Sunday, February 18, 2018

BlackBerry receives a patent for a new camera design

BlackBerry logo
BlackBerry received a patent from the World Intellectual Patent Organization (WIPO) for a new camera design. The document was registered on December 23, 2016, and was approved on three days ago.

The patent is titled "the same electronic device and control method for shooting digital images," and deals with camera systems for devices with a sliding QWERTY keyboard design similar to BlackBerry Priv.

The camera will be pinned on the back of the smartphone on the body of the device. The back of a sliding QWERTY keyboard will be supported with another lens that works continuously with the camera, referred to as a conversion lens.

When the QWERTY keyboard is opened, the device will display a regular camera when the QWERTY keyboard is opened. While the QWERTY keyboard is closed, cameras and conversion lenses combine to offer extra shooting capabilities.

In addition, TCL, the company behind BlackBerry Mobile, registered a trademark for the name of the Union to the USPTO. Last year, the company registered the name KEYone before MWC, and then the phone was introduced at the prestigious event.

Owners of Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL complain about temperature and battery related issues

Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL
A number of Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL users complain about their devices experiencing excess heat temperature issues. A number of users also complained of battery problems after the February update.

The user experiences a battery life faster than normal. The owner of Google Pixel 2 mentions that the device model has increased temperatures to as high as 45 degrees Celsius.

The owner also found that the battery's ability to power the screen was reduced by 30 percent. Trying to fix this problem by unsuccessful factory reset, but battery saver mode is able to keep Pixel 2 and 2 XL units cool.

Based on the upload on Reddit, a number of users indicate their frustration with the problem on their phone. A number of users claimed to have experienced this problem since it was launched last year.

Previously, Google announced it would launch Google Assistant in 38 new countries throughout 2018. The addition of the new country made Google's virtual assistant available in 52 countries around the world.

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Cyber crime causes the United States to loss about $ 109 billion

Cyber security
Cyber crime has caused the United States to loss about US $ 7 billion to US $ 109 billion, the White House Economic Advisory Council estimates in a report released on Friday.

Citing the United States intelligence community, the report says that the most frequently committed cyberattacks to the US include Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

However, cyber attacks on the US are not only perpetrated by actors from other countries. The report says, corporate competition, activists who want to advance their agenda and organized crime are also the cause of cyber attacks in the US.

The report said the efforts of private parties and communities to counter cyber attacks will play an important role in increasing the growth of Gross Domestic Product.

On Thursday, the White House declared Russia guilty of cyber attack "NotPetya" last year, just like the British government, which condemned Moscow for spreading a virus that paralyzes some of the Ukrainian infrastructure and disrupts computers in various countries of the world.

5 parts smartphone that is easy to dirty and how to clean it

Bacteria can be in various places and objects, including on smartphones. Given the smartphone is often used and taken to various places, of course, become dirty faster and in the end can be a place for bacteria.

The condition of a dirty smartphone does not close the possibility will impact on the health of its users. Therefore, you should be careful when using it, especially the easy part dirty.

1. Smartphone screen

The screen is part of the smartphone that most tangent to the body when in use. The dirty screen of the smartphone can be caused by fingerprints, even facial oils that stick to when used for calling.

Smartphone screen

To clean the screen, you need to use a microfiber cloth that has a soft texture. Wet the fabric with a little water, then wipe it on the screen in a twist. Put a little pressure on the stains that are hard to remove.

2. Smartphone Body

The smartphone body is often in contact with various surfaces. Of course it will be difficult to remove the stains on this part. Generally, stains ink pens often make the body becomes dirty.

Smartphone Body

You need to use eucalyptus oil or hand sanitizer. Rotate it only on the dirty part. Repeat until the stain slowly disappears. Finally, wipe the wetted microfiber cloth to remove any residual eucalyptus oil and hand sanitizer.

3. Hole on the smartphone

Hole on Smartphone

Smooth dust generally accumulate on the hole audio, charging, microphone and speakers. To clean it up, you have to be careful to avoid damage. Use dried cotton buds or cotton to clean the dust on the smartphone hole.

4. Additional casing of smartphones

Additional casing is to protect and make the smartphone is not easy to dirty. However, it does not mean that the casing is not a den of dust and bacteria. Every now and then you also need to clean it up.

Just like the body and the hole of a smartphone, you can clean it with microfiber cloth and cotton buds. Clean the casing body with a wetted microfiber cloth. Regarding the hard-to-reach parts, you can use cotton buds to clean it up.

5. Earphones, Headsets, and Headphones

For those of you who like to listen to music, of course can not escape from this one object. Just like other parts, earphones as a smartphone accessories can become a nest of bacteria because it is often used. This also applies to other accessories, such as headsets and headphones.


Dust and dirt that accumulate can be very risky. Clean the hole using cotton buds or cotton. Create earphone users, do not hesitate to replace earbuds if old ones are dirty.
Saturday, February 17, 2018

Google announced it will launch Google Assistant in 38 new countries throughout 2018

Google Assistant
Google announced it will launch Google Assistant in 38 new countries throughout 2018. The addition of the new country makes Google's virtual assistant available in 52 countries around the world.

Countries that will receive virtual personal assistant support include Russia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and others. In addition to reaching more locations, Google Assistant will also learn 17 new languages, including Russian, Arabic, Dutch and Indian.

Currently, Google Assistant supports English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese. Google Assistant is also available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, and the United States.

However, until now, no information is available regarding the time of Google Assistant launch in the new country, and new language support capabilities are implemented. Google is expected to reveal a map of its expansion plans at the DNI Summit.

With the availability of Google Assistant support in the new country, Google hopes to increase the sales of its Google Home series smart speakers.

This device relies on Google Assistant to handle user requests for enabling and disabling smart devices, broadcasting music, getting weather forecast information and so on.

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Huawei launches Honor 7X red and gray edition globally

Honor 7X red
Huawei launched a 7x Honor Limited Edition in a global red color selection, after launch in the United States. Not only red, Honor 7X is also available in gray.

For information, previous Honor 7X has been launched in black, blue, and gold. Huawei will also only provide this red and gray edition model of 20,000 units.

This phone is marketed in some areas for EUR270, similar price offerings with previous color choices. Unfortunately, the 7X Honor edition of red and gray color is reportedly not available in the UK.

Meanwhile, the year 2018 still seems to be a difficult moment for mobile phone brands as well as Huawei's telecommunications infrastructure company to enter the US market, due to fear the US government that the field of technology and telecommunications so the Chinese way of spying on the country.

In a hearing between the Senate of the US Intelligence Committee and six high-ranking officials from the FBI's intelligence agencies, the NSA and the CIA it was recommended that the United States government should not allow Huawei or China-based technology and telecommunication companies to operate in the country.

Uber will sell its business in Southeast Asia to Grab

Uber logo
Uber is preparing to sell his business in Southeast Asia on Grab. Instead, Uber will get some shares in the Singapore-based transport service company.

This is not the first time Uber has done this. Prior to this, Uber also sold its business in China after losing to Didi Chuxing, an online transport startup that successfully dominated the Chinese market.

Uber sold his business to Didi in August 2016. The agreement also allowed Uber to get a stake in Didi. By selling his business to a dominating competitor, Uber seemed to recognize their defeat.

Rather than trying to compete with rival companies, Uber prefers to invest in them in their quest for global expansion.

If Didi or Grab are successful, Uber will also get a profit and they can report the good news to the shareholders.

In the Goldman Sachs Internet and Technology conference, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi mentioned that Uber could have made a profit if they wanted to.

However, they are at a loss for investing a lot in developing countries as well as research on developing autonomous cars.

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Apple's new office is filled with walls and glass doors

Apple Office
Apple opened his new office last year. The office is filled with glass walls and doors in the hope that it will encourage collaboration and cooperation among employees.

However, the beautiful office design was sacrificing functionality, something that became the theme of Apple's product later. Although the office is filled with glass walls look beautiful, but Apple employees continue to hit the glass wall.

Bloomberg's sources said that some people started to stick paper on doors and glass walls in order to make them more visible. In the end, the taped note was revoked because it damaged the office aesthetics.

According to documents obtained by MarketWatch, there are at least two events that cause serious injury to call emergency services when Apple's new office is opened.

In both cases, the victim suffered an injury. Fortunately, the injury was not severe enough so they had to go to the hospital.

Although this issue sounds ridiculous, there is actually a regulation that Apple broke. The California regulation states that "workers should be protected from the danger of walking past glasses or other barriers".

However, according to data from the United States Agency for Health and Safety, Apple did not violate the regulation.

If Apple is indeed infringing, the iPhone maker company could be subject to fines or other penalties to ensure they resolve the issue.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

9 powerful ways to tackle a slow Android phone

Make Android Fast
Android smartphones can do what the owner owns. Starting from checking email, browsing on the internet, photography, listening to music, to control the temperature of the room remotely. Who would have thought, Android's ability so much can also make it slow.

For example, slow performance when the phone opens an app or when switching between screens is also very slow. This is certainly annoying and much complained by the user. Then, do we have to change the Android device?

The answer is of course not, there are a number of ways you can do to make your Android run smoothly again. There are some tips to overcome them.

1. Pay attention to the amount of memory

Each smartphone is supported with different memory specifications. In addition to RAM, internal memory capacity also affects the performance of smartphones. When the available internal memory is low, Android becomes slow. Hence, to overcome Android slow you should avoid storing a lot of data to meet the internal memory.

If you often store a lot of data on a smartphone, try to buy a smartphone equipped with support for memory cards. Or buy a smartphone equipped with extensive internal memory.

2. Use 1 antivirus application only

If you are a user who believes in antivirus functionality on Android smartphones, you should pay attention to this. Almost the same as the default application system, antivirus applications continue to run in the background. The impact of your RAM so wasteful, and the performance of Android so slow. You can imagine if you install more than one antivirus application on your Android, right?

Hence, how to overcome Android slow, use an antivirus application only.

3. Use paid apps

Using free apps is very good indeed. Because without having to spend money, we can try the cool features that exist in certain applications. But, did you know that installing the free app is the same as you being a trial material? Because by giving this free application developers will get a lot of reviews to find out what bugs that impinge on the application.

In addition to being an experiment, using free applications can also make Android slow due to the number of ads embedded in it. So that your Android is not slow and undisturbed ads that make quotas quickly run out, use paid applications.

4. Always Update Software

Any software update notifications, update immediately. It aims to immediately fix the problems brought by the previous system. Because it is certain that the update aims to provide a better experience than ever.

Although sometimes encountered the fact that after the update even worse, but the developer certainly will not be silent if there are problems in the system. Always take a moment to check it in the Settings - About - System Update menu and select Check for Updates.

This also applies to the application you use. When there is an app update notice in the Google Play Store, take time to update immediately. Check out apps that require updates on the My Apps & Games tab in the Google Play Store.

5. Reduce Widget Use

One that makes Android look interesting is the presence of Widgets. Not only beautify the look of your Android homescreen, but Widgets are also useful as a shortcut to monitor various applications without having to open related applications.

Although making your Android look beautiful and accelerate access to the application, but this will also consume more RAM consumption. Impact, your Android will be slow. Therefore, reduce the use of Widgets to overcome Android slow.

6. Remove or stop unused applications

Indeed, many new applications on the Google Play Store are always interesting to try. Unconsciously, many apps are only interesting at the beginning only or even it turns out to have the same functionality with the applications we put before.

As a result, the storage space on your Android becomes consumable by apps that are actually useless. So to keep your Android fast, remove unused applications or have the same functionality.

Disable Android Apps
Sometimes, indeed some applications can not be deleted because it is the system default. And the annoying thing is the fact that sometimes the innate applications of the system continue to run even though it is not needed, so consume RAM and slow down your Android.

To stop it, you make those apps Disable, by going to Settings - Apps, then on the Running tab select the app you do not need, and choose Disable.

7. Clear Cached data

A cache is a temporary store of data from an application you are currently using or has used. With the cache in Android, you will quickly open an application that was previously used. However, behind the benefits, the cache is left to accumulate will make your Android to be slow.
How to cope with android slow because cache accumulate this is to always clear the cache of every application that you use often. The trick, go Settings - Apps - All and then look for application to be cleared cache, and select Clear Cache. Alternatively, you can also delete your Android cache through the Settings - Storage - Cached Data menu, and select OK when there is a pop up window.

8. Turning off Auto-Sync

To stay connected with all your Android-installed accounts, the Auto-Sync feature must be enabled. But this has a big impact on your Android performance. So turning off Auto-Sync is very useful to overcome your Android that its performance is slow, but it impact you must manually open the application like Email or Calendar.

To be able to set your Android to stay connected at a crucial time, and automatically turn off Auto-Sync in casual hours, you can use the Accounts Sync Profiler or MacroDroid - Device Automation application to save your Android battery.

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Microsoft launched the Photos Companion app for iOS and Android operating devices

Photos Companion
Microsoft launched the Photos Companion app for iOS and Android devices. This app lets users easily copy images easily from your Android / iOS device to your Windows 10 PC with ease.

The Photos Companion app works by combining the built-in Photos app in Windows 10. But to make the most of it, users have to go through a series of steps that are relatively long, though not as complicated as expected.

First, the user must launch the Photos app on the computer, and make sure the app is updated. Then click the three dots on the top right corner and select Settings. Afterwards, the user must enable the Preview option at the bottom of the Settings menu, and only needs to be done once.

After closing the Photos app and accessing it again, users will find the option in the Import drop-down menu. This option lets users copy photos from phone to PC wirelessly, then click.

At this point, the user will find the QR code on the PC screen. Launch the Photos Companion app on your phone, select "Send Photos", and scan the QR code. Once the QR code is scanned, the user can use the Photos Companion app on the phone to specify the photo you want to transfer.

Press "Done" and wait for the photo copying process to finish, and note that the app will not delete photos from the phone. This app will only create local copies on a user's Windows 10 PC.

Windows phones and devices must use the same Wi-Fi network in order to perform the copying process. The Photos Companion app is also still present in the not yet perfect version, and there are still a number of bugs.

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Sony decided to change the design of the device at the last minute

Sony logo
Sony is expected to announce its latest flagship device this month at the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC). Sony has also reportedly changed its decision regarding the design of its flagship smartphone.

In a document submitted to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), Sony Mobile requests one of the permits it receives from the regulatory body to be abolished. According to the Japanese company, the reason for the removal of this permit related to the design changes.

Because devices that have received approval from the FCC are not yet marketed, the US regulatory body is thought to be easier in granting approval regarding the abolition of this permit.

The document that was filed by Sony was on February 7, so the design changes that the company would adopt were judged to be no major change, although it was expected to be an important change.

Until now can not be ascertained associated with Sony's plans to change its flagship device. Sony confirmed that its company's press conference at the 2018 MWC event will be held on February 26, which will introduce
middle class Xperia smartphones.

Google will expand Project Fi coverage in 37 new countries

Project Fi logo
Google added 37 new countries to the international coverage list of its MVNO hybrid project, Project Fi. With this, Project Fi offers phone, text, and data services to 170 countries around the world.

Countries currently covered by Project Fi services include Algeria, Belize, Cape Verde, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Laos, Mauritius, Nigeria, Palestine, Senegal, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Armenia, Botswana, Cote d'Ivoire, Guam, Isle of Man , Republic of Macedonia, Monaco, Mozambique, Nigeria and others.

Project Fi pricing bids are reported to remain the same for text and data services. Unlimited text services are offered to countries around the world on Project Fi coverage, and data services are offered at a price of US $ 10 / GB until the Bill Protection program takes place.

The program limits monthly payments of US $ 80, consisting of US $ 60 for data and US $ 20 for phone calls. Phone calls outside the United States will be priced at 20 cents per minute and not included in Bill Protection.

Project Fi is also reported to send notifications that let users know when the device is covered by an overseas MVNO network. Based on Gmail, Project Fi will know the destination location and notify users about the availability of services in that location.

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