Wednesday, April 26, 2017

US Intends to Arrest Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange

The United States authorities are taking steps to arrest and convict Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, according to CNN.

As quoted from BGR, during the last few years, Assange reportedly accommodated by the Ecuador embassy in London.

Julian Assange
However, it did not stop the activity Assange and Wikileaks leaked confidential information obtained from a number of sources. Recently Wikileaks leaked equipment used by the CIA to hack important emails.

Assange name itself is the figure behind Wikileaks. The existence of a known Wikileaks site often leaked various confidential information belonging to various parties is considered controversial. Moreover, recently Wikileaks accused of being a proxy used by the Russian Intelligence Agency to influence the US Presidential Election.

Despite being hounded by the US government, its supporters assume Assange's actions are protected by the First US Amendment.

US Attorney Jeff Sessions said, "The US view of Wikileaks and Assange began to change after investigators found evidence that Wikileaks had an active role in helping Edward Snowden reveal secret documents."

Sessions also expressed surprise at the amount of serious information leaked through the Wikileaks page. "So this (Assange's capture) is a priority, we have made a plan we need to do, we will imprison some people," Sessions said.

Assange lawyer Barry Pollack said he had not heard the news. He actually considers Wikileaks activity similar to that done by sites and other publication agencies.  

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Various Incidents So Strong Proof Apple Completes Headset AR

The news of Apple's plans to work on augmented reality (AR) devices has been heard since the beginning of this year. But there is no official information from the Cupertino-based company.

Latest, a number of incidents that occurred at the Apple facility was actually reinforce the news. Quoted from the Phone Arena, a number of accidents that occurred at the company's facilities mentioned closely related to the development of AR devices.

The first incident occurred on February 21, 2017. Reports called Apple employees complained about the discomfort in their eyes after testing anonymous prototype products.
The employee was immediately taken to the ophthalmologist and the prototype products were immediately taken for review. A similar case also happened on March 2, 2017.

Other employees reported complaining of eye pain after using the latest prototype. According to the employee, the pain he suffered was due to the use of the prototype product.

For information, the use of lasers in AR devices is plausible. One possibility, the laser is used to track the movement of the user's eyes.

Through that information, the device can predict the user's eyesight. Thus, the user can operate the device simply by looking at it.
Nevertheless, it can not be ascertained the truth of this information, given there is no official statement from Apple. But it is also possible that Apple is testing the AR device internally before releasing it to the public.

Earlier reports also said Apple had deployed more than a thousand engineers to work on something related to AR in Israel. It was expressed by UBS analyst Steven Milunovich last month.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Snooping Sophisticated Features on Smartwatch

Smartwatch has been widely circulated and used by mobile users. Smartwatch or smart watches have a variety of advanced features and varying prices.

Some manufacturers are competing to issue smartwatch products equipped with cutting-edge features, ranging from Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola to Apple. Here are some features embedded in the wearable device.


Search Browser

Smartwatch devices equipped with sensors that can read the user activity, ranging from running until the monitor feature when the user sleeps. How many steps the user reaches when jogging for example and how many calories burned can be known through supporting applications.

GPS Features

The latest smartwatch model is equipped with GPS feature that supports map application. Thus, the user is helpful if you want to find a specific location.

Personal Assistant

Smartwatch is also equipped with personal assistant features such as Gear S3, which supported S-Voice feature. This feature lets the user say the command to open the device's device in smartwatch.

Finding a Mobile Phone

Smartwatch can generally be connected to a mobile phone, allowing this smart watch to communicate with the user's handset. In the ZenWatch series, users can utilize the feature 'Find my phone' so that the smartphone can issue a ring.

LG G6 Has Similar Features Galaxy S8

LG G6 mobile phone mentioned has similar features with the Galaxy S8. LG G6 reportedly equipped with a facial scan feature or what it describes as 3D face-scanning.

The news came from a local media called The Investor which was launched by Phone Arena. To bring these features, LG is working with the company Oez, the face recognition software developers from South Korea.

Based on the report also, facial scanner feature on LG G6 will be present in June 2017. Presence of these features along with LG Pay payment system.

LG chose Oez's face scanner because the company's software is easier to apply with other flagship smartphone models like LG G5 and LG V20. In addition, the OezFR software is also designed to not be easily fooled by using photos.

Facial recognition on LG G6 is claimed to be the first time used for payment systems on smartphones.

"LG is using OezFR to support a payment system that will be the first time for a facial recognition system that will be used for financial transactions in the premium smartphone sector," said a source at LG.

The face scanner technology on the smartphone has just introduced Samsung in Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Although considered a feature that is quite sophisticated at this time, but its security system easily broken only by using the photo of the owner.

Thus, interesting to look forward to whether LG's security system is only as a feature of "entertainment" or simply really useful for its users.

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Sony Reasons Stay in the Smartphone Business

Sony does not want to give up on the smartphone business. Kazuo Hirao, President of Sony explains the business strategy of the Japanese company.

He mentioned that Sony needs to continue to play in this business to maintain relationships with relailers and operators. Thus, they can benefit when a paradigm shift in communication with others occurs.

"The paradigm shift in how we communicate with each other happens every 10 years or so, but if we do not survive today in the smartphone business then we can not play or we can not make the next communication paradigm change, we basically throw a chance and lose All relationships with retailers and operators worldwide. If we do that, then whatever ideas we have later, we will not be able to bring it to market fast enough, "he explained.

In addition to entertainment, Sony believes that there will be many opportunities in the enterprise market for virtual reality (VR). That leads to thinking if the last paradigm shift occurred with the widespread use of smartphones. VR can lead the way over the next decade or maybe it will be something completely unexpected.

Whatever it is, Sony President says that his company will be involved in the smartphone business. Thanks to that, Sony has a prime distribution channel for any product that will replace the smartphone later. 

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Intel Developer Forum Annual Event On Stop, Why?

Intel usually showcased its latest findings at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF). But Intel is now choosing to stop the annual event. What is the reason?

Intel has been rolling out the IDF for 20 consecutive years, where they showcased the latest chip architecture and a variety of other products. But now they are forced to stop the event because they have changed the focus of the company that PC centric into data centric.

This decision was announced by Intel in a blog post, where they wrote they retired the IDF program and continue to move forward. This post appeared about 5 months before the IDF, which is usually held on August 15-17 in San Francisco.

The impact of the removal of the IDF is currently not measurable, especially since Intel has not yet created a successor event. But it seems now Intel will spread its product launch separately, not at once as is usually done in the IDF.

Intel's move is actually not surprising, because many other companies that have done it first, such as Apple and Microsoft. Now rather than holding a massive launch event, they chose to hold small but more frequent events to attract more attention. 

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Luna G Smartphone Claimed Anti Jam

In the midst of a high mobility of society, it takes a smartphone with adequate capability as a supporter of daily activities. It wants to be shown by Luna through its newest product, Luna G.

Head of Marcomm ATL Luna Indonesia, Suryadi Willim, said the smartphone's anti-nagging reference was tested by the gamer community and when testing the phone did not experience any problems.

"Luna G we present anti-lag, a benchmark of Nixia's experience that explains that this phone can be invited to make nge-game," claims Suryadi in Jakarta. For information, Nixia is a community of professional games lovers.

Luna G

William mentions that Luna G is not devoted to beat target smartphone market for gaming. However, it is more to support the mobility of high society.

"Luna G is not specifically for games, although this smartphone can play heavy games, if it can be done especially for ordinary use, such as activities in social media," he said.

As durability, Luna G equipped with battery capacity reaches 4000 mAh. About the kitchen machine  supported MediaTek P10 chipset Octa Core processor 1.8 GHz, Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow, 4 GB RAM, and 32 GB ROM can be raised up to 256 GB.

Looking into the physical appearance, Luna G comes with 5.5 inch screen span IPS FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels are summarized in a body wrapped metal. Luna G has also been pinned fingerprint sensor in the home button of the front of the phone.

Shift to the camera, Luna G comes with a rear camera 13 MP auto focus plus LED and front camera as selfie needs 5 MP.

It is said for the early stages, Luna G marketed as many as 10 thousand units through online sales. The phone is priced $ 202 is also not forget to be marketed traditionally. The company targets to achieve sales of 50 thousand units per month.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

How To Prevent LG G6 Explode

Not only Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident seems to be a lesson for LG. In order not to experience the same thing, the vendor from Ginseng Affairs did not maximize the contents of G6 battery.

Head of LG Mobile Communication Indonesia Heegyun Jang said the G6 phone has a battery capacity of 3300 mAh. But actually the capacity is more than that.

"LG G6 battery is actually a capacity of 3,500 mAh," said Jang when met after the launch of LG G6 in Jakarta.

LG reasoned by not maximizing the capacity of G6 battery can prevent excessive battery work. In addition, the battery temperature will be more stable.

"This is to protect and protect consumers," Jang said.

In addition to the strategy to reduce the contents of the battery, LG also incorporates heat pipe in G6 design. Currently quite a lot of laptops and PCs that carry heat pipe to reduce the temperature of heat. Heat pipe is made of copper material so it serves as a good heat conductor.

The use of heat pipe on LG G6 is claimed will help reduce Application Processor (AP) temperature in the range of 6-10%. In addition, LG product designers also widen the distance between AP and LCD driver IC which often become another hot source in a smartphone. 

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LG G6 Claimed As Mobile Phone War

LG G6 carrying material body qualified. Therefore this phone is claimed to be reliable on the battlefield.

Described Product Specialist LG Mobile Indonesia Rezy Saddam, G5's successor mobile phone has pocketed a number of endurance test certification. So the phone can be used in various conditions.

The first is MIL-STD 810G, is a certification certification passed the US military standard. The test series is conducted by independent testing and certification bodies Maryland Electrical Testing (MET) Laboratories.

In the test LG G6 passed in 14 tests, ranging from low and high temperature resistance, humidity, vibration, solar radiation, low pressure, sand, dust to drastic changes in temperature and rain.

LG G6 has also pocketed IP68 certification. This means the phone is resistant from dust and water at a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

"With all the G6 certifications, this phone can be counted on the battlefield," Rezy said at the launch of LG G6 in Jakarta.

LG G6 mobile phone has started to be ordered in Indonesia. Vendor from South Korea is be valued new mobile phone for $ 750. Unlike the global version, G6 made in Indonesia has an internal memory capacity of 64 GB. In addition, LG provides dual SIM support with a separate MicroSD slot.

Consumers who do initial ordering will get additional module and protective casing. In addition, LG offers special games that can be downloaded in the Play Store.

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Iris Scanner Sensors on Galaxy S8 Can Be Used Financial Transactions

Samsung helped bring the existing features in the Galaxy Note 7, the iris scanner to the latest flagship phone, Galaxy S8. According to Samsung, the sensor of this rainbow eye scan scanner is considered more secure than the fingerprint sensor.

Therefore, the latest report appears that said if the South Korean mobile phone giant is intending to make this irisnya scanner features as a standard in conducting financial transactions. The report was revealed by South Korean media, The Korea Herald.

According to The Korea Herald, as quoted from Ubergizmo, Samsung is currently looking for efforts to realize that intention. Chances are, for the first time as Samsung's opener will take advantage of its digital payment system, Samsung Pay.

This feature is expected to glide first in two countries, namely South Korea and North America. Other countries may follow along with the growing list of merchants who accept Samsung Pay payment systems.

As mentioned before, this iris scanner feature appeared along with the launch of Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, at that time Galaxy Note 7 became a product that failed because of battery issues. Samsung did not want to despair, by bringing these features to the Galaxy S8 and continue his dream.

When this is successful, it is not impossible if in the future many OEMs that implement similar features in the latest mobile phone. Similarly, the fingerprint sensor features are now widely used in a number of mobile phones, both flagship and middle class.

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