loyal.

4. Active Promotion

Just like other social media, in Instagram itself also requires socialization and also interaction between sesame users. You can be familiar with other users and your followers by commenting on a photo.

By mutually commenting on it will be established a good relationship in Instagram and also get more and more friends.

Or can also join the community in line with you, in addition to adding friends can also increase knowledge from the community.

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Motorola Moto 360 Can Already Update Android Wear 2.0

Motorola Moto 360 Can Already Update Android Wear 2.0
In 2016 ago Motorola has introduced a list of products that will support Android OS update Wear 2.0. At that time, the Motorola is mentioned if smartwatch Moto 360 is one of several popular smartwatch that will not receive OS updates.

It is quite a slap smartwatch users are very popular. However, this time there is more interesting news than ever before. Lately Motorola manufacturers have mentioned that it will promise to update the Moto 360 2nd Gen operating system to Android Wear 2.0 at the end of May 2017.

Another week Motorola Moto 360 will get the OS update. As a result with the circulation of this information then not a few who began to question to the Motorola about the clarity in the update OS on its smartwatch.

Breathe deeply, finally right today Motorola Support has responded to inquiries from many users of the device while asking about Android Wear updates, with enough reply from customers asking when to expect Android Wear version 2.0 to be set in Moto 360 2nd Gen.
Motorla Party has revealed that Android Wear 2.0 will be launched in defensive Moto 360 2nd gen and has started 2 days ago.
In addition there are other sources that reveal, that Motorola also confirm Moto 360 Sport will also be scheduled to receive updates Android Wear 2.0.

But quite unfortunate until now there has been no more detailed news for the exact date of the update is scheduled. Just wait for the next information.
Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tips on How to Use New Features in Instagram Stories

Tips on How to Use New Features in Instagram Stories
Tips on How to Use New Features in Instagram StoriesInstagram now has many users and features increasingly sophisticated and almost similar to Snapchat with a variety of sticker features as well as funny filters.

This time it has been applied in Instagram Stories which presents a face filter of various forms of funny and more cute. Well! You are still curious about how to apply these filters in your Instagram Stories?

First you need to update first in the Play Store or App Store for Instagram app. Once done, then you go to Instagram Stories and you will find a new icon in the bottom right. The icon is a picture of emoticons laughing a smile with no interest.
Then if you want to change the look of ordinary photographs to be beautiful can click on the icon and there will be a variety of facial filter options like Snapchat. In the icon there are eight options, including crown, koala, dog, and many more.

You can use the filter in Instagram Stories feature that is boomerang and hands-free. Once you select it, just hit the shutter button for taking photos or videos in Instagram Stories.

When you are finished then you can directly post or save to the gallery with the left icon below. Apparently in the update Instagram application then you also get the latest feature called Rewind. Where this Rewind can make a video rotate backwards. 

In addition, you as an Instagram Stories user can add a hashtag sticker that has a function when people see a photo or video and then pressing the hashtag already printed feed will be delivered to the page related postings.

Not satisfied with that then Instagram Stories also presents one more feature that is drawing tool that serves to delete. When you have taken a photo or video, then select drawing tools and immediately fill the screen with the color you want.

Then use an eraser to create creative stuff like writing or drawing. More sophisticated is not it? Already tried it? Let's instantly express your creativity with Instagram Stories.

6 Useful Applications for Traveling

Today's technology tips will discuss some travel apps that can make travel more fun. Of course, the following apps can provide valuable information in an environment you do not recognize.

Your journey will be safe while installing the correct travel app. Perhaps, you've downloaded some apps about the best restaurants and the best hotels. However, some of these travel apps may be able to help your journey more useful:

1. Hotel Tonight

6 Useful Applications for Traveling
Many hotel booking applications are scattered there. But, this app is far above everything for two things: always put forward the quality of hotels and offer competitive rates.

Like other hotel booking apps, Hotel Tonight can filter by various criteria. Among them, the level of luxury and price. Once you have chosen the room you want to occupy, you just pay it. And this app is free for Android and iOS

2. Citymapper

6 Useful Applications for Traveling
You certainly already know the application maps on Google and Apple. But sometimes, special applications such as Citymapper offer more advantages, such as the type of transportation. Download it, you'll find its advantages over Google Maps and iPhone maps.

3. Amazon Kindle

6 Useful Applications for Traveling
Travel applications are not just about hotel or restaurant reservations. Applications to read digital books are certainly needed so you do not need to carry a lot of books. In this case Amazon Kindle is the answer.

4. TripIt

6 Useful Applications for Traveling
TripIt is like your personal travel agent. Put all your travel plans into this app, then TripIt who will design you the order of activities each day. Including, hotel stays and restaurants for dinner.

This application you can download free, but at an additional cost you can access some additional features. Among these are additional flights and alternative flight tracking.

5. Lonely Planet

6 Useful Applications for Traveling
Try the guides from the Lonely Planet app. The reviews are fairly insightful, comprehensive, and more portable than the book version.

This app provides details about where you should go. Also, it helps to learn communication in the local language, as well as typical eating and drinking places. Interestingly, you can access this app offline, so do not need an Internet connection.

6. Google Translate

6 Useful Applications for Traveling
No doubt, Google Translate can be one of the best options to understand the language of the local population. The program first appeared in 2006, which was further developed by Google.

Currently, the latest version supports translation of 103 languages. As you know, this app can be accessed offline after you download the languages you want to use before. Also, translate the language with your camera phone.

Arbitration Decide Qualcomm Pay BlackBerry $ 940 million

Arbitration Decide Qualcomm Pay BlackBerry $ 940 million
A final verdict is issued by an arbitration panel in which Qualcomm must pay BlackBerry for US $ 940 million as quoted by Phonearena.

The payment must be made before May 31, 2017. It happened on the same day that the new BlackBerry KEYone was launched in the US.

Earlier, last month it was reported that the arbitration panel had decided BlackBerry received an initial $ 814.9 million from Qualcomm to settle a royalty dispute.

BlackBerry claims that Qualcomm failed to limit the amount of royalties paid under the agreement of both parties in 2010.

At that time, BlackBerry is still a relevant company in the smartphone industry, just one year before being shifted from its peak as the king of the mobile world. At that time, everyone expects BlackBerry sales to continue to increase including Qualcomm and BlackBerry itself.

As a result, both companies reached an agreement whereby BlackBerry made fixed royalty payments to Qualcomm based on the number of phones sold by BlackBerry. Unfortunately, BlackBerry sales are destroyed by Apple iPhone and various Android handsets.

When BlackBerry sales collapse, the fixed royalty payments to Qualcomm get too high based on a lower amount, and exceed Qualcomm's royalty limits, designed to reduce the cost of using Qualcomm's critical patents.

When BlackBerry and Qualcomm make preliminary agreements, they decide to use binding arbitration to deal with any disputes between the parties. It caused the initial decision made last month.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Unlocks 5300mAh Battery

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Unlocks 5300mAh Battery 
The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 phone, announced Thursday, May 25, 2017 at an event in Beijing, will be available in China from June 1 at a starting price of RMB 1699, as quoted by Techcrunch.

Xiaomi claims to have sold more than three million Mi Max, which has excellent feature big screen. The main selling point of the second version is a giant 5300mAh battery that the company claims will last for two days of charging.

The company claims that the device can charge up to 68 percent in one hour and its full capacity will give users up to 18 hours of video viewing time, or 57 hours of call time.

Mi Max 2 packs a unibody metal design and comes with the same size of 6.44 inches with its predecessor. The phone is available with 4GB of RAM with a choice of 64GB or 128GB storage. The 128GB version is priced slightly higher at RMB 1999.

This device packs a 12MP rear camera, with a five megapixel front camera, stereo speakers and fingerprint sensors. For processors, this device is supported by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 oktaacore 2.0 GHz chipset.

On the software side, MI UI supports a one-handed mode, while a separate screen version is planned to provide a multi-tasking option soon.

No word of when the international launch date, but given Mi Mi's early popularity, fans can hope there is a plan to sell this new version out of China soon.

The launch of Mi Max came right after Xiaomi launched its latest flagship, Mi 6, last month. As is known, this is a difficult time for the company, which is worth US $ 45 billion worth of investors in 2014.

In 2016, the company's competitors, Huawei, Vivo and Oppo were among the rising challengers with competitive mobile phones and a powerful offline distribution to surpass Xiaomi from number one position for smartphone sales in China.

CEO Xiaomi, Lei Jun has promised to bounce back and expand offline trading business Xiaomi. In addition, he intends to continue the 'smart device' ecosystem drive to increase customer engagement and generate revenue increases.

Google Launches Venture Capital Program for Artificial Intelligence

Google Launches Venture Capital Program for Artificial Intelligence
Google has launched a new venture capital program that focuses on artificial intelligence (AI), according to Axios report, as quoted by Techcrunch.

Google declined to comment on the report. The report states that the initiative will be led by Google's VP Engineering Anna Patterson and engages engineers in addition to venture investors working for Alphabet Inc.'s GV unit.

It is not surprising that Google will create investment practices related to artificial intelligence, especially given the announcement of Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently that Google became "AI first" rather than "mobile first".

Indeed, artificial intelligence is a topic that surfaced during the recent Google I / O developer conference, where it introduced a new tensor processing unit chip (TPU) that promises to more quickly train and run AI models for researchers and businesses.

The company also announced that Google Assistant, a virtual personal assistant company available on devices like Google Home and Pixel phones, will soon raise more conversations.

Also potentially playing in this new development is Google's recent acquisition of Kaggle, a platform that hosts science data competitions and machine learning.

According to Axios, Patterson and the company are reported to be working with GV. The size of the financing ranges from US $ 1 million and US $ 10 million to start, although it is unclear how much of Google's commitment to this artificial intelligence venture program.  

Samsung and Apple Still Rely on Smartphone Market

Samsung and Apple Still Rely on Smartphone Market
Gartner research firm released smartphone sales data worldwide during the first quarter (Q1) 2017. As a result, Samsung and Apple still lead the market with a 34.4 percent share of the market.

Reported by MacRumors, Samsung led smartphone sales in the world with 20.7 percent market share. South Korean company (South Korea) was successfully sold 78.6 million units to consumers in Q1 2017.

Apple is in second position has 13.7 percent market share with sales of 51.9 million units. Whether Samsung or Apple, the market share decline compared to the same quarter last year. One year ago, Samsung controlled 23.3 percent and Apple's 14.8 percent market share.

According to Gartner Research Director, Anshul Gupta, Samsung and Apple are both facing fierce competition from Chinese brands such as Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo. The company's combined market share was 24 percent, up 7 percent from a year earlier.

The shift in consumer interest positively affected Chinese manufacturing, such as Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo, with a strategy of selling products to consumers' desires at affordable prices.


"The three top Chinese manufacturers are driving sales at their competitive prices, as well as high quality smartphones with innovative features, and aggressive marketing and sales promotions help brands take part in other brands in markets such as India, Indonesia , And Thailand, "Gupta said.

As for Huawei, is in the top three of the top vendors. The company pocketed 9 percent market share with total sales of 34 million. Total sales of smartphones from all vendors, as long as Q1 2017 reached 380 million units.

Then Oppo is in fourth position with 8.1 percent market share and sales of 30.9 million units. Vivo closed the top five with 6.8 percent market share and 25.8 million smartphone sales.

For the operating system market (OS), Android leads with 86 percent market share, while iOS 13.7 percent.

Patent War Over, Apple and Nokia More Familiar

Patent War Over, Apple and Nokia More Familiar
Apple has ended a "patent war" with Nokia's telecom equipment manufacturers. In addition, Apple agreed to buy more Nokia network products and services, so the Finnish company's shares rose 7 percent.

The deal also means Nokia will get a greater royalty from Apple over the use of its mobile patents. This certainly helps Nokia in offsetting the impact of reduced demand for its mobile network hardware.

Although legal disputes such as those between Apple and Nokia are normal in the industry, this can continue for many years. Therefore, analysts do not expect this dispute to be completed sooner.

Referring to the agreement announced in a joint statement by the two companies, as quoted by Reuters, Nokia will supply network infrastructure products to Apple, and Apple will continue selling Nokia digital healthcare products in their retail and online stores, as well as explore further collaboration in the field health.

To note, digital health is one of the areas targeted by Nokia while trying to grow new business to offset the decline in demand for the overall network equipment industry.

Last year, Nokia acquired France Withings S.A., a small company with products like activity trackers and baby monitors built on a digital platform.

"There may be a big future value from this because Apple can be an important distribution channel," said Handelsbanken analyst Daniel Djurberg.

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Real Robocop Will Serve in Dubai

Real Robocop Will Serve in Dubai
Still remember the Robocop movie telling the story of a robot police eradicate crime in the streets? While this is just fiction, similar technology will be adopted by Dubai.

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is reported to be assigning a police robot to deal with crime on the streets. Quoted from the Daily Mail, robot with a height of about 1.6 meters it will serve to receive criminal reports from the public, including traffic ticket affairs.

Although only early, local regulators are already planning to empower the robot as part of the police. In fact, the number of robots serving in the police is planned to reach 25 percent of all members.

"The launch of the world's first Robocop operations is a milestone for the United Arab Emirates while realizing Dubai's vision as a global leader in technology adoption for smart cities," said Brigadier General Khalid Nasser Al Razzouqi, Director General of Smart Services in Dubai.

This police robot will be equipped with the ability to scan the face from a distance of 20 meters. In addition, there is also a touch screen on the chest that people can use to report a crime.

The robot also has a microphone that connects directly to the Dubai police service center. As for the contributing parties in the development of this police robot is Watson, supercomputers from IBM and Google.

For information, the prototype of this robot was first exhibited during the GITEX title at Dubai World Center in October 2016. At that time, the robot was developed to help tourists on the streets and shopping centers of Dubai.

Surface Pro Battery Lasts up to 13.5 hours

Surface Pro Battery lasts up to 13.5 hours

Microsoft finaly announced the presence of the latest generation of Surface Pro. Through the title held in China, the fifth generation of Surface Pro is equipped with innards called more qualified than its predecessor.

One of the improvements made by Microsoft is the use of Intel Kaby Lake processor, with Core m3 and Core i5 models. The combination of processors with increased performance in Windows 10 makes this hybrid laptop is claimed to survive up to 13.5 hours.

"Not just a change in the processor series, the change of architecture that has been integrated with the basic SSD motherboard that makes Surface Pro can survive better than previous models," said Microsoft Surface Chief, Panos Panay as quoted by The Verge.

While from the design side, the latest generation that no longer use this number is still similar to its predecessor series. Although not many, one of the parts that can be seen is the corner of the device that is now made more round.

Microsoft ensures the device's screen will support Surface Dial. For information, Surface Dial is a device that was first introduced with Surface Studio for the needs of creators drawing designs.

Another new thing that is introduced through Surface Pro is Surface Pen with the latest technology. Although now sold separately at a price of US $ 99, this stylus capability is guaranteed to be better with a level of accuracy that can provide different pressure.

Not only that, for the first time Microsoft also released a version of Surface Pro that already supports 4G LTE connectivity. Therefore, this model has a micro SIM slot and eSIM. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not reveal details about the price of these devices, but certainly will be more expensive than the standard version.

The price tag of the standard Surface Pro version starts from US $ 799. While the Type Cover price starts from US $ 129. The plan, this device will begin to be marketed in 26 countries on 15 June.

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Samsung Will Still Acquire Other Companies This Year

Samsung Will Still Acquire Other Companies This Year
Samsung will still acquire other companies this year. This was revealed by one of the company's top brass.

This step is Samsung's attempt to build software and services to make its products more diverse and different from competitors' products.

"We are very confident of finding a company that fits into our strategy," said Peter Koo, senior vice president at Samsung's mobile division, at an investor event in Hong Kong.

But he did not specify a specific target or technology to be acquired. Samsung a leading maker of memory chips, smartphones and televisions has moved aggressively in acquiring companies in recent years.

In addition to acquiring companies such as Viv Labs and LoopPay to strengthen Samsung's efforts to service artificial intelligence and mobile payments, the South Korean technology giant poured some money into a new business.

Earlier this year Samsung completed the acquisition of Harman International Industries for US $ 8 billion, assuming US $ exchange rate. This figure prints history for Samsung as its biggest business deal.

Koo says Samsung's goal of focusing on software and services is to make its products more appealing to consumers. Therefore, the company will seek partnerships and acquisitions to increase its offerings.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

PES 2017 is Available for Android Devices

PES 2017 is Available for Android Devices
Good news for you mobile game lovers, especially football. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2017 is now available and can be downloaded on compatible Android smartphones and tablet devices.

Reporting from AndroidHeadlines, Konami's game seems to get a positive response from Android gamers.

This legendary football game gets an average rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store.

To play this game, you need an internet connection that might be a problem for some players especially those who do not have WiFi access. Nevertheless, data consumption is claimed not so great.

PES 2017 itself has a file size of 1.31 GB. This large size is due to its impressive visual appearance with gameplay similar to the console version.

In addition to the main file 1.31 GB before, we can also download additional files if you want to enjoy the voice commentator.

PES 2017 is basically played like a FIFA Ultimate Team mobile version. It's just that this game has more subtle controls and allows players to compete against other players.

This game is suitable to play in spare time with online league and relatively short match. PES 2017 is compatible with most devices running the minimal operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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Sony Retires Xperia X and X Compact, This is the Reason

Sony Retires Xperia X and X Compact, This is the Reason
Sony reportedly decided to stop selling one of its smartphone product line, Sony Xperia X and X Compact.

This decision was taken by Sony because two smartphones released last year is incised sales figures are less satisfactory.

The Japanese electronics manufacturer has also confirmed its decision through Investor Day.

As quoted from Gadget360, Sony put this smartphone in the premium class, but offer an affordable price. Apparently, the strategy was not enough to tempt the market.

In Japan alone, this samrtphone get quite positive response and managed to reach 85 percent of sales targets. But in other countries, sales are not encouraging.

In the global market, this smartphone is only able to hook 31 percent of sales targets.

With these disappointing numbers, it is only natural that Sony decides not to continue the Xperia X and Xperia X Compact product lines. This is also not the first time Sony.

In the past year, Sony has also suspended its C and M series product lines to focus on the Xperia X series.

Since then, Sony has been passionate and have a sense of optimism to market the smartphone, including other leading smartphone, such as Sony Xperia XZ Premium and the device is also marketed at an affordable price, Xperia XA1.

Still related to the decision made, now Sony will focus on mid-range and high-end mainstay devices, such as XZ Premium, Xperia XZs, Xperia XA1, and Xperia XA1 Ultra.

Through the 2017 roadmap, Sony is also rumored to want to focus on 'technology that only Sony can deliver' and focus more on its core markets, such as Japan, East Asia, APAC, Middle East and Europe.

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Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Release, Carrying Large Battery in Thin Body

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Release, Carrying Large Battery in Thin Body
By the end of May 2017 Xiaomi has officially launched its newest jumbo smartphone, Mi Max 2.

Devices that fall into the category of this phablet has been equipped with Snapdragon 625 octa-core chipset. We know together, this most popular chipset adopted many smartphone manufacturers because it is sparing in battery consumption.

To compensate for the performance of embedded chipsets, Xiaomi equip Mi Max 2 with 4 GB of RAM and internal storage with two options, namely 64 GB and 128 GB.

As for the screen has a span of 6.44 inches with a thinner bezel packaging. The battery itself is also fairly big, ie a capacity of 5300 mAh.

With such a large battery capacity, Xiaomi dare to claim that Mi Max 2 can last for 18 hours to watch video, nine hours to play

Games endlessly, 21 hours to navigate, 57 hours on the phone, or ten days to listen to music.

Thanks to the support of Snapdragon 625 chipset Qualcomm blend, this phablet also features Quick Charge 3.0.

With the presence of these features, battery charging up to 68 percent can be done by the user in just one hour.

What about the photography sector? Mi Max 2 has been equipped with 12 MP main camera with Sony IMX386 censor, 1.2 μm pixel size, PDAF, and dual-tone LED flash.

Not to forget, Xioami also pinned a 3.5 mm audio jack, USB Type-C and dual SIM support with 4G-LTE network.

On the market starting June 1, 2017 only in online and offline stores in China, Mi Max 2 is priced at 1,699 Yuan for 4 GB + 64 GB variant. While the 4 GB + 128 GB variant is offered at a price of 1,999 yuan.  

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