Saturday, February 24, 2018

Elon Musk officially quit the OpenAI company

Elon Musk
Elon Musk officially abandoned his position in the OpenAI board of directors to avoid a conflict with his electric car company, Tesla.

OpenAI, a nonprofit company engaged in artificial intelligence research, announced that Elon Musk, who is one of its founders, will resign from his position as a member of the board of directors.

Through an upload on the official blog, the OpenAI explained that Elon Musk's departure was because the CEO of Tesla was trying to avoid a conflict of interest that could arise in the future.

The conflict of interest referred to by the company refers to Tesla's activity which he sees is also centered in the development of artificial intelligence.

Tesla itself is trying to realize the level of automation of homemade cars up to level 5, which means the vehicle system has been able to raise performance equivalent to when controlled by humans in all situations, one of them when in extreme environments.

The development of artificial intelligence also became one of the important aspects for them in improving the navigation system on each vehicle it produces in order to reach that level.

Tesla business is getting a positive response from the market. Last year, no fewer than 35,000 people willingly spent US $ 3,000 to buy a software called Fully Self-Driving Capability, which has not even been released yet.

Apple repair places continue to call emergency services

Emergency SOS
Since October, emergency services in Elk Grove and Sacramento County, California have received over 1,600 911 calls incorrectly from Apple's repair site.

It is still unclear whether this call came from iPhone or Apple Watch. However, whenever there is a call from Apple's repair office in Elk Grove, no one answers.

This not only compresses the emergency services system but also depletes the resources and makes the relief team more slow to respond to other emergency calls.

"It really affected us when we were dealing with some emergencies and other 911 calls made our operators answer that call," said Jamie Hudson, the police operator who used to receive emergency calls on local news CBS Local News.

Meanwhile, the Sacramento County Police Department is also getting this wrong emergency call. They mentioned, sometimes, that the operator who received the phone heard technicians in the background.

Both the iPhone and Apple Watch can indeed contact emergency services by pressing a button for some time.

Either iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus can contact emergency services by pressing the power button and one of the volume buttons for a while. While Watch will call 911 just by pressing the button on the side for some time.

Indeed, the existence of this SOS feature allows users to call emergency services. However, this also raises the problem of frequent wrong calls. Apple says that they are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue.

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Google will add languages and features to Google Assistant

Google Assistant
Google announced its plan to make Assistant available to consumers worldwide. As many as 95 percent of compatible Android devices in the world will be able to install Google Assistant until the end of 2018.

The first language will be supported by Android and iOS Assistant in the coming months including Denmark, Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden and Thailand. Then, Google mentions will add new languages in the future.

In this way, if the user speaks English at home, but speaks German at work, this Google virtual assistant will be able to understand users in both locations. The first three languages available for users with many languages are English, French and German.

The Google Assistant Mobile OEM program helps device manufacturers to build better integration between Assistants and mobile devices. With a new artificial intelligence technology (AI) chip, Google and smartphone manufacturers will help create commands that can only work on certain devices.

Google also declared its plan to allow "Hello Google" and "Hey Google" caller commands to access Google Assistant on phones when the screen is off.

Some models have been able to do so, and Google calls that new integration comes from LG, Xiaomi, and Sony.

Google Assistant will have new capabilities, namely Routines that allow Assistant to handle multiple tasks with a single command. Users can arrange up to six routines to handle daily tasks.

In addition, users will also be able to set reminder-based location via smart speakers with Google Assistant support. Meanwhile, as information, Google Assistant and Alexa is currently a leader in the intelligent speaker industry, followed by Siri.

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BlackBerry announces updates for Hub apps, Calendar and Productivity Tab

BlackBerry announces updates for its proprietary applications, namely Hub, Calendar and Productivity Tab. All three of these applications will be supported by a number of new features and improvements that are claimed to help improve the user experience.

BlackBerry will significantly enhance the Hub user interface, and users will realize that across the BlackBerry Hub + app there is a new consistent placement for icons, menus and tabs. In addition, this application will also come with a new look and feel.

However, not all new versions of Hubs come with new options that let users choose fonts in emails. Each email account will now allow the user to select the type, size, and color of the font.

There is also a new option that allows Hub users to specify the algorithm used to approve the operation of the S / MIME messages out through the Hub app.

For Calendar, BlackBerry also adds information related to Chinese Lunar Year across different calendar views in Chinese Lunar Calendar. Meanwhile, the Productivity Tab has been getting updates with the widget.

So if the user wants to add widgets from the app, the user can use the special tab on the Productivity Tab. The user is enabled to customize those custom tab settings and manage their visibility.

In addition, users can also view content from various social media accounts in the Hubs tab, associated with email accounts. New versions of these three apps are available for download in the Google Play Store app store.
Friday, February 23, 2018

Snap lost $ 1.3 billion due to a tweet from Kylie Jenner

Snapchat is no longer interesting. At least that's the opinion of one of the social media influencers of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

The share value of Snap Inc., the maker of Snapchat, dropped 6.1 percent yesterday, after Kylie Jenner made a tweet, saying that he no longer opened the Snapchat app.

The fall of Snap Inc. stock making the valuation of the company down about US $ 1.3 billion. Jenner's tweets received a resounding reply from his followers on Twitter. Wall Street analysts are also beginning to realize the same thing, showing problems related to the user's activity since the Snapchat design reshuffle.

Indeed, there is a possibility that there is no connection between the decline in the value of Snap shares with Jenner's tweets. However, it can not be denied, Jenner is one of the most influential people in social media.

He not only has 24.5 million followers on Twitter, he is also one of the most popular users of Snapchat. If he says that he is no longer using the app, it is likely that this will affect other Snapchat users.

Apple is rumored to be launching AirPods with waterproof

Apple plans to launch new AirPods on a regular basis, just like the iPhone. The media mentioned that the team also responsible for HomePod has started to develop at least two new versions of AirPods.

One of them comes with a wireless chip while one other version will be waterproof. Apple is reportedly planning to release AirPods with chips for their own designed Bluetooth connection. However, it is still unknown whether the chip is a W2 chip used on the Watch Series 3.

The new AirPods also allows users to activate Siri without having to tap on earphones. Users just say "Hey, Siri" just like when he wants to activate the virtual assistant on the iPhone or HomePod.

Unfortunately, the waterproof AirPods seem to be launching next year. In addition, chances are, you will not be able to use the AirPods when swimming.

The earphones may only be immune to splashing water or rainwater, but will not survive when put in water.

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Qualcomm partnered with Samsung for 5G processor production

Qualcomm logo
Since the end of 2017, smartphone and internet industry players have talked about 5G, Qualcomm is one that has demonstrated the power of 5G in smartphones.

Qualcomm has expressed cooperation with Samsung in the process of producing a 7nm chipset that will be embedded 5G modem.

The reason is because Samsung already has the technology of making 7nm LPP chipset (Low Power Plus) EUV. This technology makes the chipset as well as the size of the processor becomes smaller so as to provide more space in the smartphone.

OEMs or smartphone vendors can take advantage of the space to fill it with other technology components, such as larger batteries, or even make the smartphone becomes thinner again.

Qualcomm's website stated that when compared to 10nm FinFET chipset technology, Samsung 7nm LPP EUV technology improves the efficiency of the area by 40 percent coupled with its performance by 10 percent and lower power consumption up to 35 percent.

In this partnership, Qualcomm will immerse the X24 modem for their first 7nm chipset. X24 is none other than 4G LTE modem with speed 2 GBps embedded in their latest processor Snapdragon 845.

While the chipset modem Snapdragon X50 reportedly will appear in 2019. In the event Mobile Word Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona on 26 February to 1 March 2018 later the possibility of Qualcomm will re-laid out 5G plans in this year and next. 

Intel will introduce a laptop that uses 5G on MWC

Not just Qualcomm that brings mobile broadband connection to devices like laptops. Intel will also do the same. The way of course through a modem embedded in the chipset.

In the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona, Spain, from February 26 to March 1, Intel will introduce some laptops that use Intel XMM 8000 modems.

The introductory laptop is the result of cooperation with Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft. Similar to what Qualcomm introduced last month, these laptops will have the ability to connect with faster wireless internet thanks to 5G.

The Intel has yet to provide the 5G demonstration details that will be done. Little leak that laptop supported with Intel 5G modem in it immediately marketed in mid-2019.

Another outstanding news is that Intel has also partnered with China's mobile semiconductor manufacturing Spreadtrum for manufacturing Intel XMM 8000 modems in 2019.

That is, most likely Intel will again play again in the mobile industry as one of the processor manufacturers for smartphones. As is known, Qualcomm to date is enough to dominate the processor market for smartphones.
Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nuance declared Swype keyboard app to be closed

Swype keyboard
Swype keyboard app is no stranger to Android smartphone users. These applications are often present as congenital on some smartphone brands.

The bad news is that apps known as swipe-gestures typing feature will not get more updates for Android and iOS, including no longer available in the app store.

Nuance, the application developer said they stopped developing the app to switch to other unexplained products. For users who already use Swype applications can still continue to use.

Nuance said the company left its direct to consumer segment. They said they were focusing on developing AI for business or enterprise segments or B2B.

Although AI became one of the elements that became the basis of the Swype app, Nuance seems to see AI development for more potential business segments rather than using AI just to guess a word or dictate a sentence to be written on a mobile phone.

As it was known in 2011, Nuance purchased the Swype company for US $ 100 million. At that time Nuance has been famous for the development of speech recognition called Dragon Dictation on Siri-based iOS.

Cessation of support to Swype app will make this app will not get updates, and prone to be used by cyber criminals. So smartphone users with Swype apps are expected to use caution.

Latest rumors call iPhone SE 2 will be announced on Apple WWDC 2018

iPhone SE
A recent rumor calling iPhone SE 2 will be announced at the Apple Developers Conference Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 developer conference. Some specifications of iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2 will not have a physical appearance like the iPhone X. Thus, arguably iPhone SE 2 has a low-end device specifications. Possible iPhone SE 2 will have a physical look like iPhone SE.

Meanwhile, the body and frame are made of metal, bezel in the upper and lower body, and a physical Home button.

Reportedly, the difference between iPhone SE 2 and its predecessor is big screen, where iPhone SE 2 supported 4.2 inch screen. Slightly larger than iPhone SE, 5, and 5s.

For physical appearance, Apple will likely focus more on improving the specification of the device than the iPhone SE that has swung about 2 years ago.

Some leaked specifications iPhone SE 2 among others is this device is supported with A10 Fusion chip that delivers faster performance. Chances are, iPhone SE 2 is supported by 2GB of RAM with option of 32GB or 128GB storage space.

The same report also mentions the iPhone SE 2 will be released at WWDC event in June 2018.
If this is true, it is likely that Apple will announce the presence of iPhone SE 2 in a smaller press conference around March 2018.

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Hackers can hide cryptojacking code in Microsoft Word documents

The malicious hackers can now slip cryptojacking code into Microsoft Word documents, enabling them to take over the victim's computer to mine Monero's virtual currency.

According to cyber security researchers at Votiro, this attack uses the Online Video feature in Word to take control of the computer's CPU. The feature allows Word users to copy the code to insert video into Word documents.

The video will then appear in a Word document, which can also be played by the user once they open the document later.

However, cyber attackers can add cryptojacking code in the video code, tricking the victim so that his computer is used to mine Monero to the hacker.

To make this attack more effective, attackers customize the video to fit a user's needs. When a video has been embedded in a Word document and played, the victim will think they are watching a video while their computer CPU is forced to go the extra mile to mine the virtual currency.

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Intel invests $ 5 billion for 10nm chip manufacturing

Intel logo
In the case of Spectre and Meltdown does not make Intel pause in the processor industry. Intel reportedly has discussed to the Israeli government to invest US $ 5 billion.

Intel has met with Israeli Economic Minister Eli Cohen to discuss the investment yesterday. The plan of this investment is the expansion of Intel's production plant.

The planned expansion completed by 2020 will contribute to chip production of 10 nanometers. Of course this chip is not only getting smaller but also faster.

Initially, the factory made 22 nanometer chips. If the plant is already operating, the results will contribute to the value of Intel's exports in Israel.

The value of exports from Intel in Israel last year increased to US $ 3.6 billion from US $ 3.3 billion in 2016. Intel itself is known to have invested US $ 17 billion in Israel since 1974.

If the offer is accepted by the Israeli government as it did in 2014, Intel will also get incentives for the major investments it makes in that country.

Last year alone, Intel bought automotive developer Mobile Mobile from Israel with a value of US $ 15.3 billion. Intel has already recruited more than 10,000 experts in Israel, of whom 60 percent are based in research and development.

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