Terra Battle 2 Goes Off to PC, Android and iOS

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Terra Battle 2 Goes Off to PC, Android and iOS
Terra Battle 2 game will reportedly release for PC, Android and iOS devices. The game is a fruit of Mistwalker effort, which also handles images, sounds and scenarios as well as Silicon Studio.

Reported by Gematsu, Silicon Studio is responsible for programming and materials. This brand-new game will reportedly appear with a free title (free-to-play) with micro-transaction service in Japan in 2017.

The Terra Battle 2 gameplay system is a grid field game and when the enemy gets into their target box, the battle begins.  

Rather than gamers reinforcing elements of player character, gamers will strengthen their characters through elements like equipment and guardians.

The story of Terra Battle 2 will have a length of 50 chapter. President Mistwalker and CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi said that he will distribute in a television drama format.

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