Monday, July 3, 2017

4 Smartphone Cameras Double As Alternative iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone has indeed become a great pioneer in the smartphone industry, one of the most widely imitated by other brands is design, because it is in this sector Apple always provide the best, ranging from materials and placement of various technologies such as cameras, antennas, and logos are always interesting attention.

And recently the iPhone brings the latest innovation of the camera lens body, which can do up to 2x optical zoom, which is the optical zoom itself is clearly behind, where the other serves as a zoom lens.

Apple itself calls it as telephoto provides a clearer picture than the digital zoom. In addition to zooming well, this technology can also create blurred photos with neat results using the portrait mode.

And after a few months from the date of its release, start many other brands that follow-up hope Apple's latest innovation is, and here are some smartphones with alternative camera iphone 7+.

1. Asus Zenfone Zoom S

4 Smartphone Cameras Double As Alternative iPhone 7 Plus
This Taiwanese smartphone is able to do its job well, because successfully installed the camera zoom on the back of the body, so this smartphone is the first to imitate the innovation apple, if you want to enjoy this latest technology but have a budget less, this is the right alternative .

2. Xiaomi Mi 6  

4 Smartphone Cameras Double As Alternative iPhone 7 Plus
Xiaomi also does not want to be left behind with its competitors, because xiaomi is always updated with the latest innovations in the smartphone industry, although including a new company, but its contribution with other large companies make xiaomi easy catch up. You can get this smartphone at a moderate price.

3. OPPO R11 & R11 Plus

4 Smartphone Cameras Double As Alternative iPhone 7 Plus
This one brand is famous for its term of "Camera Phone", do not be surprised if the quality of this smartphone camera results are very special. This smartphone cuts its price by installing a middle-class processor on its hardware, so you can redeem it for a reasonable price.

4. OnePlus 5

4 Smartphone Cameras Double As Alternative iPhone 7 Plus
The last one is OnePlus, where the Smartphone is a pioneer of large RAM capacity, even OnePlus 5 is already using 8GB of RAM, of course a big number is not it ?. Interestingly though it uses the highest current hardware, but the price is in the middle class.

After knowing some smartphones with the best zoom camera today, you can choose which one is right for you, do not forget if you want to buy a smartphone, adjust to your needs respectively, consider buying a smartphone so your money is not redundant.

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