Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Uber buys 24,000 XC90 SUVs Volvo cars to form autonomous cars

Volvo XC90
Uber will buy 24,000 XC90 SUVs from Volvo to form an autonomous car fleet. The XC90 fleet, valued at US $ 45,750, will be delivered to Uber in about 2019 and 2021. From the beginning this car will be equipped with autonomous technology that allows Uber to add their own automation features, Volvo said.

"This agreement will position us on the right path to produce autonomous cars," said Head of Auto Alliances Uber Jeff Miller in an official statement.

Volvo said, technicians from both companies will develop a premium SUV that will be provided to the Uber. Previously Uber has been testing Volvo XC90 in Pittsburgh and they have established a strategic partnership with Volvo since August 2016. Uber also has a set of Ford Fusions equipped with autonomous technology.

Volvo itself plans to launch its first autonomous car by 2021. The car will also use the same vehicle base.

"The autonomous industry is now experiencing disruption due to technology and Volvo Cars wants to be an active participant in the disruption," said Volvo President and CEO Håkan Samuelsson. "Our goal is to be the supplier of choice for the world's top riders."

During developing autonomous car Uber has faced various problems. The car without a driver in Arizona suffered a severe accident in March this year.

In addition, they also launched an autonomous car service in San Francisco in December last year, but were expelled shortly thereafter for not registering
their autonomous car fleet consisting of 16 cars. 

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Google Assistant can now help troubleshoot your Pixel 2 issue

Google Assistant Troubleshoot
Google Assistant is able to help users troubleshoot on the phone. However currently this capability is only available to users of Pixel 2 devices. Users who use the developer preview version of Android 8.1 Oreo request Google Assistant related mobile phone battery that can not be fully charged. Google Assistant is then reported to enable troubleshooting features to the device.

Google Assistant performs a battery health check and scans the phone for applications that are predicted to be the cause of high battery consumption.

Once completed, Assistant will display an option to connect users to Google Support via phone or chat.

The system is quite intuitive, a minor problem is the inability of the Assistant to recognize the input of the cell phone number when . Google Assistant is also called capable of running diagnostic testing on camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

Additionally, not all features work now, and may only be available exclusively to Pixel 2 users in the United States, which uses a developer preview version of Android 8.0 Oreo.

These features are considered quite useful and will be better if not limited to Pixel 2. But not yet available information related to Google plans to bring this capability on other Android devices.

While previously some Pixel 2 buyers complained about their device coming with a bootloader that was locked and could not be opened. Users are complaining that the device can not do what it should be done by default.

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Qualcomm may acquire NXP approval from Japan for $ 38 billion

Qualcomm company
Qualcomm is rumored to be getting permission in the near future to acquire NXP Semiconductors worth US $ 38 billion from Japanese antitrust institutions. Approval from similar institutions in Europe will be obtained by the end of the year, said the person who knows about the issue.

Obtaining consent from a competition watchdog will bring Qualcomm a step closer to acquiring NXP and strengthening their position against Broadcom who wants to acquire them for US $ 130 billion.

The source said that the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) is expected to grant Qualcomm's acquisition permit for NXP shortly, the source said. "The European Commission is expected to do the same in the near future."

JFTC did not reply when asked to comment via email. The European Commission, which has set March 15 as a limit on whether Qualcomm will get permission to acquire NXP.

Qualcomm is the chip supplier for Android-based smartphone maker and also Apple. They also want to be leaders in the chip industry for cars that are now growing. For that they want to acquire NXP which is the largest semiconductor companies in the industry.

Qualcomm has agreed not to purchase NXP essential standard patents and will not sue third parties for NXP's Near Field Communication (NFC) patent, except for self-defense purposes. In addition, they will also let competitor products use NXP products.  

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Apple will help police open the iPhone SE belonging to Texas shooters

iPhone SE
Two weeks ago, 26 people were killed by a gunman at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. At the scene found two mobile phones, the old mobile phone made by LG and Apple iPhone SE which local media mention blooded. Now the local authorities have provided Apple a search mail so they can get the information stored on the smartphone.

This incident is similar to a battle between Apple and FBI related smartphones used by one mass shooter in San Bernardino, California by the end of 2015. But this time, Apple is actively offering its help.

On Tuesday after the shooting of the FBI held a press conference, it announced the existence of two cell phones belonging to the perpetrator without explaining the type of mobile phone, saying that they did not want to tell all the outlaws out there what cell phones they should buy.

Actor phone is an iPhone. After the press conference Apple tried to contact the authorities to offer technical assistance to be able to dig up information on the iPhone.

Apple seems willing to help from the outset without having to force any court or debate about backdoor creation on iOS.

Despite issuing a warrant on Nov. 9, two days after a press conference Apple spokeswoman confirmed on TechCrunch that authorities have not contacted Apple to request their assistance in unlocking the iPhone involved in the case.  

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Tesla has recently launched a power bank equipped with a USB port

Tesla Design Powerbank
Not long ago Tesla introduced Tesla Semi, her first electric truck. In addition, Tesla also introduced a new Roadster car. It turned out that the electric vehicle manufacturer also launched smartphone accessories even though they did not have time to introduce it on stage. Tesla launches a power bank equipped with a USB port, micro USB and lightning to charge the battery from your smartphone, whether based on Android or iOS.

This may sound paltry given Tesla has Gigafactory, which produces batteries including energy storage for a home called Powerwall.

Tesla's power bank uses a 18650 cell with a capacity of 3,350 mAh which is also used on the Model S and X electric cars. Of course the two cars use more than one cell.

Tesla's power bank is priced at US $ 45, more expensive than other types of power bank. It is unlikely that consumers will be interested in purchasing the power bank if it is made by Tesla. 

That's why Tesla makes sure the design looks like Tesla made products. Power bank is based on Supercharger designed by Tesla Design Studios. Tesla's power bank is sold out. On the official website of Tesla written that the power bank is no stock. 
Sunday, November 19, 2017

Germany prepares a train with game consoles and a gym

Traveling by train is one of the most popular transportation options for today's society. In addition to cheaper in terms of price, seating on the train is considered more loose and comfortable than the aircraft with the same class. Unfortunately traveling by train takes a long time. Although passengers can see the sights, watch television, and take a stroll inside the train, still passengers experience a boring trip.

Seeing the problem to be solved while traveling by train, the German railway company Deutsche Bahn plans to create Iddenzug. If it means, this name means an idea train.

Iddenzug itself is a train that carries a futuristic theme. This train will be equipped with game consoles, television, gym, and children's playground to support passenger comfort. Iddenzug's replica is currently being exhibited by Deutsche Bahn in a hall located in Oberursel, Frankfurt.

Train convenience alone is not enough to make it feasible to operate. Because prior to launch, trains must first pass the technical test, especially the security aspect.

For gaming devices there seems to be no problem but sports equipment that will be a concern in the safety of its use.

This idea received a response from the German Transport User Group (Verkehrsclub Deutschland-VCD). Through its representatives VCD stated that the innovation should be done by considering the ecological impact.

Polaroid demands Fujifilm about the design of photo paper

Fujifilm Instax
Polaroid has recently sued the Fujifilm company regarding the photo paper design used in the Fujifilm Instax camera. As is well known both Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid are both competing in instant camera crush. Polaroid claims that photo paper or instant film with the usual white frame used is their patent.

In a lawsuit filed with the United States District Court in New York a few days ago, Polaroid asked Fujifilm to pay royalties for each of their income from the Fujifilm Instax business. If not Polaroid ask the Fujifilm party to no longer use the photo paper design.

Of course the Fujifilm responded. The Japanese company assumes that Polaroid is trying to make money after years of not producing a good business.

Party Fujifilm own claim that the design is not the same just resemble. So the debate that started since the beginning of this year according to Fujifilm Polaroid just a trick that has long been left behind in the business of camera devices.

As known Polaroid famous through instant camera device. But as the company's technology develops less in demand in developing its business.

The last time Polaroid started to get into the drone business with a device that was not much better than most other drones.

Astronomers find Earth-like planets that are habitable

Ross 128b
Astronomers again found a planet that is considered habitable. This is not separated from the planet conditions named Ross 128b which has a fairly comfortable climate with a minimum temperature of minus 60 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Conditions that make the planet is 11 light-years away is likely to have sea and river. Both are important factors to support life.

Another factor that supports Ross 128b is habitable is its distance to the main star. Just like other exoplanets, the planet's orbit is quite close to its main star, about 20 times closer than Earth and the Sun.

But the planet's main star is a red dwarf so its temperature is lower than the Sun. For information, the Sun is a yellow dwarf star and has a temperature twice as high as the red dwarf.

The planet is also thought to be unexposed to ultraviolet radiation and x-rays that can destroy life. Ross 128b is also thought to have an atmosphere that is capable of supporting life, because its rotation is quite slow and its magnetic activity is weak.

Ross 128b was discovered by astronomers through the High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) instrument in Chile. Based on the data obtained, this exoplanet measures 35 percent of Earth and orbits its main star for 9.9 days.

Scientists have not been able to determine whether Ross 128b is a habitable zone. To that end, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) plans to study the planet, including the possibility of oxygen.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

The virtual reality theme park in China can be visited next month

East Valley of Science and Fantasy
China increasingly incentive to provide new attractions for tourists who want to visit the country. Most recently, the country of bamboo curtain prepares a playground that has never existed before. In contrast to most of China's tourist attractions are the terms of historical and philosophical meaning, this new tourist attraction comes with a more modern and futuristic theme.

The East Valley of Science and Fantasy is the first and largest virtual reality park in China. The amusement park located in China's Guiyang area is deliberately created to provide a real-life science fiction experience.

This playground will open in December. However, tickets to enter this playground can be booked online from now on.
East Valley of Science and Fantasy will fill the playground with VR recreation room, cinema, restaurant and children's area.

To be able to enjoy this playground visitors will be equipped with VR headset device while at the entrance of the park. The headset is then used by visitors to enjoy the available rides, such as space exploring, alien encounters, to riding a VR-themed roller coaster with space fighting.
Photos of the playground began to spread in Chinese media a few weeks ago. Overall the park looks impressive especially in the eyes of science fiction fans.

In the picture, looks a giant robot statue of a giant as high as 53 meters. On the other hand, it appears that some buildings are shaped like an Alien aircraft carrier.

The playground was founded by a large technology company in China, Oriental Times Media Corp's on an area of 129.4 hectares. The construction of the park cost ¥ 10 trillion.

How to restore deleted files in android easily

Sometimes we accidentally delete important files or data. Especially you who often store files and important data in the smartphone. What if the valuable data on your android phone is suddenly erased accidentally.

On your PC you can recover data when you delete it, and you can easily restore it from the Recycle Bin.

In addition, If the file is permanently deleted on the PC, you can easily recover the data with the help of recovery software.

When you delete any file from the android device it means the file is completely erased, unlike the PC that chose the Recycle Bin feature before the file is completely erased.

Therefore, There are many applications and software available and scattered on the internet but how do you choose the best among them? Therefore we will share how to recover deleted files, photos and important data in android.

How to restore deleted files in android

1. Using Dumpster

How Dumpster works is similar to Recycle Bin on your desktop computer. Dumpster is one of the best applications to recover accidentally deleted files from your android. Dumpster is also very easy to use because it has a user-friendly look.

Features owned by dumpster

  • Restore deleted photos, music files, videos and almost all file types (pdf, mp3, doc, avi, mp4, jpg, png, rar, ogg, txt and many more). This app does not require rooting a smartphone. 
  • Preview the deleted photos, video and audio files before recovering. 
  • No need to root the smartphone but if you do, you will get increased application work 
  • Auto sheculed items that have been erased 
  • No internet connection required. 
  • Can restore uninstalled applications
  • Your privacy security system with a special lock screen
  • No need to root the smartphone but if you do, you will get increased application work 
  • No internet connection required. 
  • Restore file only one press. 
Here are the steps to restore files using Dumpster:
1. First you download and install dumpster app in Play Store.
2. Then open the dumpster app and select the file type to be returned, you are confused just select "ALL" to restore all file types
3. After scanning the file is complete, will appear some files that have been deleted, Select the file or data you want to restore.
4. After you select the file you want to return, you just click "RESTORE" to restore deleted files in your android.

2. Using ES file Explorer

Another way to restore deleted files is by using ES file Explorer. This application is one of the best android file manager software because it has full features (Picture, Music, Movies, Documents, applications) and also provides the Recycle Bin feature. So the important files and data you delete can recover with the Recycle Bin feature.

How to use ES File Explorer:
1. You download and install ES file Explorer from Google Play Store
2. Open the app and click the menu on the left sidebar
3. Now you just select "Recycle Bin" and then click to activate
4. Now if you want to restore deleted files, just click "Recycle Bin" from the left sidebar and you will see all the deleted files there.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 prepares for Release February 2018

Dynasty Warriors 9
Koei Tecmo finally announced the release date of Dynasty Warriors 9. The hack and slash action game will be present on 13 February 2018. In addition, pre order sessions are also opening soon, and players who book early will get special costumes for the 7 most favorite characters in the Dynasty Warriors series.

Unlike the previous series Dynasty Warriors 9 will use the open world system. That means players will be able to explore mainland China in the era of the three-kingdom war freely.

Open world system that carried Dynasty Warriors 9 times is also said to be different from other games. In addition to allowing players to browse to different places, the characters that players use now can also perform various other actions such as swimming and climbing buildings and climbing to the roof.

This allows for a more flexible movement, unlike its predecessor whose presentation of the battle arena is practically very rigid.

Koei Tecmo's party also said it would present a new combo system. Combo system this time is divided into three types of attacks that is Flow Attack, Reaction Attack, and Trigger Attack.

Koei Tecmo's party in his official blog says the combo system promises a more dynamic gameplay and does not rely on attack patterns like the previous Dynasty Warriors series. Dynasty Warriors 9 will be present for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Lenovo and Fujitsu officially built a joint venture

Lenovo and Fujitsu
Not only revenue in the second quarter of fiscal 2017 or 2018, Lenovo also announced the completion of an agreement to merge its companies with Fujitsu and Bank of Japan, through a joint venture called Fujitsu Client Computing Limited (FCCL).

"The joint venture will focus on the research, development, design, manufacturing and sales of Client Computing Devices (CCS) in the global market," said Asia Pacific President Ken Wong.

The merger of the company called Wong is aimed at helping Fujitsu to boost scale and competitiveness and growth in its PC business both in Japan and around the world.

However, the merger will not have a significant impact that can be felt by consumers. For, the product will still be distributed and marketed under the name Fujitsu, and without changes in terms of senior management and CEO are still carried by the same person.

Transactions of these three companies, Ken continued, will finish first quarter of 2018. Agreed aggregate received Fujitsu is ¥ 28 billion which includes ¥ 25.5 billion from Lenovo and ¥ 2.5 billion from DBJ.

Meanwhile, the decision to join Fujitsu acknowledged Ken, is driven by Fujitsu's superiority regarding good service and big names.

Through these agreements Lenovo tries to bring help to boost Fujitsu's scalability, which is called a challenge in the development of the Japanese company's business.

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