Fine of 4.34 billion euros equivalent to Google's revenue 2 weeks

Google logo
Fine of 4.34 billion euros dropped to Google is the largest penalty ever meted out by the European Union. This very large fines because according to Competition Commissioner of the European Union, Margrethe Vestager violations committed Google very seriously.

 "Late fee larger due to the effects of such abuses, " said Vestager, as quoted from CNBC.

However, who would have thought that the amount is equivalent to the income received by the parent company Google, Alphabet in two weeks. The fines also predicted will have no effect on the cash Alphabet.

Alphabet estimated to have reserves of cash and short-term investments amounted to $102.9 billion and the US reaching for a net profit of USD 12.6 billion in 2017.

So, this fine will only erode cash reserves of 5% of the Alphabet or 40% of the net profit of Alphabet in 2017. But, Google could face additional fines if it did not manage to fulfill the demand of the European Union in the 90 days since the fine was dropped.

Additional fines can be up to 5% of the average daily income of global Alphabet. After taken from Google, this money will be deposited in a bank account closed until all court appeals are run. 

If the results of the Court of Appeal approved the fines, then the money will be sent to the European Union for distribution to its member countries. But, if the Court of Appeal refused the fine money will be returned to Google.

Galaxy Note 9 leaks will get the color Lilac Purple

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Lilac Purple
The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 stays counting the days again. In addition to the specifications already leaked to the forefront lately, there is also some color would be one option variant colors.

The specified color is lilac purple. Lilac purple color of its own in fact, released simultaneously with Galaxy S9 and S9 + early last year. This color became the new color variants in the Galaxy S family.

Now the color is said to join the Galaxy family present in the Note. The news about this color variant was revealed from a leaked image rendering. quoted from Phone Arena.

Exynos 9810 is believed to be a processor that the phone and Snapdragon 845 will be a processor for the Galaxy Note 9 version of the United States. RAM and storage capacities are 6GB and 64GB, although reportedly there will be variants with RAM and 8GB and 256GB of storage specifically for the Chinese market.

And OS used is an Android 8.1 Oreo, and certainly by the look of the Samsung-made interface. Battery capacity referred to reach 4,000 mAh.

Briefly rumored that no design changes. However, the reference to the leaked photos from showing the CEO of Samsung DJ Koh allegedly was using Galaxy Note 9, then allegedly had a few changes.

The intended change was the design of the rear casing which features two cameras with the horizontal position, and a fingerprint sensor in the bottom. But in addition to the position of the camera, the phone design is almost similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 8.

Hackers attacked the health center SingHealth and steal personal data belonging to the 1.5 million patients including PM Lee

SingHealth hack
Hackers have attacked Singapore's largest Wellness Centre, SingHealth, and steal personal data belonging to the 1.5 million patients. Such data includes outpatient recipe courtesy of 160 thousand of patient data, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and some Ministers of Singapore.

SingHealth is the largest healthcare institutions in Singapore with four hospitals, five national specialist centers, and eight polyclinics.

1.5 million patient data is courtesy of the folks who visit the outpatient clinics and polyclinics SingHealth specialist from May 1, 2015, until July 4, 2018.

Regarding the data Lee, Government press conference multi-Ministry on Friday revealed that the information is targeted to specifications and repeatedly.

As for non-medical personal data they also accessed and copied illegally, including name, number of the IC, address, gender, race, and date of birth.

There is no medical record of a patient's damaged, including diagnosis, doctor's notes, and test results. So far no similar violations that occur on the system of information technology (it) other public health services.

Minister of Health Singapore, Gan Kim Yong, as well as Minister of Communication and Informatics, s. Iswaran, describing this as a violation of hacker attacks the personal data of the most serious and unprecedented in the country. Gan apologized to all patients who become victims.

Chief Executive Officer of Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, David Koh, said that this is a deliberate, targeted and well-planned cyber attack. "This is not a regular hacker job or a criminal gang," he said, quoted from the Straits Times.

Due to such attacks, all plans Smart Nation Singapore, including mandatory contributions to the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) paused. NEHR project aims to let local Hospitals can share medical data and treatment of the patient.

Instagram which has 1 billion users known to have 95 million fake account

Instagram logo
Media share photos and videos, it has 95 Instagram million fake accounts. Earlier, in his report, the platform belongs to Facebook it claims to already have 1 billion users worldwide. Apparently, according to a study conducted by the research firm of Ghost Data, 95 million of the 1 billion account on Instagram is a fake.

95 million fake accounts it could have misused for spreading false news, hate speech, and political propaganda.  Ghost Data estimates, the percentage of users or bots which is Instagram falsely increased 9.5 percent this year, while in 2015 as much as 7.9 percent of the total account.

In 2015, Instagram has 300 million users. It was also, But the hosts Kevin platform that cleanses the millions of fake accounts in December 2014.

In organizing the research in question, Ghost Data using the bot to identify characteristics of the 20,000 accounts on Instagram.

This Research Institute found that fake accounts tend to follow many popular Instagram account, but upload photos obtained from other websites. In the report The Information extracted, false accounts remain rampant in social media. The problem is, the advertisers pay based on the number of follower Instagram star.

Rocket artificial Blue Origin New Shepard recently and successfully flew a rocket into space

Blue Origin's New Shepard lauch
Blue Origin, a private aerospace company belonging to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently flew a rocket into outer space. The latest rocket company called New Shephard is claimed to fly higher than the previous flight.

The rocket reached a height of 389,846 feet (74 miles) before returning to Earth, offered from the Mirror.

FYI, the New Shepard flight was a flight test of the ninth Blue Origin who was able to exceed the expectations of the target company. Later, the rocket will be flown to carry tourists on vacation to outer space.

Duration of flight (while the launch) itself takes about 11 minutes and was broadcast live from YouTube.

 "Crew capsule that is on the rockets have worked well and we have to declare if the flight goes smoothly, " says Jeff Bezos now holds the status of the world's richest people.

Later, the rocket will carry at least six people into suborbital space, the distance is about 62 miles above the Earth's surface.

To note, Blue Origin passengers are required to pay a ticket worth the US $ 200-300 thousand in the first flight into space next year. This information is spoken by two sources nearest Blue Origin. Prospective customers and the aerospace industry previously mentioned have been curious about the cost of New Shepard space rocket tickets owned by Blue Origin.

They plan to find out if the ticket were too affordable or not, and whether there is any possibility of Blue Origin space tourism can support.

In a business conference last month, Blue Origin is planning on doing a test flight of a New Shepard in the near future. In addition, Blue Origin is also planning to start selling tickets next year.

Companies headquartered South of Seattle has made the design of the vehicle consists of a rocket launcher and capsules for passengers. Currently, Blue Origin is still the subject of the status of production and prices rocket.

Samsung will announce the smartphone fold with screen 7 inches at the beginning of 2019

Foldable Samsung Galaxy X
Samsung is believed to be the first vendor will be releasing a smartphone. According to the new report, Samsung will release a folding screen smartphone 7 inches at the beginning of 2019. Samsung called believes the presence of this smartphone will again revive demand for premium phones, offered from GSM Arena.

A Smartphone is still in prototype form will be released first by targeting users of gamers. The estimated selling price of the least expensive US $1,500.

In terms of design, this smartphone can be folded like a wallet. According to people who had seen the main screen of the prototype, the smartphone is on the inside when folded. When folded, the second screen will be on the outside of that function to show notifications.

Samsung reportedly has a bigger plan for smartphones in the second quarter fold in 2018. A variant of this smartphone will be the third flagship Samsung series after the Galaxy S and Note.

According to some executives of Samsung, this product is not only one of the biggest revolution in smartphone design, but at the same time also the priority projects for the company.

The other project is a clever speaker code name Lux, which is expected to be announced simultaneously Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Instagram is now launching the notification feature which marks when users are online

Instagram introduces green dot feature
Instagram is a social media application to share videos and photos, but they continued to make features that make it similar to chat applications. After the release of Direct, now that Facebook's proprietary services include notification when someone online.

Instagram new release notification that indicates someone is online and using the application. A notification is displayed in green point is placed at the bottom right of the photo user profile, known from GSM Arena.

This notification can be viewed via Instagram Direct. According to Instagram, this feature helps users to find out if his friend is active and can be contacted via text message.

 "This feature is only visible on the account-follow or other accounts ever talked through Direct, " wrote Instagram.

Just as a similar application, users can disable this feature through the settings page. However, it does not mean Instagram will switch into the chat application.

According to Instagram, this feature is intended to facilitate the user to send a message when someone was active and make conversations in real-time.

The presence of this feature requires no renewal application because done directly by Instagram. Therefore, this new feature can be used by all users.

The Government of India is threatening to take legal action against WhatsApp

India threatens WhatsApp with legal action after hoaxes on the app led to lynchings (FB)
The Government of India is threatening to take legal action against WhatsApp after a number of people were killed without judicial process due to fake news and viral information in that application. In the last two months, occurred 20 high because of fake news and information that is not the clear origin.

The Government of India has announced the warning. The Ministry of the local information technology and delivering statements related thereto on Thursday, quoted from Business Insider.

"The rampant circulation of a large number of unsolicited messages on their platforms has not been properly addressed by WhatsApp.When false rumors and newsletters are propagandized by irresponsible people, the medium used cannot be free of responsibility, the Indian government said in its official statement.

Therefore, the Government of India asked WhatsApp for responsible if it does not want to face lawsuits.

 "If WhatsApp still is mute spectators, then they are likely to be treated as an accomplice of crime and will face the consequences of legal action, " clearly the Government of India.

Whatsapp middle into the spotlight during the past few months related fake news cycle that is in service. Information that is not clearly the ignite mass violence and sometimes led to turn off.

Google is fined 4.3 billion euros for being accused of monopoly in terms of using the Android operating system on the device

Google fined record US$5 billion by EU
Google is again dealing with European regulators. This time, the issue is quite serious because the European Commission considers the Android operating system is an illegal way for the company to strengthen its homemade search engine.

Therefore, the European Commission calls Alphabet's subsidiary to have a monopoly and ask the company to change the business model.

If not met, Google will be punished in the form of a fine of five percent of the average global daily income.

Estimated fines to be paid by Google reached 4.3 billion euros ($ 5 billion). According to Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, consumers should have a choice of devices they buy, quoted from the BBC.

As is known, Google now requires Android OEMs to include a number of companies, including artificial application Google Search and Google Chrome. That step now opposed the European Commission.

There are three ways of judging Vestager illegally conducted business in running Google Android. First, manufacturing Android devices are required to install the application Google Search and Chrome browser as a condition of gaining access to the Play Store.

 "Google also pays a number of manufacturers and carriers who agree to install the application Google Search exclusively on the device," he said.

Google is also considered to prevent manufacturing sells a device that is running a version of Android alternatives. How the device they are liable not to get permission to use the Android applications.

On the other hand, Vestager actually knows that Android does not prohibit its users to download an alternative browser or another search engine wear. However, there is only one percent of users who choose another search engine and 10 percent alternative browsers.

 "So users have it (the application Google Search and Google Chrome) and work, will be very few users are curious to find applications or other browsers, " he said explained.

The screen Smartphone will be stronger thanks to Gorilla Glass 6

Corning Gorilla Glass 6
Gorilla Glass protection has become the standard for smartphone screens. Even though it's not perfect and could not avoid the screen broke, Gorilla Glass is quite able to protect from scratches while falling over a smartphone.

If you are a person who was accidentally often dropped the smartphone, maybe the Gorilla Glass protection is one of the criteria when buying a new device.

Today, Corning Gorilla screen protection solutions provider Glass announced the presence of the Gorilla Glass 6. This product is being enhanced in such a way so as to make it capable of protecting the surface and better smartphone screen.

The company claims, Gorilla Glass 6 into a product which is most powerful in protecting the surface of the screen and your smartphone.

 "Along with consumers who are increasingly dependent on Smartphones, smartphones fall likely increased. Now, the Gorilla Glass 6 presents an extraordinary protection,  "said VP at once General Manager of Corning Gorilla Glass, John Bayne, quoted from Wccftech.

He continues, the ability of the Gorilla Glass 6 improved compared to its predecessor, was able to save the smartphone from a higher altitude and is designed to remain resilient despite falling repeatedly.

According to Google's Sundar Pichai CEO change model of Android will disrupt the ecosystem of Android for free

Sundar Pichai
The European Union's decision to reward Google with fines turns immediately responded to complaints by Google.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai directly responded to these claims through a writing on the company blog. In his writings, Pichai mentions Android user can actually delete the default applications on the device.

In addition, they can also choose the application to be downloaded as evidenced by data that regular users put up 50 applications independently.

However, if requested not to include the default applications on Android, it could disrupt the ecosystem.

"If operators do not include manufacturing and application, it will disrupt the ecosystem of Android, " quoted from The Verge.

Further, she said, this kind of bundle system also became a requirement in order for Android remains free. The reason, Google doesn't need to charge companies that want to use its technology.

"However, we are worried this decision would disrupt the delicate balance that we've been doing with Android, and it can be a distracting cue support against an open platform ownership, " he writes.

Through writing it, Pichai also recalled that the European Commission has been ruling ignores the fact that Central Android competes with iOS. Therefore, Android present to offer the option.

On the other hand, the request of the European Commission so that Google stop the action with a number of Android application bundle default predicted will threaten the company. The reason, it could reduce corporate earnings, particularly from the side of the mobile ad.

Therefore, Google warns that the newness of the business model of Android can actually change. However, the company necessarily have to pull the license of the company's smartphone but instead of giving it away for free.

Huawei announced it has distributed as many as 100 million units during the first seven months 2018

Huawei announces shipments of 100 million smartphones so far this year
In early June, Huawei officially confirmed the smartphone distribution target for 2018, totaling 200 million units. Huawei now confirmed that its distribution has reached half of its target.

Huawei announced the successful accomplishments achieved by the company during the first seven months of the year 2018.

It only takes seven months to reach achievements in 2018, Huawei claimed to take two months longer to surpass his achievements last year.

In addition, Huawei also announced a seven-year period, total sales of the company grew by as much as 51 times. At the launch of the Nova 3, Huawei Huawei also announced that the P20 and P20 Pro account for six million of the total distribution in the past month.

While Huawei P20 Lite became popular devices among consumers, making it the seventh best-selling smartphones globally in may 2018.

In addition to the smartphone Huawei, sub-brand Honor also experienced good growth in international sales of 150 percent this year. This Honor contribution provided by Honor 10 with distributing as many as three million units since its launch in May.

If distributing smartphone Huawei continues to run well over the years 2018, Huawei is expected to approach its goal to beat Apple from the second manufacturer of smartphones with the distribution of the best product in the first quarter 2019.

However, Huawei votes still take longer to reach the first position on the list of manufacturers of smartphones with the distribution of the best product, which is currently held by Samsung.

Tesla Investor urges Elon Musk to apologize for a pedophile explosion case

Elon Musk
Lonely Elon Musk lifesavers against the victims trapped in the cave of Chiang Rai, Thailand, tails. At the beginning of this week, the CEO of Tesla received pressure from investors.

Because Elon Musk lifesavers insulting a victim who happens to be a Thailand cave divers Vernon Unsworth with words that are inappropriate.

Unsworth teasing Elon Musk with the nickname 'pedo guy'. Investors certainly are worried because stock Tesla could have related cases continues to decline.

The insistence of investors represented by Loop Ventures through an open letter on the Elon Musk. In the letter, they convey annoyance because the behavior of Elon Musk has already breached the limit, offered by the Guardian.

 "During the last six months, an awful lot of events from the attitude of Elon Musk who undermine investor confidence, " so approximately the sound of the contents of the letter.

One of the investors who urges Elon Musk to apologize is Jing Zhao. According to him, as a professional and his classmates Tesla technology companies, Elon Musk should not utter insults.

 "He should focus with his profession, not busy taking care of things like this, " said Zhao.

In that case, Zhao contended if Tesla actually needs a CEO who are independent and do not need attention.

 "Elon Musk is not mature enough, there should be a better figure to replace it, " Zhao concluded.

Sale price Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite reportedly lower than that estimated

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
Xiaomi hasn't announced the series Mi A2 officially, but the smartphone leaked information about many outstanding. One of them is the selling price which turns out Lite A2 Mi a lot cheaper than predictions so far.

A seller on AliExpress is reported to have sold the A2 Mi Lite is priced at the US $190 and the US $210 cheaper than the estimate, offered from GSM Arena. Previously, Xiaomi reportedly will sell these smartphones priced at the US $283.

In addition, the sellers and sellers also list a number of its specifications. MI A2 Lite seems to have a notch with the screen sized 5.84 inches and a resolution of 1,080 x 2,280 pixels as well as two cameras back. Double camera 12MP resolution and it has 5MP, and capable of recording 4 k quality video.

Other specs include a battery of 4,000 mAh, Snapdragon processor, 3 GB RAM, 625 and 32 GB of internal memory. This Smartphone has two SIM card slots and one room for a microSD card to increase the storage capacity of the data.

The above specifications are owned by Mi A2 Lite with a selling price of US $190, whereas the US version $210 has a higher ability. The difference, Mi A2 Lite for US $210 equipped RAM 4 GB and 64 GB of internal memory.

The second Variant A2 Mi Lite is equally present in a choice of three colors namely black wrap, blue, and gold.

Personal account hacker Selena Gomez threatened 9 years in prison

Selena Gomez email hacking
A woman who allegedly was the private property of the files hackers Selena Gomez threatened punishment lack for nine years. The woman named Susan Atrach is alleged to have been paved private files through email belongs to Selena Gomez, information from Softpedia.

After the file, he could rip off his double, then disclose it to the public website without permission. Atrach that have caught ever tried in a court in Los Angeles.

The woman was also charged with five felony identity theft, five crime data accessing and using a computer to commit fraud, and one count of the felony for taking documents without the permission of Selena Gomez.

Crime more sib's famous with the name of The Fappening this Saga, it involves a lot of famous artists and names occurred repeatedly between June 2015 until February 2016.

Prosecutors also set a guarantee of US $ 250 thousand for this case. Hacking and stealing private files owned by celebrities has become a pleasure for cybercriminals in cyberspace.