Monday, October 23, 2017

The Mystery of the Ninth Planet Hiding in the Solar System

Ninth Planet
NASA says that the possibility of the emergence of the ninth planet in the solar system is closer to reality. They claim to have kept a lot of evidence that further reinforces the statement.

The US space agency says that the evidence is hard to argue, for example there is a strange influence on the Kuiper Belt, a region in the Solar System that lies around the orbit of Neptune. According to NASA, the strange influence came from the planet suspected of lurking from a distance.

It is estimated that this planet has 10 times the mass of the Earth, and its location 20 times farther than the distance between the Sun and Neptune, which in fact is the outermost planet in the solar system. So it is concluded that the temperature on the planet is very cold.

Astronomers need to prove the existence of a planet that NASA called Planet Nine. "There are five theories from the observational evidence that lead to the existence of Planet Nine," said Konstantin Batygin, planetary astrophysicist from Caltech who oversees the discovery.

The orbital effect of Planet Nine can explain why the object can act strangely in the Kuiper Belt. According to Kosntantin, there is no other option to explain the strangeness except the existence of Planet Nine.
If Planet Nine is truly discovered, it could be the planet 'Super Earth' awaited by astronomers, after doing research on planets with characteristics similar to Earth, but larger in size.

Huawei Launches Foldable Smartphone Next Year

Huawei logo
Screen almost without the center bezel a design trend that is loved smartphone manufacturer throughout the year 2017. The screen was first carried by Samsung Galaxy S8, and followed by the iPhone X and a number of other smartphones. The popularity of the screen design is considered to bring new trends in 2018, namely folding smartphones. ZTE became the first manufacturer to try to bring this trend into the market through the Atom M smartphone, combining two screens with hinges.

This appealing device should face competition from the device with more affordable price offer, the Axon 7. Huawei reportedly did not want to miss and develop folding smartphone that will launch in 2018.

Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu mentioned that the company he leads has a prototype of development, but rather emphasizes the need for better design and innovation. These features are valued more than just a novelty for tech fans.

The presence of this feature is considered to be one way that Huawei is expected to beat competitors and make it as the largest smartphone manufacturing in the world. Meanwhile, Huawei is not the only company that plans to explore the folding smartphone market.

Previously Samsung is also reportedly planning to launch a smartphone design can be bent in 2018. The Samsung device will come with a single flexible display, in line with rumors related to folding phones.

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Tesla sure will build factory in China

Tesla has entered into an agreement with the Shanghai government to build a plant in the city's free trade zone, citing reports from people familiar with the electric car company's plans. Usually foreign companies will work with local manufacturing companies. Another case with Tesla. The new factory in Shanghai will be owned by Tesla and not the result of Tesla's cooperation with local manufacturers.

Later the Chinese government has indeed considered to loosen some regulations related to local colleagues.

Beijing's way of making electric car companies enter the country. What Tesla does this will be the first thing that a foreign car manufacturer does. However, the possibility of this agreement will not make Tesla free from import tariffs by 25 percent.

In June, Tesla confirmed that they were discussing to set up a factory in Shanghai, ending speculation about their plans that have been appearing for months.

At the time, Tesla's spokesperson explained that while the company estimates that they will still produce most of their cars in the United States, they need to "make local factories to ensure that our products are affordable in the markets we serve."

China is the largest car market in the world. Not long ago China wants to make its country as an attractive market for electric car companies.

In September, in a forum, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Xin Guobin said that China will begin to stop selling oil-fueled automobiles in order to reduce carbon emissions.

In addition, he also said, the current car manufacturers in China should start making more electric cars in the next few years. Therefore, building a factory in China could be a big decision for Tesla as it seeks to increase their car production worldwide.

Apple stops offering iPhone 7 256GB

iPhone 7
Apple announced it has stopped offering iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with the support of 256GB of internal storage space. This decision led Apple's official online store to display both iPhone in 32GB and 128GB versions. The decision was reportedly taken by Apple in order to push sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which also comes in a 256GB internal storage capacity. Currently sales of the iPhone 8 is called a slowdown, when compared with previous models.

A number of parties blame the weak iPhone 8 sales as a result of the large number of consumers looking forward to Apple's premium smartphone, the iPhone X, before deciding to select the products they want to buy.

Search iPhone 7 on Google search engine increased when compared with iPhone 8 search. On Monday, KeyBank Capital Market conducted a survey revealing that sales of iPhone 7 2016 exceeded sales of the iPhone 8 model 2017.

iPhone 8 is powered by Bionic A11 chipset and comes with Portrait Lighting feature, allowing users to shoot selfs with more dramatic backgrounds. In addition, iPhone 8 is also supported by wireless charging capabilities.

In the meantime, Apple announced that Apple Upgrade Program anniversaries can order the iPhone X-anniversary edition smartphone first.

Members can start preparing documents, and earlier this year members can send their old iPhone models via mail to Apple, to get an upgrade. 

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

LG and Qualcomm Develop Car Technology Without Driver

LG and Qualcomm
The ranks of companies that develop driverless car technology are accelerating with the entry of LG and Qualcomm into the list. Both sides this week announced their cooperation in Seoul, South Korea. The LG and Qualcomm partnership in autonomous car technology will begin with the opening of a joint research and development center in Seoul.

To achieve this goal, the two technology giants will concentrate on developing 5th generation mobile technology (5G) and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) for vehicles.

5G network data transfer rate 5 times higher than LTE, with a latency that is 10 times lower so ideal for use for self-steering cars.

"LG plans to lead the market of future car components by combining our experience in automotive communications technology and advanced solutions for the LTE connection to 5G from Qualcomm," said Executive Vice President of Vehicle Components Smart Business Unit of LG, Kim Jin-yong, in a press release.

LG and Qualcomm will also be researching other wireless technologies needed for the security aspects of the car connected to the internet.

"We are optimistic that the combined strength of Qualcomm and LG's research will generate profits that can not be achieved if it works alone" added Jin-yong.

Galaxy S9 will be faster than iPhone X?

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to be relying on a new processor with a performance much higher than that pinned on Android smartphones on the market today. However, if the performance is also more qualified than the 10nm A11 Bionic processor embedded on the iPhone X?

Samsung itself has not much spit information about the Galaxy S9. But the South Korean manufacturer said it is ready to produce chips with 8nm processing technology.

"Qualification has been completed three months ahead of schedule and we are ready to accept orders for 8 nanometer (nm) 8LPP (Low Power Plus) FinFET process technology," it said on the official Samsung Newsroom website.
Allegedly the 8nm chipset will be first installed on the Galaxy S9. There is also a report calling Snapdragon 845 to be exclusively present in the Galaxy S9 as its debut. Qualcomm, the maker of Snapdragon, is an old chip-making partner at Samsung's factory facility.

Not yet clear whether Snapdragon 845 will be processed using 8nm technology or not. Clearly, 8LPP technology is an improvement over the previous 10nm processing.
"The 8nm chip provides better performance and scalability than a 10nm processing-based chip," said Senior VP Qualcomm, RK Chunduru.

The 8nm chip is expected to be 10 percent more power-efficient than a 10nm chipset. Increased speed can not be predicted because it is too early to talk about benchmarks. Currently iPhone X is crowned as the highest performing phone by benchmark performance measurement app makers, even beating the premium Android phones.

China Blocks Mobile Access Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch 3
It is not surprising that China has often blocked access to the country. Well, now turn to Apple Watch Series 3 that get blocked. Not blocking devices that are meant here, but blocking of mobile access. So, Apple Watch Series 3 users can still use their smart watches, but without mobile access as the flagship feature.

This is because the Chinese government is concerned about the eSIM that carried in the device. eSIM is the reason why mobile access is blocked.

"The advantage of the device that carries the eSIM is, with the software, the user can choose the telecom operator and the communication package itself, but in China, the new system raises questions about how operators and regulators can track the identity of users of the device," the report said. Wall Street Journal.

Blocking by the Chinese government is quite interesting. The reason, local telecom operators, namely China Unicom had previously offered cellular services for Apple Watch at the end of last September.

Hearing of this blocking, the Apple confirmed. "We got information from China Unicom that the new mobile features on Apple Watch Series 3 have been discontinued," Apple wrote.

It remains unclear when this issue will be resolved. However, with mobile access being revoked, consumers in China may choose the option for the WiFI-only model.

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Apple Responds to Senator Questions about Security Face ID

iPhone X Face ID
Apple responded to a US senator's question, Al Franken, about Face ID facial recognition feature on iPhone X. Face ID is the feature that gets the most attention since the iPhone X was announced last month.

Franken uploaded an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook shortly after the iPhone X was announced on September 12, 2017. In his letter, the Minnesota senator asked a number of questions about the implementation of the technology.

Shortly after, Apple provided more information about Face ID technology in the form of white paper published on the company's website.

Most Apple responses contain the same information as uploaded on the company's website. However, Apple provides little additional details about Face ID technology.
Apple explains how to make Face ID software can recognize different people with different faces, gender, and color.

"Accessibility of products to people of different races and ethnicity is very important to us Face ID uses the facial neural network we developed using more than one billion images, including IR and depth of images collected in the study and has obtained approval from participants," clear Apple.

The study participants came from around the world that included representatives from groups of people related to gender, age, ethnicity, and various other factors.

"We expanded the research as needed to provide a high degree of accuracy for various users, and neural networks have also been trained to prevent attempts to unlock the phone using photos or masks," Apple wrote in an explanation.

Apple's response is increasingly confirms the company's move to anticipate the various security and privacy issues Face ID. However, Franken said, it will communicate with Apple on the protection of consumer data in the Face ID system.

"I plan to communicate with Apple, to find out more about the plan to protect consumer data using facial recognition technology on the latest iPhone," Franken said in a statement.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Cause of Fast iPhone Heat and How to Overcome it

Illustration of iPhone hot fast
Apple-made smartphone may be very much in demand because in addition to having good quality also has a very high prestige value. To the extent that many people are willing to spend money to be able to use the iPhone.

But behind it all, does not mean the iPhone is a perfect smartphone that has no shortage at all. Not a few iPhone users who complain because of some problems that often happened.

And one of the problems that is often complained by iPhone users is the body that is too hot when used to run heavy activities. To add your insight, here we will convey some info about the cause of the iPhone quickly hot and how to overcome them.

The cause of the iPhone is hot fast

1. Unstable Signal / Network Condition

The first reason why the iPhone can be hot fast is due to network conditions or unstable signals. The iPhone effect will work hard to get a signal or network. This is what causes the iPhone quickly hot. The solution to resolve is to switch the airplane mode when the signal condition is unstable.

2. Directly exposed to sunlight

The second reason why the iPhone can get hot quickly is because of direct exposure to sunlight. As we know that the majority of the iPhone using a body made of metal that is delivering heat. The solution to solve this problem is to avoid the iPhone from direct sun exposure.

3. Damage to Battery Components

Another cause that can also cause the iPhone to heat quickly is because the battery is damaged. The damaged iPhone battery will release excessive heat during use and spread to its body. If that is the case, then you should replace the old iPhone battery with a new battery.

4. Used While Recharging Battery

Another thing that can also cause the iPhone to be hot is to use it when in charging or recharging the battery. You should not use the iPhone when charged so as not to heat. In addition, other causes are the use of protective cases when the contents of the battery. It could also cause the iPhone to heat up. Therefore, first off the new rechargeable batteries. 

5. Too Many Current Applications

The last reason why the iPhone is hot is because of the large number of applications running in the background. The solution to the problem is to remove it via taks manager or remove applications that are rarely used.

Sharp Aquos R Compact Will Use Small Size of Thin Bezel

Sharp Aquos R Compact

Sharp has just announced the existence of Aquos R Compact, a smaller version of their Aquos R range. Unlike other Aquos models, the Aquos R Compact has an edge-to-edge screen similar to Essential Phone. The Aquos R Compact has a 4.9 inch IGZO LCD display with 2032 x 1080 resolution. This screen has a 120Hz refresh rate, twice as fast as most smartphones on the market today.

Aquos R Compact uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon 660 as a processor, with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. This smartphone is equipped with a 16.4 MP camera on the back and 8MP camera for the front. For OS problems, Sharp is already using Android 8.0 Oreo with EMOPA 7.0

This smartphone has a 2500 mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0. Aquos R Compact will be available in Japan in December. Sharp-made mobile phone will be present in 4 color choices, namely gold, silver, black and white.

The Aquos R Compact design looks similar to Essential Phone, a smartphone made by Andy Rubin, an Android creator. It even has a bump at the top. Only, this smartphone Sharp has a bezel on the bottom is quite thick and also the Home button.

One interesting thing is Sharp decided to make a phone with a thin bezel with a relatively small screen size. Usually a smartphone without a bezel has a large screen size.

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Baidu Wants to Release Autonomous Buses in China Next Year

Chinese search company Baidu plans to release an autonomous bus in its home country next year, CEO Robin Li said in an interview at D.Live conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal. The bus will run on a predetermined route and Baidu is working with other Chinese companies to realize the vision of the autonomous bus. Li said, Baidu is very serious in developing autonomous cars.

Last week, Baidu announced plans to produce L3 autonomous cars en masse in 2019. The L3 car is an autonomous car still needs human help. Meanwhile, they plan to produce L4, a fully autonomous car, by 2021.

For that Baidu has been working with China's car manufacturer, BAIC Motor Corp. These cars will use Apollo, an open-source autonomous car software developed with the help of NVIDIA. "We only developed software parts," Li said.
Asked if Apollo would be able to compete with Waymo, Google's autonomous car division, Li is optimistic that Apollo's open-source approach will eventually win.

"History has proved that open systems have a better momentum," he said. "We have more signals - we know the demand from the real market - it gives us the advantage of coming forward."
Li also assumes, autonomous cars in the future will be equipped with screens and entertainment that is embedded directly on the car. "Our shadow, when a passenger gets in the car, he no longer has to touch his cell phone."

Google Promise Fix Pixel 2 Navigation Keys

Pixel 2
Google confirmed it will roll out improvements in the form of software updates for Pixel 2 devices. Previously, Google reportedly quietly added back the menu buttons in the navigation bar, which came to be known as bugs. Previously, the menu button was one of the most used keys on the navigation bar. However, Google then removes the button and replaces it with Recent Apps functionality available from Samsung Galaxy S4 until the device before Pixel 2.

In Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the functionality of this bug is concealed so that it can not be found by the user. This button does not work in all applications, and generally because this functionality has been out of force for several years.

If it still works properly, this button is considered to be very helpful to users, especially on larger sailing devices, Pixel 2 XL.

To use it simply tap on an empty area on the right side of the Recent Apps button. If the app supports it, the user will feel the vibration and the menu will open.
The functionality in Google Chrome makes it easy for users to access commonly used features, such as sharing menus without the need to take other steps. This feature is considered a bit difficult to navigate.